How to ensure feather flags work for your business

Psychologically, repeated exposure to advertising leads to familiarity, and that influences customer decision-making. That’s why companies continue to have the outdoor form of advertising despite the growing popularity of digital marketing.

One very effective outdoor advertising strategy is the use of feather flags. They are a simple but very effective way of drawing the attention required for increased business. Those perfectly displayed banners that carry the brand’s image tend to attract everyone passing by, which will influence the decision they make when in need of a similar solution.

Investing in feather banners is such an ingenious strategy, but you’ve to pay attention to a few things if you want to reap the most out of it.

Identify a Good One

Feather banners are solid outdoor signage that is an all-weather material that is made of polyester. The pole is made of sturdy materials like aluminum and fiberglass. It can be placed either outdoor on the ground or indoors on hard surfaces. These feathers-like banners are water-proof and made of safe, compact, water-proof, and easy-to-move material.

When looking for the banners, you have to check for the materials they are made of so you’re not duped into buying the fake.

The Feather Design

The feather flags usually take the ‘feather’ shape, but they come in different shapes that can suit your needs. You can choose among the common shapes; sail flags, teardrop flags, and the most common feather flags.

The feather flags are great with the wind, the design allows for unrestricted movement in the wind, and their unique design catches attention easily. For better exposure, they are double-designed, which makes a lot of difference in the effect of the feather flag.

Teardrop flags are a firm type and are more stationary when it’s windy. For a large size design, you have to consider sail flags with a large printable area and are thus perfect for higher visibility.

The feather banners are a terrific type due to their unlimited free space for graphics. Their design, shape, and mobility allow you to showcase your company logo and make your business messages more pronounced.

Thus when choosing the feather flags, you must choose one that will allow for a great design that is attractive to the passersby.

Get also a feather flag material that can be washed without interfering with the design.

Using the custom flags outdoors

You get most custom flags with sleeves or grommets, so you can easily hang these on flag poles. When you choose custom flags with mounting hardware, it becomes easy to mount these in various locations. The feather flags come in all manner of base shapes, rectangles, and others. When used outdoors, they allow you to create a lively image for the passersby. When someone sees a business with lots of decorations, they’ll tend to assume that it has lots of activities and therefore better solutions than others. It’s a great way to beat the competition. You’ll get them attracted, and there you have an opportunity to increase sales.


For your banners to give you the intended results, you must choose the right location to mount them. Not every position in your business is appropriate. Imagine you have all of them indoors. That means it’s only those who come to your shop will have an opportunity to see. That’s not your intention. The banners are supposed to be flowers that catch the eye from far. When the prospects get closer, they will see what you’ve advertised and if it meets their need, and then they’ll most likely get into your store and buy.

Place them outdoors at the entry where even those that are passing can see. That increases visibility, and if you’re in a busy location like a highway, you can imagine how many people will see your business. Again, make sure where you place them, there’s an option for the interested to enter your premises.

The flag text

The text you use on a flag should be big enough. You don’t want the passersby to struggle reading the content on the banner- most of them don’t have the time, and after all, you may not be the only one using the flags in that location. The text whose lettering can be read some 10 feet away, which means if it’s two inches, it can be ready more than 20 feet away. Make sure the font color contrasts nicely with the background color. For instance, red and blue can work so well on a Yellow background. You cannot use a color like yellow against white because there’s low contrast between the two. If you have a problem mixing the color, try outlining the text in Black -that will make it stand out.

Choose an easy-to-read font. For swooper or feather flags, script fonts are not a good option. They are hard to read quickly. Use a font that someone can read while walking or driving past your flag.

Choose a Reliable Base

The flexibility of most feather flags is one of the aspects that make them impressive. The bases are made in a way to support the flags in several conditions. For the hard ground, the most popular ones are the x-shaped feather banners. It has a ground mount stake for surfaces like snow, sand and comes with accessories that you can change depending on the quality of the ground.

For a more stable base, you can choose the ground spike option of a banner. These come with an appointed edge, and therefore you can drive them into the ground. That makes the flag more stable and can withstand even strong winds.

When choosing lush banners, consider the weather conditions around your business and select a type that can withstand such. The priority shouldn’t be the cost per se but the quality of the material and the design. Most importantly, choose a printing company that will help you get the most effective feather flags for your business.

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