How Having 508 Compliant Software Proves Beneficial for your Company

A company’s software has now become the backbone of a company. In the digital age, we are relying on the web or software or an application to get our work done because they bring us ease and convenience. With the growing industrialization and booming businesses, having company software for the smooth functioning of projects is important. For employee satisfaction and experience, your company’s software must be equipped with all the necessary features and tools.

Speaking of employee satisfaction, a software that can provide the same ease and convenience to those employees that can’t read or hear, or have other disabilities. This can be a very useful upgrade for your company. Software that does not discriminate based on individual abilities, is an investment every company should think about making. These types of software are known as the 508 compliant software. They are equipped with features to go hand in hand for users with disabilities of hearing and vision and provide the same comfort and ease of working as others. Here’s a resource for the best 508 compliant LMS out there.

What is 508 compliant software?

The term “508 Compliance” refers to a law that states funded networks to be easy and secure for people with a disability. Almost 20percent a total of all Americans are disabled in some way. 508 compliance and mobility best practices for all users should be satisfied far in advance of the design process.

Section 508, an extension to the U. S. Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, is government law. It demands the government to make all digitally produced, purchased, operated, or even used available to individuals with disabilities. As a consequence, 508 compliance includes building a website that is accessible to people with visual impairment, hearing, epilepsy, as well as other disabilities.

Why is it important to have?

Section 508 offers aid to people with a disability within and without the government. Over the past twenty years, the effort that is being put into developing and updating Section 508 has resulted in positive techniques. Not only inside the national govt, as well as enhanced outcomes for consumers with limitations dealing with the government.

The Government established a pattern for the corporate world to adopt by establishing Section 508 in the corporate world. that availability can and must be prioritized. Even if your company doesn’t have to follow Section 508, boosting the availability of your digital domains encourages fair opportunities. for anything and everything technology can bring, inclusion is important. regardless of the fact that the 2017 Update is now a couple of years old, its improvements are still being deployed. that another wave of guidelines will simplify the above inclusion criteria all while continually making advances that benefit the individuals with impairments.

How does it prove beneficial?

  1. Establish smart business

Enhancing the accessibility of your website is just smart business. So why not use an LMS that promises universal accessibility?

Even though it is impossible to build a website that is inclusive to everybody on the earth, only a few simple adjustments can go a far toward supporting those with impairments in using your site.

You can create intuitive and responsive design of your eLearning platform. Tools such as subtitles and closed captioning, smartphone support, and a plain, straightforward web design will enable all users to use, not just those with impairments but all of them.

  1. Better training for new employees

Section 508 compliant LMS software can help you train new employees efficiently. You can easily onboard them, provide eLearning material which makes use of different multimedia like podcasts, audio, videos etc. Also, a mobile LMS is perfect to provide just in time support to them.

  1. Increase market reach and cut down cost

Using a 508 complaint software means, you can increase market reach and cut down on litigation fees you can also avoid paying fines in accessibility lawsuits.

For instance, when your business website is 508 compliant, you make the content compatible with screen readers and increase user engagement considerably. This is the best way to widen your clients and customers base.

  1. No need to hire extra employees

A company need not hire employees who can provide special assistance to employees with disabilities. By putting in place 508 compliant software, you enable differently able employees and physically impaired employees to access content, read, and fill essential forms on their own without depending on someone else.

  1. Improved employee performance

You cant have a dismissive attitude towards your employees. After all, employees are an asset to your company. They drive your business forward and hence you need to ensure that they have access to everything they need.

Accessibility can be translated into improved employee productivity and performance because employees feel more valued. When employees see so much coming from your end, they’ll be more excited to serve you.

  1. Diversity & inclusion benefits

By investing in 508-compliant LMS software you can reap the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion increase your reputation in the marketplace. Also, it creates a sense of belonging among employees. It increases their problem-solving capabilities and pushes them to put their best foot forward. Above all, you can retain the top talent in your organization by using section 508 compliant LMS software.

  1. Expanding customer base

A website or content which is 508 compliant allows easy navigation for technology users who are disabled. If the website or document doesnt offer universal accessibilty, there are higher chanvces that the customers will leave your website immediately after visiting the page. A significant loss of traffic can impact your business performance.

By designing a website which is user friendly will expand your customer base and help you to raise revenues. You can use audio or videos for people with hearing disabilities or can provide a screen magnifier or screen reader for people with visual disabilities.


With this, we can conclude that having a section 508 compliant software for your company can prove beneficial for you in one or  many ways, and is beneficial for all categories of your employees, too. This can bring about a huge change in your workflow and prove to be inclusive for all your employees. It’s a good idea to invest in software that is 508 compliant and will benefit all.

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