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The Best Premium Fabrics For Cars In the USA

When we talk about care we’re usually being very superficial. It’s all about the color, engine, lights, speed, and the rest of the exterior matters. But the fact is that we’re going to spend more time in it than looking at it. So, when it comes to equipment your car will be packing, don’t get us wrong, it’s important. But what matters too, and it shouldn’t be neglected, is the interior. The materials that cover our seats matter too. More than you believe! Because of that, we’re going to talk a little about them.

Even if this is your first time talking about cars, or reading a subject about them, don’t forget about the interior. Fabrics that are used to finish the interior work on our cars are vital for a comfortable ride and full enjoyment in your vehicle. Do you know anything about this subject? If not, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to discuss the best premium fabrics for cars in the USA. So, tighten your seatbelts and get ready for this ride. It won’t be a long one, but you’ll learn a few things without a doubt. Let’s start!



Let’s start with the most expensive option. The reasons for the high prices are simple. Leather is easy to work on, it has tons of style, and of course, it offers the car most of its interior functionality. Most care owners who have leather seats will tell you that it’s worth every penny. Once you try leather it will be hard to get used to anything else. Just think about how it feels tied to your body. The softness; the feeless of nature. Leather is great in every department. When you buy leather you’re getting comfort. The equation is simple. If it is within your budget to get your car equipped with skin, don’t hold back. Go for it. Not only that you’ll feel better, your vehicle will hold its value longer. The leather interior plays a vital role when it comes to the resale value of vehicles. Of course, you’re free to see what else is on the market, and you can check Midwest Fabrics, and find out. But, remember, there’s a reason we started with leather.

Nylon Fabric


Don’t get us wrong, we understand that we’re talking about nylon. But, it holds a certain value. In some cases, the seats and interior made out of it will look worse compared to other options, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not good. In fact, they can be described as rather a comfortable option that doesn’t lack attractiveness. Compared to most other materials on the market, nylon is sturdy. Also, and this matters if you have kids, its stain resistance is on a high level. It is quite durable. Combine everything else with a discounted price and you get a winning formula. Most manufacturers offer it as their basic offer but that’s no reason to underestimate nylon. We’re fans. You should be too.

Faux Leather


It is easy to be a fan of leather. It’s another story to afford it. We understand that everyone has a budget. So, if real leather is not really within reach, you should know that you’re not without options. Faux leather is calling. It looks like leather and behaves similarly, but it is a much cheaper option. The best part is that it comes in many shapes and textures. You have options that mimic the skin of a crocodile. Colors also come in abundance with faux leather. Compared to real leather it also holds a few advantages. For example, it is more stain resistant. Also, wear and tear shouldn’t be issued. So, if you’re not in the leather domain, feel free to explore this one. You won’t regret the decision for sure.



The automotive industry is one of the most progressive in the world. It’s no wonder vinyl found its way to be used regularly within the named industry. One issue vinyl faces is prejudice. It is deemed as not fancy enough. Well, that’s not the case. Even Mercedes offers a vinyl interior with its cars. Not with all models, of course, but in some cases it is even an alternative to leather. It’s durable and you certainly want that. Water resistant, and easy to clean. Vinyl and maintenance go hand in hand. For a synthetic material vinyl truly is a popular option. The issue with it is that it comes in grades. You have better and more expensive options, which are seen as thicker vinyl. You also have lesser options, think vinyl, which is not of the highest quality. You know how they say it, how much money you give the musicians that’s how long they will play.



Here is another great option. While it sounds cheap, and of low quality it isn’t. Yes, it is affordable, but the quality it provides is quite good. Have you heard of Microsuede? That’s material for car upholstery, and it is of good quality. It’s made out of polyester too. In its essence it is suede. It feels the same, and it looks the same. The downside? It is hard to clean and easy to get dirty. Well, you can’t have it all. So, if you have kids, this material requires extra care, or you should just pick another option. If you want this one, be ready to be a dedicated cleaner. The good news is that there is a special soap made just for cleaning suede.



The more we go down, the less quality you’ll receive, but more affordability comes your way. But, don’t get us wrong, PVC is an amazing upholstery option. Yes, it lacks matter when compared to leather, but for a fair price, you’ll get enough. If you can afford it go for leather or vinyl. PVC is less expensive but also less durable than both. But, if you’re operating on a budget you could be worse than PVC.

Bottom Line

As you can see car upholstery comes in all shapes and prices. We all want the best for us, but often we can’t afford it. When it comes to car interior options, at least now you know what goes where and where you stand budget-wise. The final decision is yours. Make the right one.

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