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Best Paper For Copic Markers 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Designers, illustrators, and colorists consider the best paper for Copic markers as their strongest weapons. The thing about Copic markers is that they contain unique, strong inks. Of course, these are all alcohol-based. So you have to pair them up with the right kind of stationary.

If you’re a creative person, you need the best paper to complement the special features of your Copic marker. These papers have to be thick enough to eliminate ink bleeds. Even durability is another significant factor to take into account.

High-quality always translates into long preservation. I mean after investing so much time, effort, and money on Copic markers and creating the design, you and your work deserve more attention. And if you agree, you’ll love everything I have to offer in this article.

Best Paper for Copic Markers


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What you see below is a chart that presents the 10 top picks you need to know about. These papers do more than just help you replicate those creative thoughts and work accurately. They also keep your creations safe for as long as you desire. So let’s find out more about them!

Paper Name

Our rating


Number Of Sheets

Copic Marker Express Blending Card

#1(Our rating)

8.5” x 11” 125
Copic Markers Blending Card by X-Press It


8.5” x 11” 25
Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad


8.5” x 11” 30
Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad A4


8.25” x 12” 50
Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack


8.5” x 11” 50
Copic Marker Sketchbook


9” x 12” 50
Copic Markers Manga Nat White


8” x 12” 30
Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad A3


11” x 16.5” 50
Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper


8” x 12” 30
Copic Marker Paper Pack


11” x 8.5” 25

Out Top Paper for Copic Markers Recommendation:

1.Copic Marker Express Blending Card – The Best High-Quality Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

I’ve never tested a paper for Copic markers with more to offer than the first pick right here. The Copic Marker Express Blending Card has an unbeatable reputation on the current market. The top quality performance makes it an ideal choice for creative geniuses.

The most remarkable characteristic is that each sheet maintains the vibrancy of Copic ink. It’s this kind of support that the paper provides with your final outlook that you might hold in the highest regard.

The surface texture is super silky. And that’s how the ink doesn’t lose its attractiveness and brightness. What’s more is that the unique silky texture contributes to easy, smooth blending as well. So it’s safe for me to state that this best paper for Copic markers blends like no other. (How to blend Copic markers)

Even the task of performing strokes is easier. On top of that, the smooth, silky surface keeps the ink from drying too fast. This way, you can blend and re-work the ink according to your preferences.

Forming strokes and marker blending are not easy tasks to perform, right? In that case, you can use all the help at your disposal. Keeping that in mind, papers like the Copic Marker Express Blending Card are designed to make the experience more comfortable.

I was quite disappointed with the change of ink shade after application. To be honest, I even noticed a greyish/bluish tone after using certain colors.


  • The surface ink retaining capacity is excellent.
  • ​Zero acid content for children safety.
  • Long protection of artwork is guaranteed.


  • Too thick in quality.
  • Ink colors tend to change upon contact.

2.Copic Markers Blending Card by X-Press It – The Top-Selling Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

If you’re in the market for a top-notch set of Copic marker papers, you can’t go wrong with this option. The Copic Markers Blending Card by “X-Press It” is created for both leisure and professional purposes.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that this pick works well with more than just Copic markers. In simple words, it is the best paper for alcohol markers. Fashion designers, artists, and architects swear by the high-performance of the Copic Markers Blending Card.

As far as my opinion is concerned, the set is 100% trustworthy. And by this, I mean that each sheet does an excellent job at maintaining your high-quality artwork. Upon testing, I realized how smooth and silky it was. And such a texture is useful and necessary when dealing with Copic markers.

The design and high-performance of the cardstock paper remain intact even during the procedure of card making. With that in mind, your experience with the Copic Markers Blending Card by “X-Press It” will be a memorable one.

The smooth, silky texture is the most remarkable characteristic. With such a surface, your creativity level when working with Copic markers doesn’t get compromised. There are no sorts of limitations and restrictions to deal with here.

But there is something that you might not appreciate. The Copic Markers Blending Card by “X-Press It” offers poor blending capacity. But this is only the case if you’re doing heavy blending.


  • The weight is well-balanced between heavy and light.
  • Created for all kinds of alcohol markers.


  • Not suitable for heavy blending.
  • It cannot handle over 15 ink layers.
Blending Copic Markers by Baylee Creations

3.Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad – The Smoothest Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

The Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad might fit your budget and need like no other. I used the sheets to create intricate designs with the help of invaluable Copic markers. And the results were quite impressive. Thanks to the extreme surface smoothness of each page.

The super-smooth surface is the only feature responsible for the popularity of this best paper for Copic markers. What the excessive smoothness does is prevent bleed-through. It also allows you to perform strokes, blend, and re-work quite easily.

Gliding on this particular paper is an effortless experience. So you get the opportunity to create those fine designs without much difficulty. And if that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer has also added inkjet printer compatibility.

