Sugaring – A Safer Bet; A Better Lifestyle Choice

Let us begin by asking you a simple question – What hair removal method do you use?

We are pretty sure that most of you would either say waxing or shaving. We are also quite sure that many among you aren’t really satisfied with the method you have been using and often think about switching to a better alternative. Well, it is understandable because though popular both these methods have several disadvantages attached to them. Sugaring, a relatively older yet lesser known hair removal method, on the other hand is known for its harmless ingredients and smooth procedure. It has thus caught the fancy of many urban women lately. It is safer and involves lesser hassle. Let us take a closer look at what it has on offer.

Sugaring Procedure – Safe, Smooth and Simple

Sugaring paste is prepared with natural ingredients such as lemon, sugar and water that are soothing to the skin. These ingredients are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. This is one of the main reasons why sugaring is considered to be a safer bet compared to other methods of hair removal. Moreover, the method of conducting the procedure is also safer and simpler. To give you a clearer picture, we have compared it with the popular methods of removing unwanted hair. Have a look!

Simpler than Waxing

Most waxing pastes contain additives and chemicals among other ingredients. This makes them harsh on the skin. Besides, wax needs to be applied hot because of which there are high chances of incurring burns. Many women experience small red bumps and swelling post the procedure. Sugaring paste, on the other hand, is all natural as already shared above. Also, it is applied warm. Thus, there is no possibility of incurring burns. The chances of redness and swelling are also bare minimal. Not to forget, the later is less painful.

Wait, there’s more! The post hair removal procedure isn’t a hassle when you use this organic paste as it isn’t as sticky as waxing pastes. You can easily get rid of it with a quick shower or by simply wiping it off with a damp cloth.

Smoother than Shaving

Shaving is less time consuming and doesn’t require any elaborate equipment. This is why it is the go-to hair removal method for most women. However, many end up incurring cuts and wounds during the process. Moreover, the hair isn’t removed from the roots. Thus, it grows back quickly and the growth is often hard. Shaving needs to be done almost every alternative day to give way to a hairless skin.

On the other hand, sugaring may take comparatively longer when it comes to conducting the procedure but there are no chances of cuts. Also, you wouldn’t have to carry it out every other day. The hair is removed from the roots. So, it leaves the skin hairless for 2-3 weeks. The hair growth becomes softer and even diminishes over time with this method.

Safer than Laser Treatment

Laser treatment has gained popularity among women as it claims to remove unwanted hair permanently. But are these claims actually true? Not really! The treatment removes hair for a long duration of time but not permanently. The radiations caused during the process impacts the hair follicles directly to render this effect. Although it averts the hassle of removing unwanted hair frequently however it comes with its set of disadvantages. Among the most common problems is redness and abrasion. Since, the follicles are damaged it often results in irritation, redness and even swelling of skin. In most cases, though, these symptoms are short lived and go away by applying ice pack or taking a cold shower. Likewise, some people especially those with sensitive skin experience crusting. Change in skin colour, scars, burns and skin infections are among other risks involved in the process. Do you think it is worth putting your skin health at stake? We neither, especially when there are better alternatives available in the market.

Sugaring does not cause any such harmful impact. It is much safer than the laser treatment. You may have to conduct the procedure more frequently but at least your skin health wouldn’t be compromised.

Better than Hair Removal Creams

The use of hair removal creams is also quite common among young women mainly because the procedure is quick and painless. It can easily be conducted at home within minutes. However, since the hair isn’t removed from the root, it grows back quickly. So, it needs to be conducted quite frequently which is no less than a hassle especially for those who love wearing short, comfortable clothes more often than not. Another downside of these creams is that they darken the skin colour. They may even cause skin irritation and redness.

Sugaring is a much better alternative for all those of you using these chemical based creams. Just like these creams, the organic sugaring paste is easy to apply as well as remove. You can check out sugarmesmooth to lay hands on a high quality and reliable sugaring kit and conduct the procedure at home. It does not impact the skin colour nor does it cause skin irritation.

We hope this explains why sugaring is a safer bet compared to various other available options. Using this skin friendly procedure is certainly a better lifestyle choice. It is less painful and bars the possibility of incurring skin problems such as redness, swelling and bruises.

So, if you have been planning to switch your method of hair removal then sugaring is probably the best alternative. Many women belonging to different age groups have switched to it and are glad with their decision. You can get the procedure done at the salon or better still bring home a sugaring kit and conduct it in the comfortable confines of your home. It is quite easy to perform. A few tutorials should help you get a hold of the simple steps involved in the process. Just make sure you buy the kit from a reputed brand.

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