Unique Types of Therapy that can help you at a Drug and Alcohol Rehab

There are usually various types of addiction treatment you can use at a drug and alcohol rehab facility to help those who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse. But what type is most effective for various patients? Do different patients require different therapy modalities? In short, yes – every person is different with their addiction.

Since every person has a different history, different personality, and different interests, you may find that one therapy method will not work for another person. If you have used art therapy with one patient and they respond well, this is something to keep in mind when you continue their program. If you find sports therapy and hiking work for another person, continue using outdoor-focused therapy on their program. By tailoring their personalized rehab program to work with their unique likes and therapy preferences, you can increase the adherence of patients to their program and increase the likelihood that they will stay with the rehab program.

But what are unique therapy modalities that you can include at your drug and alcohol rehab facility? By choosing unique therapy modalities to add – like art, outside, talk, sing therapy, and much more – you can have a better chance of success compared to just physical individual counseling and group therapy sessions. Visit site to see some unique therapy modalities that can help you reach patients who may not respond to traditional methods!

4 unique treatment modalities at a drug and alcohol rehab

Music therapy

It is one of the most widely-used unique therapy modalities that can be used to help treat those with addiction and substance abuse issues. Studies have been proven that music therapy combined with addiction is a great way to help those who are suffering and encourage the therapeutic and healing process. It can be used to help with a variety of disorders – which make it so widely used – such as with co-occurring dual diagnosis disorders, drug abuse, substance abuse, alcohol use, and much more.

The purpose of music therapy is to help those who are struggling with addiction be able to relax, find a new hobby, calm down, enjoy the music, and focus on the recovery process. By learning a new skill, or honing a previously-used musical instrument skill, the people who are involved with music therapy can have a better chance of expressing themselves through music.

Art therapy

Another popular type of unique therapy method that works well for drug and alcohol rehab is art therapy for addiction and substance abuse. It is a great choice for those who are in the throes of addiction. It can help with anything that is going on in their life, such as trauma, unexpressed feelings, challenges, substance abuse concerns, and fears. It can come in many forms, such as sculpting, painting, drawing, writing, and journaling.

But why is art therapy successful? When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, you will see that music therapy is successful because it allows the person in the rehab to explore their feelings, develop better sensorial skills, improve their reality, reduce anxiousness, improve their confidence, boost their self-awareness, and solve problems.

There are many art therapy modalities that you can use in drug and alcohol rehab, such as digital art, taking photos, scrapbooking, journaling, writing, taking notes, coloring, drawing, sculpting, and painting! During this art therapy, you will find that many clients benefit from this type of healing process. There are a few different categories of patients that typically benefit the most from art therapy, such as those who suffer from eating disorders, trust issues, relationship abuse, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, substance abuse disorder, undealt-with trauma, and attention deficit disorder.

So how does staff at a drug and alcohol rehab help the patients with their art therapy? Usually, the professionals at a drug and alcohol rehab center will help coach the users through how to express themselves via art. The professionals will encourage the patients to let out their emotions in a positive way, help them feel understood and listened to, and help them feel empowered in their problem-solving skills.

It has been shown there are many benefits of art therapy when it comes to addiction at a drug and alcohol rehab center. The main benefits of using art therapy for patients of all ages and problems include benefits in visual communication, improved self-reflection, a boost of confidence, personal breakthroughs, emotional healing, and self-discovery.

Nature-based therapy

Another type of unique therapy modality that you can use at a drug and alcohol rehab center is nature-based therapy. This type of therapy can be either by focusing on outdoor activities, such as plating flowers, bird watching, or flower picking, along with more intense outdoor activities, such as running outdoors, walking outdoors, and other physically-based outside activities. The combination of being outside nature, along with physical activity, is a great way to have the person improve their overall physical and mental health at the same time.

It has been shown to help patients with various types of sustainable and addiction issues get outside of their comfort zone and enjoy being outside in nature.

Dialectical behavior therapy

Although this is less commonly used than other therapy modalities, this type of therapy is specifically for those who have borderline personality disorder or schizophrenia. This type of treatment focuses on those who are having trouble staying in touch with reality and may need extra medication along with the therapy to help combat harmful symptoms. The purpose of this type of unique therapy method is to help the patient accept the default thoughts that are entering their brains, deal with the negative emotions, and learn how to find a healthy medium between accepting their unhealthy behaviors and learning how to control the destructive thoughts. It helps the patient figure out how to change, increase motivation, increase adherence to a program, strengthens the mindset of the patient, and helps them deal with real-life stressors and situations.


If you are in charge of a drug and alcohol rehab center, offering unique therapy modalities is one of the best ways that you can help patients with all types of substance abuse issues concerns. Instead of just offering group and talk therapy, make sure you offer unique therapy modalities to help those with leveraging levels of substance abuse and addiction issues, such as music, art, outdoor therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy.

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