How do Diabetic Socks Help

Diabetic patients need to take care of their health and to look out for any other symptoms that they might experience. Taking care of their feet is one of the most important things that they should check and look out for everyday. Taking care of their feet means that they won’t need to suffer from a worse disease and to feel more conditions in their body that makes them weak and unhealthy.

Diabetic socks such as those at were made to protect a diabetic patient’s feet from injuries, to keep their feet dry and give them comfort.

How do diabetic socks help?

Diabetic socks help by improving your blood flow by providing warmth without constriction because diabetes causes poor blood circulation that can make your feet feel numb or weak. It is important that when you have diabetes, your legs shouldn’t be constricted and that they can breathe properly while wearing socks. When a diabetic patient wears normal socks, it tends to constrict their feet because it has elastic top bands that leave marks and constriction that can cause the blood from clotting.

Diabetic socks help to give comfort for diabetic patients, they are socks specially made to protect and reduce the pain from diabetes or symptoms that are caused by diabetes. Diabetic socks also protect the feet from injuries by offering lots of cushion, diabetic socks also have anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties that keep the patient’s feet dry and cool when they use their socks during the day or even throughout activities.

Benefits of wearing diabetic sock

Here are the benefits of wearing diabetic socks to know more about how can diabetic socks help a patient and what they do to improve a patient’s health.

  • Diabetic socks cushions the feet from friction to prevent ulcers and blisters from developing.
  • It provides mild or no constriction at all to increase blood circulation and promote proper blood flow.
  • Diabetic socks are lightweight and breathable, making it easy for diabetic patients to move their feet freely and giving them comfort.
  • They are designed to specially give comfort and fit your legs properly.
  • They do not constrict your feet.
  • Diabetic socks protect the sensitive pressure points of the feet.
  • If your foot is injured, the blood or wounds are visible on the material, making it easier for you to notice it.
  • It protects your feet from bacteria and infection that can cause complications in your feet.
  • Because of its moisture-wicking properties, it reduces the chance of odor from your feet even during activities.
  • It minimizes the risks of future amputations.
  • Diabetic socks are seamless and can reduce rubbing and minimize the development of blisters and ulcers.
  • It comes with different lengths from ankle to over the knee to give comfort in every part of the leg that has circulatory problems.
  • Diabetic socks are wrinkle-free so there are no extra fabric socks and it reduces discomfort. Diabetic socks don’t slip in your ankles or legs when you wear them also.

Features of Diabetic Socks:

If you are a diabetic patient, you should wear these socks to keep your feet protected. In addition, we have several features you need to learn prior to acquiring them.

1. Moisture-Absorbing Material

Due to the material, this wicking pair of socks can help in absorbing the moisture from your feet. The material will start evaporating and deter fungal illnesses and smell whenever you sweat. There is less risk of injuries and blisters when you keep your feet dry. Therefore, it is best to prefer acrylic fibers over cotton.

2. Soft Yarn

These socks are prepared from premium-quality material, for example, bamboo and wool. They have anti-microbial properties and do not act harshly on the skin. By wearing diabetic socks, you can feel the smooth fabric, so you can wear them throughout the day comfortably. Besides that, some brands manufacture blister-guard yarn to prevent friction that can result in blisters.

3. Seamless

The diabetic socks have no seams which help in curtailing the friction threat that can cause ulcers and feet blisters. If you are a person with high blood sugar levels, it is relatively vital for you to use them. In addition, the white soles prevent fluid from seeping from injuries.

4. Non-elastic Binding

These socks will not squeeze your calves. You might not be comfortable wearing tight or elastic socks all day long as the elastic substance has the tendency to constrain the blood flow. Therefore, diabetic patients have to go with binding socks made of non-elastic materials for complete comfort.

5. Padded Soles

Additional padding will keep your feet safe from many injuries. The diabetic socks have padded soles that can safeguard your feet from various wounds. These pads are prepared from additional gel or thick material.

You can stay in a standing position for a long time, but your feet would not get hurt. You can also exercise comfortably without causing any harm to your existing injuries or blisters. In addition, it is also good to do a light workout or exercise if you are a diabetic patient since it can control the blood sugar levels in your body.

6. Smart Technology

Several diabetic socks come with embedded sensors to track the temperature of your feet. These sensors can alert you about the formation of an ulcer. This smart technology works by installing a tiny battery in the sock exteriors around the ankle. But these socks would only work to the expiration date, which is six months. When you get aware of the formation of the wound, you start taking medications or consult a doctor.

7. Different Lengths

You can acquire diabetic socks in any length that you prefer. For people who wish to have a stylish pair of socks, there are ankle-length ones. In addition to that, calf-length and knee-length socks are also available in the market. Every person has a unique choice when it comes to sock’s length. However, people with blood circulation problems need to be specific about their pick.

8. Anti-microbial characteristics

The diabetic socks are accessible with anti-microbial traits, which help deter the expansion of fungi and bacteria. They are made up of metal-infused yarn, i.e., silver and copper. There is less risk of infection or athlete foot if diabetic patients wear them. It also helps in locking bad odor.


Diabetic socks gives extra comfort and protection to the feet so that no further complications can develop in the long run and to reduce the chance of needing to amputate, some patient that

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