Is Mediation Cheap? Don’t Worry About Your Budget

Unfortunate events like divorce are pretty disturbing for an individual’s mental health. In addition, facing the aftermath of the divorce can be challenging and costly. Mediation is the solution to your problem; it is a friendly, budget-friendly option. You can go through your divorce without wasting more time and within your budget rate.

Unlike court litigation, in mediation, you are not bound to it. If you do not come up with a solution, then you can still file for court litigation. If you want to know more about mediation, then a divorce mediation lawyer in Milwaukee is the best option to seek guidance. However, mediation is cheaper than court litigation, and its cost-effectiveness is dependent on various factors.



Many people ask if mediation is cheap. Mediation is a lot cheaper than court litigation. Mediation gives you the peace of mind you deserve to have during the whole divorce procedure. When it comes to mediation, you do not have to worry about your budget, unlike court litigations, where you have to pay court filing fees, fees for transcripts, and many other expenses that are related to your case and court. You will be surprised by the amount of extra money that goes out of your pocket during the whole divorce procedure.

Court litigation will simply add more numbers to your expenses, and in the end, you will not be able to control the outcome. In mediation, you can negotiate terms and get a deal that is fair for both parties. But when it comes to court litigation, whatever the judge decides for you, you have to stick to it. In mediation, the fee is a friendly budget, but it varies on different factors like mediator fee, number of sessions, and some additional costs. Both parties get the advantage of discussing things privately and coming up with a solution rather than going to court and getting publicly questioned about things.

The advantages due to cost-effectiveness

Mediation advantages
  • Takes less time

Mediation is the best alternative for court litigation because you can save your time in mediation in comparison to court litigation. Saving time and getting faster results are two of the most important reasons why couples go for mediation. In mediation, you do not have to wait for days, weeks, and sometimes months like you have to wait for court hearings. Mediation meetings are set up more quickly than court litigations, and they provide faster solutions to your cases. In mediation meetings, your convenience is given priority, and the meetings are set according to it.

No court will ever ask you about your convenience before setting up a hearing. The terms of the final verdict will never be shared with you to ask if you are okay with it; the judge will pass judgment, and that will be it. The mediation process is, however, shorter; all it takes is a few meetings at a neutral place, and all the terms are set within the timeline of these meetings.

  • Quick resolutions

Unlike court debates, in mediation, you do not have to debate and prepare some strategies to come up with a solution. Sometimes, you do not even get to discuss in the courtroom if you feel that you have been wronged or not given the fair share you deserve. There is never a resolution, and even if there is a slight chance of getting one, it will take up too much time and resources. But in mediation, the mediator asks both parties to come up with their solutions and try to end the case quickly.

Both parties get to speak their side and develop an understanding of what needs to be done and can make decisions according to it. The resolutions in mediation are quicker than in court litigation procedures. Only two parties come up with their solutions, and no involvement in any dispute can lead to quick solutions. The decision-making procedure gets over in a timely manner, and it is cost-effective, too.

  • Safeguard your relationships

During mediation, it is stated that the couples never argue or have any issues with each other during the whole session. Mediation is a very calm exchange of thoughts and suggestions about what needs to be done. There is a third person involved who handles everything and develops tailor-made solutions for your situation. Having a third person decide gives a sense of equality and satisfaction from the fact that all your points were heard and a non-biased decision will be made.

Mediation also helps you come up with a solution to preserve your relationship with your ex-spouse. Getting a divorce does not mean that you have to go to court and fight tooth and nail. Divorces can be calm, and with the right help, you can get the things you need along with maintaining a good relationship with your ex. When your case goes to court, there might be a lot of unfairness, and it might make your relationship with your ex bitter.

  • Reduced legal fees
Reduced legal fees

When it comes to mediation, you do not have to spend much, and it reduces the costs of legal fees because there is less legal expertise involved, no court fees, and neither does divorce lawyer fees. There is only one third-person involved who schedules meetings for only the number of times it is required. When you start to compare the costs, you will realize that legal fees are way more than what mediation sessions cost you. There are a lot of fees when you go for a court procedure, and then there are hidden costs, too, which change according to the situation.

Divorce lawyers charge a lot, and there is nothing you can do but pay them the amount they tell you to. You do not even get to decide the outcome of your case once you decide to go legal. All you have to do is pay money and see what happens next or wait for the court to determine what happens. Mediation, however, will resolve this problem for you by saving your hard-earned money. You can also be at peace with the outcome of your divorce.

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