6 Tips To Make Your Office Relocation Trouble & Worry-Free

Relocation is a stressful event by itself, and when you have to take care of a lot of things, then it may cause headaches, anxiety, and wanting to give up on the idea. But, in the first place, we must realize that every relocation is for a good purpose – you are looking forward to better work conditions, a beautiful office, and a nicer environment. But when you see all the mess around you, it’s understandable why you want to run away at that moment, instead of taking the things in your hands and organizing the whole process.

As you suppose, the first thing we will suggest in this article is hiring a moving company, to help you pack up the office supplies, and move them to the new office. There are plenty of services like this around, and one of them is, where you can get quotes by simply filling up the forms with the needed data.

Many people say that moving homes is difficult, but not that stressful as office relocation is. There are chairs, desks, documents, supplies, computers, and plenty of other things you need all the time. So, here are a few things you have to do in advance:

1. Explore the new office location

You need to do this immediately after you rent the offices. See if there is free access for the moving vehicles and if the elevator can fit the big things, like desks, printers, and other crucial devices you need to bring with you. Get in the rooms while they are completely empty. That will give you a nice way to plan things in advance, and place the desks. You will need a few weeks for these things, so don’t postpone this task. Additionally, you need to plan the relocation as early as possible, so you can have time to find the best service available. You can’t organize the furniture placing and decision who will sit where in the last days before moving. If you are a manager or responsible for this process, you must know exactly what you are doing, and make the whole process easier for you and the employees. It’s a huge stress for all of you, and stopping a work process even for a few hours can be pretty confusing. So exploring the new offices on time will prevent a lot of headaches.

2. Update the address

Your clients and other companies you work with must be informed about the changes. Apply for a change of address on time, so you can avoid receiving the important document in the old office and reaching out to the people who are there now to keep it for you. One of the most effective ways to do that is to add a disclaimer in your emails, announcing the big change, so you can always remind them about the change. You don’t have to explain a lot of things. You can only add a bold line informing them about the new address and the day when you are moving.

3. Essentials should be moved last

Start with the older books and archives, that you still need to keep, and place them nicely in the cupboards. Split the office supplies and furniture into two categories – essentials and non-essentials. It would be easier to organize the whole process, without losing track of the complete activity. Don’t forget to label the boxes, so you can easily find where you put them while packaging. That means desks and computers stay with you until needed, and you have a company on hold that will help you pack them up and install them properly in the new office.

4. Check if the electricity works fine

While you are exploring the new space, you have to turn on and off all the electrical devices, so you can see if they work properly or not. That will give you enough time to fix them if something is wrong. Also, inspect all the critical points, ventilators, and heating devices, because after you move in, they will become a problem for the whole office.

5. Encourage the employees to organize their relocation

Everyone should label their belongings, and pack the supplies in a box or bag, also properly labeled. This is a simple action and will save a lot of nerves while unpacking and looking for office supplies. Don’t behave rudely to them. It’s stressful for all of you, but you must understand that you have to be polite and encourage them to organize their things, so it can be easier for the company to relocate them properly.

6. Check if the moving company can handle it in a day

As we said, computers, desks, and chairs are very big and require a lot of time and effort until packed and moved completely. First, ensure that the vehicles can park the closest they can to your office. That gives them easy access to the office, elevator, and vehicle, and there will be no delays in the whole process. Also, ask them if they have enough vehicles, and an estimation about the time to complete the whole task. Hiring a good company to help you relocate without stress is worth all the money in the world and these people are life-savers. Don’t try to do all the things by yourself, and let the professionals handle it for you.


As you can see, it can be really stressful to relocate your office, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be like that. Take your time to organize these things, because time management is what you need most. All the other things are easier to be completed when you have enough time for that.

It’s a big thing, and you shouldn’t underestimate the process. It’s important for the work not to stop in the meantime, and of course, for all the clients and collaborators to be informed about the changes immediately. That’s how you save your business from the crash and burn in a few days.

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