Elektra Strain – The Mellow Fruity Hemp Flower

Hemp flower has numerous strains that are suitable for various conditions and reasons: calmness, relaxation, stress, pain relief, and a lot more. The Elektra strain is one on the list of popular strains that have helped people improve their health.

If you have been a fan of smoking hemp, you probably know that it comes in a variety of different flavors, looks, and experiences. For now, we will dive deep into the Elektra hemp strain to learn everything about this mellow fruity flower.

So, if you have been wondering what the Elektra strain feels like, this article is for you. We will cover all of its qualities, benefits, and how to buy it, among other insights.

What is the Elektra Strain?


This is a hemp flower strain that is carefully grown in a controlled environment. Cultivation is only done by licensed farmers in various parts of the world. The product is carefully dried and packed, then distributed by selected sellers.

The Elektra strain borrows its genes from both the Early Resin Berry strain and ACDC to produce a high CBD yield. According to scientists, the flower strain has a high amount of myrcene, which gives it a fruity and musky aroma and a high soothing effect.

The effects have been echoed by the numerous users who prefer to use it at any time of the day, but mostly in the evening when they want to fight fatigue.

Qualities of Electra Strain


The aroma – As hinted, the Elektra hemp strain is fruity and musky. The fruity smell of the strain is significant with high notes of floral citrus orange. This, together with the earth and clove hints, gives the hemp strain gets a musky aroma that is not only attractive to the nostrils but delicious to the taste buds. It’s no wonder why it brings calmness and relaxation to its users.

  • The appearance – When growing, each of the buds is dense and long. Some reviewers describe the dried buds as layers of resinous goodness because apart from being thick and dense, it is rich in CBD and terpenes. The dominant dazzling colors are light green and brown or orange. So, when you order, be sure to check these qualities before you receive your Elektra hemp flower.
  • Cannabinoids and terpenes – Depending on the way it is grown, the Elektra strain may have between 17% and 19% CBD when dried. This is quite high and beneficial as compared to other hemp strains. Other important cannabinoids include about 0.52% CBGa and 0.13% THC. The terpenes in the flower are responsible for its rich aroma and flavors, which means they are quite high in quantity.
  • Packaging and selling – Elektra hemp flower bud farmers harvest and dry it carefully to make sure it does not lose quality. It is packaged whole in branded sterilized bags before shipping to different clients. Make sure that the flower buds are intact and not broken when receiving your order. In case the packaging is tampered with, it is crucial that you return it to the seller without receiving the package.

The Price of Elektra Hemp Flower


The price varies depending on the farmer and seller. The cost of a single packet goes for an average of $10. Low-priced Elektra strain may have compromised quality, so you need to be careful when buying.

Rogue sellers try to entice buyers with low prices, but this could end up in regrets. So, only buy from legit and reliable sellers like Cannaflower or any other with many positive reviews. If you are not sure who these sellers are, take some time to do a background check on the web, and consult previous users on social media.

Benefits of Using Elektra Hemp Flower

According to popular hemp-affiliated websites, the Elektra strain is better for recreational functions than relieving pain. Hence, it is useful during any part of the day, but most people agree it’s best during the evening hours. But in detail, here are the major health benefits of the flower.

  • Relaxation – Whether you are stressed or not, fatigue will catch up with you during the day. It could be a result of a tough day at work, school, business errands, sports, or just doing home chores. Smoking Elektra hemp flower or using it in any other recommended way gives the instant relaxation that you need. If you do not want to smoke it, which is the most common way of use, try other ways such as mixing it with food, or extracting the CBD oil.
  • Stress and depression management – Using Elektra hemp regularly, but as recommended, can alleviate stress and depression. The high level of CBD and CBG are responsible for altering your hormones when they interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body. If it is a recommendation from your doctor, be sure to use the recommended dose.
  • Makes you happy – Elektra strain ‘electrifies’ your moods and brings happiness to users. There is no need to feel sad and down all the time when this hemp strain can take care of you. So, take it at any time of the day and you will not regret it.
  • Treatment of illnesses – Though it is more affiliated with the relief of stress, depression, and relaxation, the high level of CBD is a big plus in the medical world. Hence, it is used in the treatment of chronic pain caused by cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis, among others.

Where to Buy Elektra Hemp Flower


Buying your hemp flower could be an uphill task if you are not sure of where to buy it. The most you may know is that it can be bought online. But the truth is, online shops can be a big scam. So, you need to be sure where you are buying by checking the reputation of the shop. To guarantee high-quality products, only use top sellers with no suspicion of fraud.

You could also buy from different health shops all over the world, especially in countries where hemp products are legal.


There is a lot to learn about hemp flower strains. Now that you know about the Elektra strain, it is easy to make the right decision. Buying it for the right purpose will enable you to enjoy the benefits, especially those affiliated with the high amount of CBD and low THC levels.

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