What Are The Best-Ranked Slipknot Albums?

You know that a band is famous when even those who are not listening to the same genre know about them and their most popular songs. That is the case with Slipknot. They achieved a lot in more than two decades of their existence. Some might say that they are controversial with their masks and lyrics, along with the tough sound.

Still, they managed to attract a lot of people and make them more interested in heavy metal music. This band recently introduced a new album with a lot of new bangers that defines them. If you want to listen to it along with some other of their popular albums in vinyl, check out Experience Vinyl. Here are the best-ranked Slipknot albums.

Slipknot (1999)

First of all, we have to add that this is not their first album. The first one they released was Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat from 1996. However, the band was quite different at that time. There are no Sid Wilson, Jim Root, and Corey Taylor. The songs were not as good as following albums. Still, it can be an interesting option for real enthusiasts to learn more about their history.

The one that we will mention is the album Slipknot from 1999, when this group reached global popularity. It was an instant success. There are many great tracks like (sic), Eyeless, Surfacing, Spit it out, and more, but the one that we have to highlight is Wait and Bleed. This track made them famous and attracted a lot of people who weren’t even listening to this genre.

We Are Not Your Kind (2019)

Even though they showed that they evolved a lot of with this album, especially in terms in quality, what makes it similar to the one from 1999 is that there is one big track, an absolute hit called Unsainted, with nearly 200 million views on YouTube, while the rest is known only by real fans.

Another interesting thing about this album is that we can see that they are experimenting with different styles. Not all songs are typical aggressive Slipknot, and the best examples of that are shorts included such as the Death Because Of Death, What’s Next, but also song Spiders.

The Subliminal Verses (2004)

This is surely one of their greatest albums, which lead to even higher popularity at the time it was released. The biggest songs are Duality, with over 300 million views on YT, and Before I Forget, that has a similar popularity.

These two tracks along with a couple of others are often the first that someone will hear from Slipknot since they are very popular among those who are not so interested in exploring the genre. When it comes to the songs that has the same name as the album, it might be the biggest surprise here since it is acoustic and slow. Therefore, not something that you would expect from them.

All Hope Is Gone (2008)

People who listen to heavy metal most of the time will often say that this is the best Slipknot album ever. All tracks are bangers. However, there are a couple of them that made the biggest success. First of all, the track Psychosocial, which is their most streamed song ever.

It is controversial, with an amazing video, but in the same way, it is also melodic and follow some patterns. The ability to control the chaos is the unique ability of Slipknot that made them so popular in the first place. There are other famous songs on this album as well, like Dead Memories, Sulfur, Snuff, and more.

The Gray Chapter (2014)

This is another album where they are playing with different styles. The best example of that is when we compare the songs Killpop and Sarcastrophe. The first one appears to be more for the audience that is not into aggressive riffs and vocals, while the second one is for the real fans.

Moreover, most of the songs represents what Slipknot is famous for, which is a combination of loud noises made in a spectacular and melodic way. The biggest track is surely The Devil in I, with around 400 million views at the moment. The video for this song is also highly controversial, which is goes perfectly with this band.

Iowa (2001)

This album represents the best definition of the band. It made them famous and known even among those who were never listening to metal. When it comes to fans, they loved it. In a time when it was released, they started with global tours. The Iowa World Tour was held in many places in the US, Europe, and Asia.

There are many interesting details about making the album as well. The members of the group were very young when they introduced Slipknot from 1999. Led by the popularity, they got too relaxed with alcohol and drugs, which made it more challenging to record the Iowa.

When it comes to the best songs, it is up to your preferences. When it comes to global popularity, the interesting detail is that almost all of the songs on Iowa are famous, especially when comes to Disasterpiece, People equal Shit, The Heretic Anthem, My Plague, and more. All of these songs are absolute bangers and must be on the list of every metal enthusiast.

The Bottom Line

We are not going to comment the latest album called the End So Far since it is still fresh. Some of the songs are following the trademark of this group, while there are some surprises as well. As you can see, choosing the best album is not so simple since there are legendary tracks on each one of them.

It also depends on the preferences of people. For example, it is common that those who are not so into metal still love hearing some songs from Slipknot from time to time, and that is especially the case with tracks like Dead Memories, Duality, Psychosocial, Before I Forget, and more.

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