9 Essential Tips & Tricks for Crafting with Glitter

Glitter is one of the main decorating ingredients for creating various craft things. You can use it to give a great touch to a simple object. There are plenty of colors available in glitters, which allows you to decorate in whatever way you like. There are many forms of glitters, which can be used in different ways. It is quite crucial to choose the right one according to your project. Let us check how you can get this ingredient and how you can use it appropriately.

You can get high-quality glitters from lrisy.com and decorate your objects beautifully. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the essential tips and tricks for crafting this ingredient. It is necessary to keep it in the right way so that you can use it for years. Let us start discussing various types of glitters and how you can use them in crafts.

Different Forms of Glitters

  1. Glues: You can get this ingredient in the form of a bond. It looks like you have sprinkled glitter on the cement. You have to wait for some time to get it dry. It is perfect for coloring, outlining, writing anything, etc. Glues are of many types like clear, spray, double-sided, white, etc.
  2. Pens and Markers: Glitter mixed with colored ink is available in pens and markers. The particles are quite subtle so that it dissolves into the ink properly. It is better to write something and make it look beautiful and appealing.
  3. Extreme Fine: It is in the form of dust, which is extremely fine. When you blow it, then it will blow it with air. The particles are entirely invisible, and it comes in an expensive range. It can be used on nails because it has a fantastic shine and luster.
  4. Extra Fine: It is another mild. When it comes to shine and coverage, it works the same.
  5. Fine: It is an economical option compared to other particles.
  6. Medium: If you want to make any object visible from a certain distance, you can use the medium one. There are limited colors in this form.
  7. Large: You cannot use this form on paper-based applications. It is more preferred in floats than pages.

Tips & Tricks for Crafting with Glitter


Party Lights: If you want to decorate your home décor with attractive lights, you can create them with colorful glitters. You can make jars and paste the sparkle on them with the help of glue. Place a bulb or LED in it and light up the bulbs. It will look better in the dark and hence, it gives a fantastic look and feel to your room. It is one of the practical and affordable options for decorating your homes on special occasions.

Jewelry: You can create exciting pendants by using fine glitter. You can hang it on a good-quality chain that matches well. When you wear the ornament, you will look great. If you cannot afford expensive and unique jewelry, then you must design yourself. You can imagine the best you can and prepare it with this decorative ingredient. Everyone will appreciate your skills and may ask you to create more innovative designs of jewelry.

Christmas Tree Accessories: During Christmas, everyone brings a Xmas tree for decorating their house. You need to decorate the tree by putting in some attractive accessories. It can be a bell, candy or other things. You can design such things by using glitters. You can attract anyone’s attention by creating such things.


Decorate the Vase: You might have a vase for decorating flowers at your home. You can decorate a simple vase with the help of sparkle. It will make it shiny and visible to others. When you keep flowers in the sparkling vase, then it will look better in this way. You can consider this idea if you want to decorate your home at an affordable price.

Decorate Your Mugs: If you want to try something new with your coffee mugs, you can glue some glitter in exciting designs. It will bring a decent chance in your utensils and gives you a fantastic feeling whenever you hold it. This will also help in preventing unnecessary cracks and scratches.


Sparkling Garden Rocks: You can take any number of garden rocks and covered them completely with glitter. It will look attractive and appealing, even if anyone looks at it from a great distance. Your garden will look fantastic, and hence, it will attract people’s attention.


Glittery Shoes: If you have flat and dull bellies, then you can change a bit. You can apply a coat of glitter over it in a different pattern. You can wear them on any occasion, or when it matches your outfit. This idea will help in adding a unique style to your personality.


Hair Clips: You can use glitter to create hair clips. You can paste the sparkle on thick paper and cut it in any comfortable shape. After that, you can paste it on a simple hair clip and use it with your matching outfit. There is no need to buy expensive hair clips when you can design yourself.


Sparkling Alphabets: If you are celebrating a particular day, you can broadcast any message written with sparkling letters. You can use it to write notes like congratulations, happy birthday, etc. There is no need to buy expensive banners for decorating your home when you can prepare it with glitters easily.


The Bottom Line

There are plenty of things that one can prepare with the help of glitter. Some people do not have enough ideas to craft various items with this cosmetic ingredient. You can follow tips as mentioned earlier and tricks to create something unique and decorate your home décor at an affordable price. The shimmering effect on any object makes things attractive and appealing to others. You must try different ideas and make your things beautiful.

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