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How do Tesla Batteries Work for Electric Cars?

Tesla introduced electric cars back in 2008 and still, none of their competitors are that successful when it comes to electric cars. The latest Tesla car is capable of traveling up to 620 miles with just a single charge. All the credit goes to its incredible battery life and power.

This giant automotive industry was found back in 2003 by Elon Musk. Musk, his partners, and teammates work hard to make sure that electric cars will become successful in the future. Their mission was to cut down global emissions and increase sustainability and renewability.

According to Musk, “people think that Tesla is just an electric car but the whole purpose is to enhance the advent of sustainability”. Musk and Tesla co-founder Jordan are now promising million-mile batteries. That’s where Tesla maintains its number 1 position and stands alone in the auto market competition.

Along with that, Tesla also introduced its autonomous vehicles a few years before. Likewise, other companies are still working on Level 4, and soon the successful models of Tesla self-driving cars will be on the road. For now, you can buy or rent Tesla’s latest models from any professional Car Rental Dubai company, or you can visit and check used Tesla for sale.

In this blog we will discuss:

  • How does a Tesla electric car battery work?
  • What is the Tesla batteries Lifespan?
  • Why does Tesla eliminate cobalt?
  • What is the range and availability of Tesla batteries?
  • What are the different types of Tesla batteries?
  • Final thoughts

How does a Tesla electric car battery work?

The lithium batteries of Tesla cars are somehow similar to the battery of your phone or laptop. It uses thousands of lithium-ion cells in order to provide power to your car. In addition to that, it has a heating system that warms the battery in cool weather conditions. Tesla batteries can be easily charged from different outlets as they run on their battery power completely. It means that these cars can’t be charged while driving. The energy that is stored inside the battery is later used to generate a small motor to power your automobile.

You might be wondering about the charging time of a Tesla battery. Well, you don’t have to worry as it just takes 1.5 hours to completely charge your battery, and thanks to the supercharger that is the world’s fastest network.

What is the Tesla batteries Lifespan?

Elon Musk is taking up new battery technology development as part of a first-ever investor in battery day. The wall streets are also buzzing with the uniqueness of batteries of the upcoming generations. In the future, lithium-ion batteries are expected to be integrated into the vehicles that are now used in cellphones. This update will help to cut down the cost and change the vehicle range up to 400 miles or more. In addition to that, it will enable batteries to last for more than 1 million miles. Not all electric cars are as efficient as Tesla is today and will be in the future. Regardless of range, Applegarth claims that building the proper EV Charge Point infrastructure is the key element in making electric cars common and affordable. And with an electric car, you need a home charge point as well because without it, you cannot use the full potential of your vehicle.

Why does Tesla eliminate cobalt?

The lithium iron phosphate batteries don’t need cobalt to function properly. It is a rare and expensive element that was the main issue behind the high price of electric batteries. Due to the global pandemic, the cobalt prices declined to 30,000 dollars in 2024 while it was 95,000 dollars back in 2018. Still, it has an impact on the high cost of Tesla batteries. Canning cobalt batteries was the best solution to cut down the overall cost of the batteries.

What is the range and availability of Tesla batteries?

The range and availability of Tesla are as follows:

  • The Model S range is 379 miles. (Available in the market to buy)
  • The Model 3 range is 348 miles (Available in the market to buy)
  • The Model X range is 314 miles (Available in the market to buy)
  • The Model Y range is 336 miles (Available in the market to buy)
  • The Roadster range is 620 miles (Available in the market to buy)

What are the different types of Tesla batteries?

Tesla’s upcoming roadster is going to be launched and it will be the fastest car in the world. The new Tesla car will be able to travel from 0 to 60 mph in just a span of 1.9 seconds. The top of this roadster will be around 250 mph. The best feature is the impressive range as you can drive more than 600 miles on just a single charge. For now, the vehicle that is covering maximum miles in the Tesla Model S with a range of 379. This model may be launched in the year 2024 with a battery power of 200 kWh while the Model S is equipped with 100 kWh lithium battery power.

The main concern about electric cars was the limited range. Like if you have to drive for miles to reach certain destinations the electric cars were not recommended at all. But, thanks to Tesla as they have resolved the range issues by using energy-dense cells and batteries that are really suitable.

If we talk about Tesla batteries lifespan, the details are as follows:

  • Model S and X: 8 years
  • Model 3: 100,000 miles and 8 years (whichever comes completed first)
  • Model 3 with long-range batter: 120,000 miles or 8 years whichever comes first.

Final thoughts

We hope that you know everything you need to know about Tesla electric cars and working on their batteries. No doubt that Tesla cars are the most efficient and environmentally friendly way to commute and the future is all about electric cars. You will have the option to charge your battery using renewable energy at your home or there will be several EV stations from where you can charge your cars in the future.

Many Tesla electric car models are already on the road in many developed countries. You can buy Tesla vehicles in many countries now including UAE. There are many companies in Dubai that offer new and used Tesla cars so you can contact them to have a test drive in modern cars. In case you are looking for cheap car rental in Dubai, choose RentalCarsUAE to enjoy the professional and budget-friendly car options.

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