11 Digital Math Tools To Make Your Math Class Exciting

Math is a not so interesting subject for many. Apart from the complicated concepts and theorems, the time-consuming factor while practicing Math is also an excellent reason to make students go away from it.

Some students feel reluctant to go through the complicated problem-solving process or have less time to focus on Math problems. Such students ask for professional help from and score good grades. But is there no way to make Math less difficult for the majority?

The good news is there are incredibly good digital math tools to change the scenario. They make the math class session interesting and engaging. In this article, we will evidently throw light on such exciting Math tools.

1. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a wonderful Math digital tool to turn your boring math classroom interesting. Here you get a customized learning dashboard to practice various exercises. Khan academy gives you the privilege to learn at a self-paced pace.

The instructional videos you get make the concepts much more clear. Being a non-profit organization Khan Academy has a group of sponsors and volunteers who work responsibly in developing the content. The best part is that the materials offered are free of cost. Thus you get world-class education absolutely free.

2. Buzzmath

Buzzmath was formerly a web-based app. At present, you can practice anywhere. This app is the right solution if you are a middle school or elementary level student. This student-centric app provides more than 3000 math problems.

Here one can try the problems many times till one finds the accurate answer. It is beneficial for elementary and middle school students who need good practice at the introductory stage.

3. Photomath app

Photomath app explains mathematical problems and develops math skills of a student. It shows the steps with animations, and thus the students get it better. When you use this app, you can understand mathematical problems better. There is a scanning process in the app that solves 1 billion math problems every month. You get a step-by-step explanation.

4. GeoGebra

GeoGebra is a high powered digital tool that is extremely valuable for Math students. You get the combination of Geometry, Algebra, statistics, graphs, and calculus altogether.

It is a power-packed dynamic app that has several users around the world. The best news is that this app is designed for students from elementary level to advanced level. You can count on the app for practice as this app is growing at a fast pace.

5. CK 12

CK 12 is a free math tool that is immensely helpful. You get a lot of quizzes and tests for your practice.

It has multiple sections that divide and understand your level. One can practice math on CK 12 from any device, which is easy to access and connect.

6. Cuethink

Cuethink is a revolutionary math app that triggers your Math practice. It is enriching with various resources for training.

Students, especially those fond of the subject, will love this app. It offers more challenges of problem-solving on their way.

Also, the students who have difficulty grasping the subject can do great with a little more practice on Cuethink. The ‘problem bank’ section has the task set according to the level. It means it is an effort to make students develop a growth mindset. Furthermore, the community of Cuethink allows students to work together in virtual groups. Isn’t it interesting?

7. Shapes 3D

Shapes 3D is a dynamic app that makes math tremendously easy. It explains and teaches geometry by creating pyramids, solids of revolution, prisms and Platonic solids. It is comparatively an easy app that builds up your skills gradually.

You can explore the topic from the elementary level to the most complex ones here. It explains all the complicated concepts that cannot be effectively taught in practical classrooms.

8. Rocket Math

Rocket Math is an inspirational math tool highly rated for student success. It is a fun-filled math app that motivates students very quickly.

The tool has a worksheet program along with an online game. The app offers a way to work in pairs and identify each other’s mistakes. Here the students answer questions implementing their knowledge. It is helpful and fast as it gives you quick feedback.

Thus you do not need the involvement of teachers. You also get very useful one-minute tests that assist in improving your skills. The founders of rocket math are very contended to see children learn and grow.

9. Mathspace

Mathspace is an online mathematics program for students from 7 to 18years of age. It is teamed with video tutorials supported by effective tips for Math students. Here there are questions to be solved at every step. After each step, the problem gets harder.

It is very interesting to note that Mathspace keeps the past test score or, say, each student’s performance and sets questions for the next level accordingly. The students can keep track of their performance as they can give feedback.

10. Math Board

Math Board application is primarily designed to support students of every age group. They start with addition and subtraction and further learn division and multiplication.

The app is easy to use as the students can customize their level for practice. It contains a problem solver that helps to get the concepts of tricky sums through various tips.

11. Brainly

Brainly for students is an online social community where students ask math-related problems. The questions are answered by the other members in the community who shares the same interest and is an expert. It is a free app and assists the students in getting a better understanding by talking to others.

You might have to wait for quite a prolonged period to get the question’s reply. However, you will get accurate answers from experienced people.


All the websites and tools discussed are useful sources to get solutions for math assignments. You also get expert help from online homework companies. However, the best way to earn a good score is to practice till you get through. So throw out laziness and start with the first sum today.

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