6 Reasons why Wearing Linen Clothing is Ideal for Summer

It’s a hot summer around the world, and wearing appropriate clothes is one of the first things we can do for ourselves, no matter if we are at home, work, or we need to spend some time outside. The fabric plays an important role in keeping us cool while outside our homes. It’s not just to choose bright and light colors. We need to pay attention to the textile too, and according to many women there, linen is the best one when the weather is too hot.

During the hot summer days, it’s more important to wear comfortable clothes, so your skin can breathe through them, and they will allow you to get dry from the sweat in a few minutes or less. So, the best choices for you are cotton and linen, and they are great to manage the body temperature and keep you dry.

Here are some reasons why it’s good to wear linen clothes during the hot summer days:

1. It’s very breathable


Linen won’t cling to your skin and will allow it to breathe and dry quickly as you sweat. It will absorb the moisture from your body, and let the sun dry it out. That means you won’t feel the wet clothes all over you for hours. It may show some spots on the fabric, depending on the color, but it will dry out anyway. It’s one of the best choices for summer clothes. The cotton is also good, but it doesn’t dry that easily, and it will stick to your skin until completely dried. Breathable fabrics are the best choice, so you can maintain the body temperature properly.

2. The textile is very durable

People say it’s the strongest natural fiber, no matter the fact it’s thin and looks like it can tear up every second. It’s more durable than cotton too. That’s why linen clothes are long-lasting, and you can wear the same pieces of clothes for years before you need to replace them with others. They are easy to maintain too, and as time goes by, the fabric becomes softer and more comfortable to wear. If you wash it properly, it will last a few seasons, which means you won’t need to spend a lot of money every summer on new clothes.

3. It’s hypoallergenic

Those who suffer from allergies can easily wear this fabric because it’s hypoallergenic. Because it dries up immediately, there are no conditions for the sweat bacteria to grow. As we all know, moisture is a perfect environmental condition for them to breed, and the linen won’t allow that. It’s not anti-allergic, but the term hypoallergenic is the right one for that.

4. You can wear them during the cold season too

The same fabric that keeps you cool during the summer; can help you stay warm in winter. Isn’t that magical? It’s one of the main benefits of linen clothes, and we are sure you can find something suitable for you for the winter days.

5. It’s sustainable

Knowing that it’s made from a flax plant, we can say that during the production and manufacturing, limited amounts of resources are spent. It’s natural, which reduces the production labor too. It doesn’t consume too much water, and the flax by itself is a plant that doesn’t waste the water resources and soil and doesn’t need fertilizers to grow properly. Also, in some cases, the linen clothes are recyclable too, and you can bring them to the centers, and even get vouchers or coupons for your next purchase.

6. It’s very comfortable too

We are all looking for comfort since fashion trends aren’t always like that. But, when it comes to being comfortable when it’s too hot outside, you probably won’t think about fashion at all. You can still wear cotton shirts and jeans, but keep in mind that you will sweat more, and the fabric won’t manage the moisture the same way linen does.

The importance of choosing the right fabric

When we buy clothes, we must choose the ones that are easy to maintain, including washing in a machine and regular ironing, and also using different detergents and softeners, without fearing that you can damage the textile. But, at the same time, you have to choose comfortable clothes that can manage the temperature changes during the summer. You have to find something that will help you dry up from the sweat, without collecting it into the fabric.

So, in order to do that, choose linen clothes, that are lightweight and loose, and will allow the heat to escape the body.

Also, cotton is a great fabric too, and it soaks up the moisture from the body. But, it gets easily wrinkled, and you will have to iron it regularly. It can soak up more moisture, and it manages that harder than the linen.

Rayon is a mixture of cotton and other natural and synthetic fibers, which looks like linen, but it doesn’t shrink at all. And of course, thin denim is also a good idea, if you can handle the sweat spots over it. Darker denim won’t show it, but as you know, dark clothes aren’t the best choice for summer.

And of course, in the end, we won’t forget to mention the regular washing and maintaining. If you don’t do that, the bacteria will pile up over the fabrics, creating yellow spots and an unpleasant smell. It’s important to wash the linen clothes after every wear, so you can prevent the bacteria to stay on them and move to your body the next time you are wearing them.

That’s everything you need to know about linen and all the other summer type of fabrics.

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