In that case, there’s a slew of features to look forward to, don’t you think?

Did you know that the Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad is suitable for more than just Copic markers? I mean you can use it with technical and crowquill pens and permanent markers. Along with water and other alcohol markers. That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad doesn’t eliminate bleeding and feathering entirely. But again, such a flaw is only a result of heavy layering.


  • Promotes easy, smooth gliding.
  • ​Acid-free for user safety.
  • The texture is ultra-smooth.


  • Slight bleeding and feathering is a part of the experience.

4.Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad A4 – The Best Affordable High-Quality Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

Note that the Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad delivers the fine performance. And the flawless ink color brightness is proof of that. Here comes an even more appealing characteristic. The pad offers high resistance as far as ink leakage is co

So now you know the reason for the success of this best paper for Copic markers. All sheets are bleed-proof, which is a huge benefit when working with alcohol markers. The page is lightweight and thin. And that makes it convenient and easy to use.

Another thing that you should know is that the ink shade tends to amplify upon application. This helps in glorifying your artwork to a great degree. With that in mind, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild.

So here’s the deal. You won’t find any other paper more bleed-resistant than the one I’m discussing right now.

Isn’t it amazing when the sheet you use brightens the shade of ink as well? That’s what you get with the Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad. So you don’t need to worry about losing all that brightness of your expensive Copic marker ink after application.

Now you already know that the paper is highly bleed-proof. In that sense, it becomes slightly difficult, even impossible at times, to modify and blend Copic ink. Due to maximum bleed resistance, the ink tends to dry up sooner than you can imagine.


  • The paper has a thin, lightweight quality.
  • Suitable for photocopying and printing.


  • It is not created for professional purposes.
Copic Markers with Different Types of Papers


5.Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack – The Best Paper for Copic Markers and Technical Pens

Buy it at

If you have any expectations with the Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack, be ready for it to exceed all of them. Yes, that’s true. Upon testing, I found this option to work well with Copic markers and technical pens. And it consists of many amazing supportive features that you simply can’t get over.

For one, the Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Paper offers elevated thickness and smoothness. Both combine to make the process of blending easier for your crafty hands. So you get the opportunity to create as many complex sketches as you like.

Furthermore, the ink colors settle pretty smoothly on each sheet without being over-absorbed. And what does that tell you? It means that the bleed-through capacity is on-point.

I tried making pencil designs as outlines. And to my surprise, these were easy to erase as well. And wait, there’s more to the Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack. The papers are an ideal option for water-based, other alcohol-based, and permanent markers. What else do you need, right?

In here, I would like to rave about printer compatibility. The Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack works well with any inkjet printer. And that too without ink smudges.

Plus, you can use both sides of the sheet.

The major drawback presents itself in the form of weak bleed resistance. But you can deal with such an issue by adding more papers underneath. Even so, it doesn’t take away the fact that the Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack cannot handle heavy layers.


  • The texture is super-smooth.
  • ​Perfect for the creation of intricate designs.
  • Both sides are compatible with Copic ink.


  • Slight bleeding is possible with heavy layers.

6.Copic Marker Sketchbook – The Best Sketchbook Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

Growing artists are fond of working with the ink from Copic markers. And the best way to do so is to buy the right kind of stationery. So if what you’re looking for is a sketchbook for Copic markers, here’s an ideal pick for you.

The Copic Marker Sketchbook contains velvety, smooth, and flat-iron papers. For this reason, there’s no other sketchbook more fit for the job than this one.

Once you try the product, you’ll see how convenient it is to use. And by that I mean it’s easy to carry from one spot to another. This sketchbook features spiral binding. And that particular component keeps all the sketches in a single place.

To sum it up, the high-quality papers do a great job at preserving your precious artwork. And they perform way better than any set of regular or normal papers on the market.

The most noteworthy trait is the thick cover of this best paper for Copic markers. On top of that, the texture is incredibly velvety and smooth. And according to me, that sounds like a huge benefit when working with alcohol-based ink like Copic markers.

Apart from the positives, the Copic Marker Sketchbook does offer a huge limitation. Unfortunately, ink layering is not an option with this pick.


  • Easy blending with no streaking.
  • The texture is ideal for Copic markers.


  • Poor bleed resistance capacity.
  • Spiral binding causes some discomfort.

7.Copic Markers Manga Nat White – The Best Manga Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

There are all sorts of papers on the retail market, am I right? And if you’re searching for manga paper for your Copic markers, you can stop looking right this second. Let me introduce you to the Copic Markers 8.3” by 11.7-Inch Manga Nat White.

The sheet is specifically designed for illustrators. And it’s the extensive compatibility of the paper with Copic ink that gives you fantastic results. That and the smooth surface of the page!

