2 Reasons why Nikola Tesla is the Greatest Inventor of all time

There have been many amazing scientists in the past who have left a big mark behind. Thanks to them, we today, as part of modern society, can enjoy all their legacies. But if we want to decide who was the greatest scientist of all time, it will be very difficult to draw a conclusion. There are Einstein, Edison, Newton, Darwin, and many, many more amazing people who have made a huge contribution to science.

But in this article, we want to talk about one scientist who was perhaps the best inventor and made our lives easier in so many ways: Nikola Tesla. Keep reading if you want to know the reasons why Nikola Tesla is the greatest inventor of all time.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was an engineer and physicist who lived in the second half of the 19th and the first half of the twentieth century. He was born in Serbia, and spent most of his life in America, where he died. People remember him for the amazing inventions he left behind, and without which we would not be able to imagine our lives today. The AC motor and AC production and transmission technology are just some of them.

However, in addition to being known for being an indispensable scientist, he is also known for his rivalry with Thomas Edison. Tesla was widely known and people knew how great and important he was in science, but by the end of his life this great inventor had failed to cash in on its value and profit from its life-changing inventions.

The early life of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, a place that now belongs to Croatia, although in 1856, when he was born, this land belonged to Austro-Hungary. Although technically born in Croatia, his entire family was of Serbian origin, so today he is considered a Serbian scientist and inventor. He grew up in a family of priests and housewives, and lost his brother at a very young age, and stories suggest that this event left a great trauma on Tesla, which he carried throughout his life.

When it comes to study, he studied natural sciences in Graz at the Technical Faculty. He studied both mathematics and physics, where he left his greatest contribution during his life. Life took him to Paris after he came up with the idea at the age of 26 to invent the AC motor. At 28, he moved to America, where he lived until the end of his life. Tesla greatly valued America and considered it a great achievement to gain American citizenship.

The beginning of Tesla’s life in America

The first company that Tesla worked for after arriving in America was the headquarters of Thomas Edison, which was located in Manhattan. This collaboration lasted a year, during which Tesla did his best to find solutions to various problems and improve existing inventions. Edison promised Tesla tens of thousands of dollars in exchange for finding a solution to improve his DC dynamo.

When Tesla, after many months of hard work and effort, presented his solution and asked for the promised money, Edison turned the story around and showed Tesla that he had no plans to pay him the agreed amount of money. After this incident, Tesla withdrew from cooperation with Edison and resigned.

Why Nikola Tesla is the greatest scientist of all time

1. He continued to create despite all obstacles

Tesla founded a company called Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing, which was not a great success. However, this does not mean that Tesla’s life was not a success. Nikola Tesla was often perceived as some crazy genius who could create in his mind innovations that were far ahead of his time.

Periods of light and darkness alternated in his life. He never gave up on continuing to create and come up with new, phenomenal ideas, even when life was pulling him back. When he arrived in America, he was robbed and left with only a few cents in his pocket. His laboratory in New York burned down and took with him valuable records and Tesla’s devices on which he worked for many years. His plans and suggestions were rejected by his associates and he had to start over countless times. But fortunately for all of us, he never gave up on creating.

2. He made the lives of all people much easier

Nikola Tesla is the reason why we function in this way today, because with the help of electricity and many of his inventions, life today is more comfortable and practical than ever.

If we want to list all of Tesla’s inventions, we could do it for hours. Tesla is credited with wireless transmission of energy (or Tesla’s effect), with the design of Tesla’s coil that was used to invent the radio, Tesla’s turbine and oscillators, the magnification transmitter, and much, much more. Tesla’s mind was magnificent and he came up with incredible ideas that he translated into reality. He had the answer to everything and suggested a lot of amazing ideas that have not yet been realized, because they are still ahead of our time. Imagine that!

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How the magnificent life of Nikola Tesla ended

Although his life in science was dynamic and magnificent, we cannot say the same for his private life. Tesla struggled with mental illness, was depressed and very lonely. Stories say that towards the end of his life he only hung out with pigeons, and even fell in love with a dove. He died completely alone and abandoned to everyone in the hotel room of the New Yorker Hotel in this city. His whole life has had ups and downs, but when we look at it, we can only conclude that this man’s life has been significant for all mankind. And there lies its greatness and the reason why he was the best inventor of all time.

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