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How Fast Can Electric Scooters Go?

If you’ve ever had a chance to get on an E-scooter we’re sure you’ve been blown away by this fantastic vehicle. This means of transport has today become a revolution in traffic around the world! In addition to being an inexhaustible source of entertainment, they are a great option when we want to avoid worrying about a parking space or traffic jams.

The e-scooter is also a means of transportation that saves you a lot of time. Although many compare it to a standard scooter due to similarities in appearance, they differ significantly. The biggest difference is in the electric drive and the rechargeable batteries. Of course, standard ones never had this. However, it is precisely these characteristics that allow them to achieve significantly higher speeds than standard ones.

Now I can get from one point to another even faster and without much effort. If you’re wondering exactly how fast an E-scooter can go, keep reading and find out in the rest of the text.

Which factors affect the speed of the E-scooter?

There are a large number of models on the market. Among them, you can find models with different characteristics, thanks to which they stand out. This is a great thing because they are so adapted to the different needs of people and can be used by children as well. So, this tells us that there are several factors on which the speed of the E-scooter will depend. First of all, not all models have the same battery unit, engine capacity, dimensions and weight, etc.

These and other elements significantly affect the speed of this scooter. The top speed was about 20mph, but this technology has advanced when it comes to battery capacity and thus surpassed this speed. Now on the market, you can find ones which can reach 30mph. This way you can ride the bike path and it is already a serious speed that is intended exclusively for adults. We read at that many models even have sports mode for more thrill. For all fans of faster driving, there are E-scooters that reach 40mph. Then the story is even more serious because these scooters look a little different from the previous ones. This is completely normal considering that it is not about low speed and that it used to be the regular speed of a car in traffic. So, they are much bigger because it is important that they have better stability.

Are E-scooters so fast that you can travel with them?

In the previous part of the text, we mentioned that their speed developed over time and that people started using them for practical purposes, and not just for fun. This means that today you can see people going on these scooters to work, school or some other destination. However, that does not mean that a small distance is in question. So, if you opt for a faster one, you will be able to cover more kilometers in a shorter time. This means that they can be used freely for travel purposes. Of course, to use it for these purposes, the high speed that this scooter can reach is not enough.

In that case, the mileage is important, and therefore the capacity of its battery. Let’s summarize … If you are able to carry spare batteries with you, you can embark on your adventure. However, most people cannot afford this burden and thus encounter one kind of limitation.

How fast can an E-scooter go?

In the previous part of the text, we described several speeds of the E-scooter. However, we have not specifically listed the maximum speed you can find on the market. So let’s reveal that to you … Anyway, we mentioned that the highest speed of these ones can reach a speed of 20mph. Of course, technology was evolving and, as we have already stated, even greater speed was achieved. So now you can find scooters up to 50 or more mph. Yes, you read that right. If you are a fan of adrenaline, this experience will be endless fun. Of course, it carries many risks, but the most important thing is to remain responsible for yourself and your environment.

Can we further accelerate it?

In this part of the text, we address those who possess certain competencies in the technical and mechanical field of knowledge. So, only then can you increase the speed of it. However, we will not explain the procedure by which you will achieve this. In any case, we will give you some important information that will surely be useful to you.

Mortar capacity and batteries are most important in this process. This means that if you can find the perfect balance between power and speed, you will succeed. Of course, the basic principle says that higher speed comes from higher power. On the other hand, this is not that simple. So don’t expect much from just one battery addition and the like. It is important to know about the specific mechanism that affects speed and engine. The main work takes place here, you need to modify this area or contact someone who is more expert in this area.
Of course, keep in mind that any changes in the form of modifications mean the termination of the warranty.

Safety is paramount

If you like to drive it faster, keep one thing in mind. Driving fast is fun, but your safety is much more important. Maybe the country you live in has not yet passed a clear law when it comes to wearing a helmet and other equipment, but you certainly should wear it. Secure yourself in all possible ways.

This is especially important if you reach the high speeds we mentioned earlier in the text. Also pay attention to traffic rules, traffic density, the surface on which you move, etc. Don’t forget about the gradual slowdown and we are sure you will have a lot of fun.


As you could see the E-scooter has a number of advantages that you will surely be thrilled after just one ride. We have tried to bring you closer to all its main specifics that make it so wonderful. We hope that you have managed to find all the information that would mean something to you in the future and that you have received answers to your questions.

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