You’ll be quite thrilled to know that the Copic Markers Manga Nat White offers the three necessary features. These include heaviness, absorbance, and thickness. Each sheet is thick enough so as to eliminate the chances of tearing. And the absorbance factor handles easy blending and bleed-proof capacity.

In all, the high-standard quality and glossy effect are what appeals to you the most. And that’s the reason why you should select this best paper for Copic markers.

Unlike some popular models on the list, the one at hand complements the different shades of Copic ink. And you have nothing but the exceptional surface of each sheet to thank for this!

At the other end of the spectrum lies a tiny drawback. I found the Copic Markers Manga Nat White to be slightly fragile and thin in structure. But to be fair, this doesn’t seem like such a huge disappointment.


  • The ink absorbent capacity is optimally high.
  • ​Bleed resistance is also another excellent factor.
  • Color quality maintenance is on-point.


  • The paper has a thin, fragile quality.

8.Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad A3 – The Best Bleed-Proof Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

Favorable features and perfect texture. Well, that’s what you get with the Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad. Just like me, you might also enjoy using the paper because of these two factors. Apart from that, you also have high resistance to look forward to.

Do you know what happens when the sheet offers high resistance? The bleeding capacity of the page increases. When you pair this with appropriate density, the experience becomes unrivaled.

Please note that without praiseworthy bleed resistance, it gets difficult to work with several layers. As a result of which ink starts to spread and leak through. But take my word for it; you have nothing of that sort to worry about here.

And lastly, the brightness of the Copic ink increases after drying. Such a benefit can only mean one thing. That the Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad is suitable for professional artists and purposes!

Expect no bleeding accidents or smudging when dealing with this kind of paper. Copic markers and the Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad are like best buddies when it comes to performance. There’s no denying that!

To my surprise, the paper is a tad too thin. You might be impressed with everything else but the thickness of the Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad.


  • Enhances brightness levels of ink.
  • The texture is preferably silky and smooth.


  • Not thick enough.
  • Feathering is not completely out of the picture.

9.Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper – The Best Illustration Paper for Copic Markers

Buy it at

Ask any professional illustrator and he/she will swear by the efficiency of this pick. The Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper provides unmatched results. And I found this to be true during testing.

Once you try it out, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The paper allows perfect coloring of every stamped image. If you’re an illustrator, there’s nothing better than achieving such an outcome.

The unrivaled efficacy of this best paper for Copic markers is quite convincing. It allows you to use Copic ink without causing any interruption or problems related to incompatibility.

Another noteworthy feature is the density of the Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper. This particular factor is responsible for preventing moisture. So there’s no chance of the page crinkling up due to moisture. And when that happens, you can expect the ink to remain intact for a long, long time.

The thing about thick density is that it imposes a few restrictions. These include not being able to print a coloring outline or stamp image. But that’s not the deal with the Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper. You can easily perform those actions despite its thick density.

All types of products have a certain kind of a flaw. Nothing is perfect, right? So with that in mind, here’s something negative about the Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper. It does cause a little bit of bleeding. But to be fair, it’s not a major concern.


  • Thick enough for handling Copic markers.
  • Thin enough for printer compatibility.


  • Bleed resistance ability is only average.

10.Copic Marker Paper Pack – The Best Copic Marker Paper for Easy Blending

Buy it at

The Copic Marker Paper Pack is designed to handle all the illustration work you throw at it. The kind of support each sheet provides when working with the ink contained in Copic markers is the most attractive quality.

Just like any other best paper for Copic markers, this one too offers high performance. The pack is suitable for drawing, coloring, and rendering with alcohol markers. And here’s another huge benefit. The paper doesn’t allow even a little bit of ink to seep through. That means no bleeding accidents either.

Furthermore, this best paper for Copic markers enables easy blending. So you get the opportunity to reshape the ink as well. And we all know how convenient that is, don’t we?

It’s not just the easy blending that you might value the most. When working with the Copic Marker Paper Pack, the ink is also subjected to high absorbency. This covers all three aspects; blending, bleeding, and absorbency. No wonder the Copic Marker Paper Pack is so popular on the current market!

Not many people notice the thickness in terms of printer compatibility. But in the case of this option, you should take that particular factor into account. The Copic Marker Paper is slightly on the thicker side. And that makes it unsuitable for getting through printers.


  • No acid content for user safety.
  • Ideal bleed-through and blending capacity.


  • Too thick for printers.

Buying Guide to the Best Paper for Copic Markers


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If you’re new to using Copic markers, chances are that you don’t know how to choose the best paper for them. Now we know that Copic markers are pretty expensive. So it doesn’t sound like such a great idea to waste the ink on poor quality paper.

I mean you can try using your Copic marker on the regular version of copy paper. But soon after you do that, you’ll be back here. And that’s because Copic ink tends to bleed through the surface of regular papers.

But don’t think, even for a second, that Copic markers are not easy to use. They are and produce desired results only when the paper is up for the job.

