What If I Delay Cleaning of Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles

Curating your pool smartly is quite a learning & joyful experience. When talking about mosaic tiles, the finishing & textures of mosaic tiles glam up the pool’s worth. Plus, glass mosaic tiles are highly appreciable as they render it’s intricate beauty to your pool. Luckily, at oasistile.com you have numerous options when selecting the swimming pool mosaic tiles. You will be amazed by the aesthetic the tiles create.

The limit is not to the beauty but to work functionally that becomes the cherry on top. Pat yourself on the back if you got the mosaic tools to redesign your pool but be cautious about the maintenance. Well, little effort is required on your end to maintain the mosaic tiles. However, delaying or being lazy about cleanliness may not end up with good results. You surely then feel disappointment after spending enormous money on the tiles.

Before knowing the danger of delayed cleaning, let’s learn about what mosaic tiles are running the trend worldwide and why?

What is Trending?


Most will agree that a swimming pool is one of the exciting outdoor features of our house. I think all the water babies will not say “no” to the said statement. Well, continuing the reading, pools elevate additional charm to the exterior. In other words, it just lit up the overall landscape covering backyards, resorts, spas, or hotels.

When talking about heart breathing appeal, then glass mosaic tiles don’t require a lot of thought. Onlookers can’t take their eyes off when exploring a variety of styles in glass mosaic tiles. Since a classic era, especially western culture, people have been fond of decorating their pools with marvelous tile artwork. The culture still continues as people enjoy playing with the different tiles to decorate their pools. And guess what? Glass swimming pool mosaic tiles are shining on the top of the list.

Essential to Pick the Enchanting One

Picking the right tile meeting your décor needs is quite important. But one should know the pool needs something captivating; otherwise, the pool look will be more on a gloomy note. That you don’t want. So do I!

Ceramic tiles are also a popular choice, but the options compared to glass tiles are limited. Glass tiles have now become a great alternative to ceramic tiles. They are highly versatile and come in a wide range of brilliant colors & textures.

Since the last decade, glass mosaic tiles have gained popularity. Designers, architects, pool contractors & homeowners prefer glass mosaic tiles to doll up the pool or any space the owner desires. Glass material has revolutionized the entire concept of swimming pool design. If your mind is talking about reality, then glass tiles not only offer you the delightful glance but, if maintained adequately, then live a long life.

Don’t Overlook the Wet Environments


Glass mosaic tiles have no tiny pores. Moreover, they don’t absorb water. They are an ideal choice for wet environments. They are purposely designed for pools as they offer such outstanding advantages. Being water-resistant, the tile has a beautiful covering that acts as an extra shield of sealant. As mentioned in the beginning, there are no minute pores which means there is a chance for fungal & microbial growth.

Think Twice About Chemical Cleaning

Another reason to stay in trend is the resistance to harsh chemicals. Tiles require cleaners to get that old-new shine when you get it from the store the first time. It’s okay if you are not aware of the cleaner sharp ingredients. Though it’s always suggested to avoid harsh cleansers. But humans are meant for mistakes. Isn’t it? Glass swimming pool mosaics are not affected by chemicals and even temperature changes.

What Happens If You Ignore the Cleaning of Mosaic Tiles?


➤Organic Material

Organic materials accumulate at a certain point in time inside your pool. No matter if your pool is inside the home. Materials like soil, dirt, etc., make water impure which is not good for your skin. You may end up with skin raised. Plus, the tiles also get affected, and then you may end up calling a professional vacuum cleaner to get rid of such materials.

➤Chemical Imbalance

Maintenance always doesn’t mean to start cleaning your tiles. It’s more than that. Ensure you don’t put high-level chlorine to your pool as the tiles start discoloring. You could have some bleached appearance on your tiles which deposits if not cared for timely. However, it doesn’t mean avoiding chlorine, as it will lead to algae problems down the road.

➤Hard-Water Deposits

Have you ever noticed hard water stains covering your shower areas or around bathtubs, sinks & backsplashes? If so, it’s time to be cautious before you call the cleaning services. The residue starts depositing due to a delay in cleaning the tiles.

Get Cleaning

When cleaning, what you should be well aware of :

Household Chemicals and Cleaners

You can make your household cleaner by mixing vinegar & water in equal parts. Put in an empty spray bottle and spray it on the area which is highly prone to dirt or deposits. Leave it for a while and grab a clean, soft cloth to get rid of the stains. Rinse it and leave it to dry.

Acid Bath

Usually, diluted muriatic acid has proven to be effective. Keep in mind the necessary precautions when using the chemical. Follow the instructions or do research properly before using the chemical. Also, pour the acid into the water slowly and wear gloves, mask & protective goggles.

Pool Cleaning Professionals


Though pool mosaic tiles need fewer efforts to clean & maintain the tiles. But if you think this is not your job, then it’s better to contact professionals. They will do the entire cleaning of the pool, and you get a chance to learn how they follow the cleaning procedures.

The Bottom Line

It feels luxurious when you own a private swimming pool. Whenever you want, you can step out & relish a refreshing plunge. But the privilege also becomes a responsibility. Your pool needs to be pampered with timely care & maintenance. Unnecessary delays will damage your beautiful pool look and will impact your elite personality.

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