The Class to Choose in Shadowlands

No matter how experienced you are as a WoW player, you will notice significant changes that have taken place in Shadowlands. Although they are not drastic, some changes remain prominent.

When it comes to classes, it is critical to stay reserved and focused so that you could have an opportunity to opt for the most suitable and beneficial one. Is this your first time playing Shadowlands? Keep reading the article from to learn about the variety of available classes and their specifications. It will help you make the right choice and avoid mistakes.

How to Opt for the Best Class?


It is impossible to deny that opting for a class is an exacting task that may predetermine the further development of the game. Therefore, it is critical for inexperienced players to discover the core features and peculiarities of the available options beforehand. While it might be easier for experienced players to make the right choice, newcomers should focus on the classes that offer an opportunity to test the roles. Consequently, the experience of the player is the first and the most prominent feature that will contribute to the decision-making.

Additionally, one should not forget about the reason why he/she is playing, which may also influence the game outcomes. The time you are ready to devote to the game is another significant aspect that should be taken into consideration.

Inexperienced players, who strive to test the expansion and are not ready to spend much time playing, should focus on classes like Monk, Druid, and Paladin, as they seem to be the simplest and the most favorable for newcomers.

Types of Classes in Shadowlands

What is a complete no-brainer for one player is a challenge for another. Therefore, it is important to pay due attention to the details and specifications of the game to succeed with it.

When it comes to Shadowlands classes, there are numerous options that can be viewed as beneficial alternatives. If you continue reading this article, you will acknowledge the specifications of different classes, but here you will have a chance to find out information about the best ones in certain categories:

  • If you have years of experience playing WoW and you enjoy the traditional route of game development, Hunter is the top match for you. This class is usually associated with standard quests, mounts, achievements, encounters, and similar options that are slightly different from the usual ones.
  • According to the results of countless researches, Marksmanship Hunter, Affliction Warlocks, Balance Druids, Fire Mages, and a few other options are beneficial for players searching for the best DPS class. Each of these classes is unique and challenging, yet interesting and exciting.
  • If you prefer exacting and authentic raids, you should focus on tanking classes. The ultimate level of competition and extreme are available at Demon Hunters, Brewmaster Monks, and Protection Paladin.
  • Players who are aimed at playing in healer classes should focus on Holy Paladins, Discipline Priests, Restoration Shamans, and similar options. The PvE section and PvP activities are quite clear here, but it is indispensable to remember that your success in any of these classes will depend on a team a lot.

Top 10 Classes to Consider

Have you already had an opportunity to discover various options available in the new Shadowlands expansion? It is the right time to consider picking the most suitable class.

If you spend some time investigating the features and peculiarities of the available variants, you will realize that irrespective of the various features they have in common, there is also an unlimited number of differences that may influence the gameplay and your level of satisfaction from playing the game.

Are you ready to make your choice? Here are numerous facts about each class that will help you make the right choice.

  • Believe it or not, but the overwhelming majority of players value traditional classes, skills, and other options the most. Thus, Hunter remains one of the most demanded alternatives ever. Depending on the skills and abilities you strive to have, you can opt for the Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, or Survival Hunter.
  • New skills and exclusive features make the class appreciated by many players. Mages are traditionally the best DPS classes that feature high immune skills, excellent mobility, and unique intellect. From the variety of available options, Argane mage, Fire mage, and Frost mage are the most appreciated ones.
  • This is the exclusive class that can buff the whole raid for 5% of their stamina. Additionally, it is critical to mention that they have a double healing feature. There is a range of beneficial skills that cannot be compared to others. Holy, discipline, and shadow priest classes are available here.
  • It is impossible to deny that Paladins are the top classes in the expansion. First of all, they have too many beneficial features and specifications that help them win. Besides, they are universal warriors that can win any battle. Holy, protection and retribution paladins are currently offered in Shadowlands.
  • If you have not found your class yet, the druid is the option you need to consider. Similar to Paladins, Druids are universal and can take any role in the game. Moreover, due to the abilities they have, they can transform themselves into different creatures and objects. Balance, Guardia, Feral, and Restoration druids are the top classes.
  • Although their popularity is slowly decreasing, they are still appreciated by some players. This class is not powerful when it comes to the beginning of the expansion, but they get stronger during the game. Elemental, Enhancement, and Restoration shaman classes can completely transform your gameplay.
  • This is undeniably the strongest and mightiest class ever. Arms, fury, and Protection warriors are characterized by ultimate straightforwardness and readiness to act.
  • Although this class is mentioned in the list, it has always been the most dubious one. There are three options available here, including Brewmaster, Mistweaver, and Wildwalker monk, which feature transcendence, touch of fatality, and roll that keep them demanded.
  • Death knight. Although the list of new classes is constantly increasing, Death knight remains one of the most demanded. Saving abilities and a steady DPS help it stand out from the crowd. Players can choose from Blood death knight, Frost death knight and unholy death knight
  • Demon hunter. If you are looking for a new and unique class in the current expansion, this is the option to consider. As mentioned in reviews of experienced players, this option is appreciated among many users around the world. The unique atmosphere, exclusive skills, and a range of other features make it stand out from the crowd. Havoc and Vengeance Demon Hunters are the subclasses to choose from.

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