Best Paper for Copic Markers: Factors to Take Into Consideration

Selecting paper is a decision that depends on your individual blending technique and style. With that in mind, certain kinds of papers demand different handling. So instead of adjusting your particular style to that paper, it’s a better idea to test several types of paper. This is how you end up with the best paper for Copic markers.

But there are a few factors you ought to keep in mind during the testing and selection process.

  • Texture

Paper is processed in two different ways. One is smooth and the other is rough. Smooth textured paper absorbs ink slowly. As a result of which the task of blending becomes easier. (Tips for using Copic markers)

On the other hand, the rough textured paper absorbs ink quickly. In that case, you get the opportunity to work faster. And that too without having to wait for the ink to dry!

  • Thickness

The thickness factor determines the bleeding capacity of the ink through the surface of the paper. So when working with thin paper, don’t forget to place a scrap page underneath.

  • Weight

The weight is measured for every 500 sheets, am I right? But you don’t need to purchase 500 sheets all at once.

As for the weight of each paper, there is only one rule. The heavier the page, the more ink it can absorb.

Additionally, here’s a video that explains the basic concepts of Copic markers:

How to Use Copic Markers? Basic Concepts

Best Paper for Copic Markers: Different Types

There are several kinds of paper created for Copic markers. Each paper is designed keeping a particular function or purpose in mind. So that explains why not all papers are suitable for Copic markers.

In that case, here as the most common models of paper:

  • Drawing Pads and Sketchbooks

They contain super-soft papers, which tend to saturate pretty soon. So the task of finding a decent sketchbook for Copic markers might not be easy.

  • Bristol

These types of papers have a lot in common with drawing and sketching paper. On the brighter side, Bristol offers different textures as well. And some of these are perfect for the unique ink coming from Copic markers.

  • Marker Paper

You should expect nothing but thin quality from marker papers. But they are comparatively denser than Bristol paper. So they score well when paired with Copic markers.

  • Mixed Media

The name itself suggests that the paper is suitable for a variety of media. That means you can use this particular paper for oil and acrylics. But not for markers!

  • Illustration and Manga Paper

If you want the heaviest version of a paper, this is the option for you. Such a paper performs well with the Copic markers. But at the same time, its interaction with strong ink is slightly different than the other papers. So you might take some time to get used to it.

Best Paper for Copic Markers: Additional Tips

The moral of the story is that thicker and heavier papers are more suitable for Copic markers. With these, you can use a lot of ink as well without worrying about the thing bleeding through the surface.

But at the same time, the paper might demand the use of too much ink to achieve smooth blending. As a result of which you end up wasting the ink of your expensive Copic markers.

Case in point, there are a few additional factors to take into account apart from the obvious. And I have discussed them in the form of questions below.

1. What About the Lay Down of Ink?

Artists like to work with a smooth lay down. And you don’t get the chance to experience that with a rough textured paper. In fact, when dealing with rough paper, expect nothing but an excessive drag.

2. What About Ink Layering?

You create darker areas or shadows by the process of layering, right? And not all papers give you the same result. Paper A might not darken the layered region as much as paper B.

3. What About Feathering?

Due to saturation, ink tends to spread outside the area of application. This is called feathering. When you use heavy, high-quality paper, you don’t have to worry about feathering. Even if your work requires you to apply several coatings of ink!

4. What About Blending?

The absorption of ink depends on the texture of the page. And this is what blending is all about, right? Rough textures have the capacity to absorb ink quickly. So in such cases, you need to blend fast. On the contrary, smooth textures often cause over-blending of the colors.

5. What About Colorless Blender Compatibility?

Colorless blenders add special effects to your artwork. But they can only do so if you work with compatible paper. So please ensure that the best paper for Copic markers that you select offers that kind of an advantage.

Bottom Line

My Choice: Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack

Working with Copic ink means making use of an excellent art tool. But some people might find the process difficult or challenging. What I mean to say is that dealing with Copic markers can be frustrating if you don’t have the right kind of paper for them.

There are many types of art papers on the market. These differ in thickness, content, density, and weight. And each kind is created for a specific purpose. So not all of them are designed to be paired with alcohol equipped markers like the Copic ones.

So it’s only logical to assume that using the wrong paper results in achieving an undesirable outcome. With that in mind, how does one know what to buy? The only simple answer here is, test each of them. I advise you to try out different papers. Only then will you be able to find one that fits the bill.

One such product is the Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pack. This best paper for Copic markers has an ultra-smooth quality. Such a texture makes it an ideal pick for all types of pens and markers. These include technical pens, crow quill pens, permanent markers, and water-based markers.

You get as many as 50 sheets in a single pack. And all of them are acid-free, which means safe for children to use as well. So the next time you’re confused about what to select, you’ll know what ranks the highest in terms of performance.

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