Best Exercises to Improve Your Sex Life

Every individual wants to have a perfectly toned and fit body. Physical fitness enhances our confidence along with making us look attractive. The consciousness about physical well-being has taken serious ground in our society in the last few decades. Now, building a tough body structure is not limited to wrestling professionals anymore, but everybody is showing interest in that. The questions that remained unanswered are-How to get a fit body? Do exercises have anything to do with sexual activities? If you are thinking of joining a gym, you should first read this blog.

You must have seen models, sportsmen, or escort models on Oklute that show off their fit bodies to the world. Isn’t it tempting to see such a physical body strengthened with strong muscles? Experts recommend everyone to do at least 150 minutes of exercising every week. Once you decide to do regular exercising, another puzzle to decide the most suitable set of exercises starts puzzling you. Let’s try to make this more interesting and engaging. What if you choose those exercises that make you fit and improve your sex life together? Sounds good now? In this blog, I will try to answers these questions and tell you how vital it is to regularly do exercises for better sex life.

Sex is indeed a physical activity. It involves the use of muscles, strength, and of course, stamina. It is right to say that sensual pleasure depends on the physical stamina of the persons involved in it, especially the male. If there is a lack of erotic satisfaction, then it might cause embarrassment and insecurities. To ensure that you and your partner are enjoying sex as fantasied, you must give your physical well-being utmost importance. Some exercises can be performed to strengthen the muscles, increases flexibility, and improves stamina. Apart from giving 2-fold benefits, these exercises will also help you in building a great physique that you will be able to show off. An attractive physical appearance can significantly boost up your confidence and give away wonderful results in your personal as well as professional life. Since the essence of physical activities has been established, let’s move on to the next section where we are going to learn about specific exercises that give target-oriented results.

Top 3 Standing exercises

Weighted squats

This exercise involves holding the weight with the hands, lowering it den slowly, controlling the movements carefully, and then raising it quickly. It is intended to strengthen quadriceps & gluteus muscles. Regularly doing this exercise will help you gain endurance and strength. Start small and increase the weight gradually as choosing the wrong weight measure can result in side effects or even muscular injuries.

Lateral displacements

To perform this exercise, you need to start by placing your feet together, bending your knees a little, and then put some weight in your hands. After this, move one foot away from the other one and rest it there. Turn the trunk in the same direction and return to the initial position. Repeat this exercise for one leg followed by the other.

For performing the lateral movements exercise, you should start by placing your feet together, bending your knees a little, and putting some weight on your hands, then just throw one of your feet to the other side & rest it onto the floor. After that, you should turn your trunk in the same direction quickly and return to the starting position. It is recommended to do this exercise in a series of movements, first with one leg and then with the other. This exercise intends to strengthen your abductors.

Kegel Exercise

This exercise increases control and enhances pleasure during sex. It intends to strengthen the pelvic floor area. Try to stop yourself for a bit while you pee. You can also use the Chinese balls for effective results.

Lying down exercises

Hip Lift

Lie down keeping your back flat on the floor, align your arms with your body, bend your legs while supporting your feet’s sole, raise hips and return to the initial position. You can also add weight to your lower abdomen while doing this exercise. This exercise improves your butt shape and strengthens the abdominal area.


Place your back on the floor and start raising your legs to a right angle. Move them sideways and back without touching the floor. This exercise improves the body posture and strengthens the lower body.

Four legs

Keep your hands flat on the ground and align them with your shoulders and knees. Start moving your back so that it moves up & down. Move your head towards the front of the legs. This exercise increases muscle flexibility, which is necessary for perfect penetration during sex.

Seated stretches

Crossed legs

Sit on the floor while keeping your legs crossed. Extend your arms forward and start controlling your breathing. Move your trunk forward and try to touch the floor. Don’t force your body while stretching. This exercise improves muscle flexibility and control.

Butterfly or lotus flower

Sit down on the floor and join the soles of your feet. You will find your feet in a butterfly position. Start moving both your knees up and down repeatedly.

These were some of the easiest exercises that you can perform while being in the comfort zone of your home. These exercises will not only ensure your physical and mental wellbeing but improve your sex life, as well.

There were some of the exercises that will definitely provide you with many-fold health benefits. They will strengthen your body muscles and help you in enhancing your focus. This way you will be able to deliver more during sexual intercourse and your partner will get the best sexual experience that they can ever imagine. Make sure that you are practicing these exercises on daily basis. Also, keep in mind that you are not supposed to overdo any of these mentioned exercises in order to get immediate results. These exercises deliver what they are supposed to do over a course of time. So start small and gradually increases the number of hours you spend performing these exercises.

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