How to Choose Your First Scope as A Beginner?

The scope is like an eye for gun enthusiasts. Aim at the target, calculate the distance, press the trigger, and when the gun sounds, you got it. That is the fun of these enthusiasts.

As a beginner, you need to choose the proper scope, which will let you enjoy yourself in your practice progress more and keep up with shooting achievements. But, don’t forget you will need additional accessories such as ammunition which you can click here to get.

The Classification of Scopes


Usually, we will first select the lens magnification and lens reticle of the scope. Here we introduce these lenses.

We can use the magnification rates to classify these lenses. We call them as There are fixed magnification scopes and variable magnification scopes. Usually, we name scopes with their magnification ranges. For example, one 2.5-10*40mm scope shows the magnification range of this one is from 2.5 to 10 times.

According to the optical principle of the lens, we can divide the lens into iron sight, red dot sight, and laser sight.

Iron sights are no longer widely used.

Red dot sights with red or green reticles are more in close combat, short-range hunting, and modern rapid shooting competitions. You can only see the aiming point, which will not expose you during shooting. And the price is relatively low, which is no parallax problem, but it requires good visual field conditions for the shooting environment.

The laser scopes emit the beam and calculate the distance between the sight and the target to locate it. This method has high precision, and the field of view in the mirror will not change color, which is conducive to accurate shooting. Because the beam from the laser must be in an open environment during the irradiation process and between the target and scope, the target cannot be positioned at your point when encountering obstacles. That is also why some shooting enthusiasts do not like this sight.

The reticle of scopes describes the definition of scopes’ scales. So in terms of the reticle division method, most of the current lenses will be divided into the cross reticle of the dense reticle(Mil-Dot Type) and the angular reticle(MOA Type). Mil-Dot type measures the distance in radians, and we call the radian corresponding to the angle formed by the height of the target corresponding to 1 meter at a distance of 1000 meters from the sight scope as 1Mil. MOA type measures the scales according to the calculation methods of the angle, and we use 1 MOA to describe 1/60°.

How to Choose A Scope


First, we need to understand that different types of firearms have their choices of sights. For example, when we use a pistol, we are far away from the body, so we need a scope with a long eye distance. For ordinary rifles, if you like to mount your scope on the back of your gun, you can choose one with a short eye-relief distance. In addition, you must pick one according to the recoil of your gun. If your gun has a lot of recoils, a scope with a short eye relief can damage your eye area to a great extent.

Secondly, choose the scope according to your purpose of use. For shooting activities with stationary targets like gun target practice, high-power mirrors such as the ones from TX Fowlers will increase the hit rate. In the case of outdoor hunting, the high magnification scope will affect our shooting field of vision.

If you like to shoot with a group of people who share the same interests, you can pick a scope based on your shared planning and training.

And also about the calibration of the gun. The position for calibrating should be the same as your normal gun position and habit. Novices can try the calibrator to get started quickly.

We also need to consider which focal plane this scope reticle is mounted. When it is in the first focal plane(FFP), the reticle of one scope will change with the change of magnification. The advantage of this design is that as our shooting target gets larger in your sight, the scales of one reticle will also increase in our field of vision. However, when the magnification of one scope is larger, the thick reticle will affect our aiming. When the scope reticle is on the second focal plane(SFP), the scale value of the reticle remains unchanged in our field of vision. Now, most people choose the design of FFP.

Besides, more and more shooters use social media to show their reviews and experiences videos so that you can find the proper scope through learning from their introduction.

The choice of scope depends more on your interests.

Introduce One Scope

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It can switch between red and green reticles and has a red laser design. Relative to its price and the reviews from buyers, this one will bring a relatively good shooting experience.

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Some Ways to Discuss

In addition to some offline communication channels, we can find some forums for more in-depth discussions. On social media, you can get more opportunities for communication based on sharing and tag classification from professional influencers. In addition, if there is a brand of accessories you like, you can also choose to join their group or page on social media to comment and exchange. Usually, these brands will welcome consumers to make friendly comments on their products to improve the quality of the products. Some brands will participate in organizing or sponsoring offline events for shooting enthusiasts and some additional product promotions. Pinty also has such a group. If you are interested in this brand, you can try to join their group and discuss gun accessories with more friends.

I hope everyone can improve their shooting skills and enjoy the fun of shooting while paying attention to the safety of gun use.

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