Funny dog names

A funny dog name is probably not what you are looking for in the pet department. But there are so many dogs out there with names that are not an accurate depiction of their personality. And if you are thinking about getting a new furry friend, then why not give him or her a funny name to start off with?

Being humorous is not really the most important factor when it comes to naming your dog. Some people think that they need to come up with something unique and personalized, whereas others tend to go for impersonal monikers like Fido or Rover. Funny dog names, however, can be both original and personal – the is knowing how to mix them together.

So where can you find inspiration? Well, there are tons of places where you can find funny dog names, but they are all rather random. You could go through baby name books or check out the list of popular animal names on the internet. But this is not how most people come up with funny dog names.

Here are some examples of how to actually do it:

1) Make a play on words

A lot of people think that playful puns are something for kids’ shows and cartoons only.

But, hey, there are tons of clever substitutions you can make when it comes to naming your pup!

For example,

if your new pet has floppy ears then Floppy might be an excellent choice for his name. A good replacement for Rover could be Jover – after all, dogs will also rest over their owners’ laps. Lastly, the name Spot is a classic for a reason.

2) Give him or her a human name

Many people choose pet names by thinking of the most popular monikers for humans out there.

But you can also take it one step further and find inspiration in your friends and family members’ names!

For example,

If your best friend’s grandmother’s name was Pat then naming your new dog Pat would be an awesome idea that will make both of them happy. Plus, you’ll have someone to blame when your little pup misbehaves!

3) Use pop culture references

If movies, television shows and books are more your thing, then why not go for something from those sources?

Or even use a combination of them? Who wouldn’t love to have an Alpo or Cujo as their best friend?

A Lannister or Stark could be very loyal pets, too!

4) Get inspired by celebrities

A lot of people idolize celebrities. But you can get even more personal with it by thinking of pet names inspired by your favorite ones!

Is Stephen Colbert your favorite late night TV host? Then maybe naming your new dog Coco would not only be funny but also cute and creative. If that’s the case, however, then how about Capone instead?

It certainly fits in nicely with K9 unit dogs. Another great choice is Sacha Baron Cohen – his characters are vivid personalities on their own. So why not give your little furball a little Borat or Ali G?

5) Think of a funny name that you use to call yourself

Do you have nicknames for all your friends and family members? Well, why not name them those instead of coming up with something new every time they do something wrong?

Maybe one day they will go as far as to present their furry friend as “Little Shit” instead of just having him named Little Shit.

Oh come on, it’s not like people can’t tell what his name really is! So if you’re going to give your dog a funny name inspired by someone in your life then don’t be shy – just take the best bits and pieces from that person’s personality and mix it into a new monicker!

Dog name ideas

Why do we give our pets funny names? Dogs, cats, and other animals all have to be named after they come into our lives. I think that it’s really cool that people will spend the time to think of a name for their pet, and it shows how much they care about them! But if you don’t like spending hours thinking of a name (like me) this article is perfect for you!

1. Comet:


This is one of my favorite dog names! Anyone who has ever met a puppy knows that puppies are fast and go by “warp speed.” So, naming him Comet is perfect!

2. Bandit:

This is such a cute name because bandits are sneaky and sly; those are both great qualities for a dog that you want to be sneaky!

3. Lucky:

Lucky is a great name for a dog because dogs are known as being very loyal and kind, so if you’re lucky enough to have him with you then he deserves a lucky name!

4. Chunky Monkey:

Calling your pet Chunky Monkey shows really good sense of humor and it’s probably one of the more original names on this list. Hilarious!

5. Pickles:

Dogs love eating pickles, so what could be better? Pickles isn’t just a regular, boring old name; it has become a classic that will never go out of style!

6. Isabella:

This is such a cute name because Isabella means “beautiful.” If you think your pet fits the name, then go for it!

7. Cinnamon:

This is such a cute name because cinnamon rolls are sweet and yummy! Plus, they’re reddish-orange like a dog’s fur color. Adorable!

8. Elsa:


I always loved the movie Frozen; naming my pet after one of my favorite characters (Elsa) would be awesome and I’m sure she would love it too!

9. Cooper:


One of my family members has a Goldendoodle named Cooper and he’s such a good boy; he deserves an equally as good name to match how good he is. Also, Cooper means barrel maker (which makes sense since all dogs like to play in and eat from the trash and roll around in smelly things).

10. Snoop:

Snoop is such a good name because just like his namesake, dogs can be very curious and nosy. “Snooping” around is their favorite thing to do!

11. Kobe:

Kobe Bryant is my favorite NBA player; if I had a dog, this would definitely be his name. It’s so cool!

12. Beamer:

This is such a cute name for a dog because Beamer means “onaight watchman.” That sure sounds like an important job and one that only the best of dogs could handle!

13. Tank:

Dogs are strong and powerful animals, so naming your dog after an even stronger, more powerful animal makes perfect sense. Plus, tanks are really cool looking!

14. Frodo:

This is one of my favorite dog names because it’s from another one of my favorite movies that I love watching over and over again….”The Lord of the Rings.” It would be pretty awesome to have a pet with this name since Gandalf named his dog after the main character in the story.

15. Bear:


Picking up on the Hobbit theme, you can also name your dog Bear because bears are large, strong animals that work hard all day long to protect us humans! How cool is that?

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