Strong Reasons Why You Should Buy Gildan Hoodies

Gildan Activewear is a Canadian-based branded casual clothing and sportswear company that started to sell its undecorated blank items to different companies and individuals for reselling after printing their designs and logos. Glenn and Greg Chamandy are the founders of this company.

In 1984, after buying a knitting mill in Montreal, the founders started to supply their fabrics to Harley Inc. With more than 40.000 employees worldwide, they began to manufacture and distribute Under Armour and New Balance brand socks. Lately, their best achievement is represented by the fabrication and distribution of Gildan sweatshirts that are made of 100% cotton. These items have conquered people around the globe with their long-lasting fabrics and exquisitely sewing and cutting techniques.

Gildan hoodies have quickly gone up the ladder by trying different blends in their production lines. With 50% pure cotton and 50% polyester, they have created a long-lasting combination of fabric that presents well after years of washing and drying under the sun. Customer reviews reveal that their clothing items are still as lovely and colored as when they bought them.

Gildan Hoodies – Polyester Cotton Blend

There are many situations and reasons for you to choose a polyester cotton blend instead of 100% cotton clothing items. This blend takes the benefits of both materials and combines them into a bigger one, creating a fabric perfect for almost any occasion. Gildan hoodies manufactured using this blend have proved to be more lasting than those made with full cotton. The synthetic fibers found in polyester help preserve color intensity over time.

Clothes require a lot of washing in time, and the materials need to be able to resist the processes they are put through and maintain their aspect as much as possible. Cotton is known to lose its structure after some washes. On the other hand, fabric blends will not react like that, and they will maintain their shape without breaking or shrinking, looking new for a more extended period. They are also easier to maintain, presenting no problem when washed with different water temperatures and less prone to wrinkling.

Pure cotton is a breathable fabric perfect for shirts and other clothing items that directly contact the skin. Gildan sweatshirts are meant to be worn over a sweater to maintain one’s body temperature warm. Polyester and cotton blend offers pure cotton comfort with the warmth of polyester.

Gildan Sweatshirts – Available Colors

A well-known study conducted in 2000 revealed that people tend to be more decisive and likely to buy when offered just a few choices of colors. Back in those days, decisions were more effortless because of the limited number of options regarding clothes and other aspects. Since then, things have changed, and people demand a more extensive catalog of options for choosing their favorite colors.

Gildan sweatshirts come in a large variety of colors. Due to the combinations of fabrics and professional techniques, their colors are vibrant and give the perfect opportunity for personalized designs to pop and stand out after printing. You can go neutral or choose a bright shade of your favorite color to wear on any occasion. There is an unwritten rule about choosing a jacket or a hoodie’s color: make sure the shade you choose can easily match at least five items you already have in your wardrobe. This tip will make it easier to match cute and pleasant outfits.

All Sizes Available XS-5XL

It is not a pleasant feeling when you go online and spend plenty of time searching for new favorite apparel, and once you find it, it turns out they cannot provide you the size you want to order. Gildan sweatshirts and all their other clothing items come in all possible sizes on The company wants to be able to provide any body type and size with high-quality and long-lasting clothes. Before placing an online clothing order, you should first see if the manufacturer has posted a size chart along with the item. You should be able to check if the sizing fits you. Gildan is a company that respects its clients and offers them all the information necessary for making the right choice.

If you plan to open a small print-on-demand business, consider this advice and provide your customers with all sizes and an accurate size chart. Buying your supplies from Gildan can help you quickly make a name for yourself through the quality of your products. With every size available, your chance to thrive is almost guaranteed due to a broader target market of customers.

Great Money Value

In times like this, when it gets harder each day to keep up with expenses and prices going up, finding a professionally made, high-quality product is a miracle. Gildan hoodies are sold at a very competitive price that satisfies a lot of customers. With only 10$, you can buy sweatshirts and hoodies made with professional cutting and sewing techniques applied to the best fabric blends.

Having a massive economy and producing products at a fraction of the manufacturing cost, Gildan sweatshirts are meant to be bought in bulk, especially advantageous for individuals owning print-on-demand businesses. Buying wholesale can offer extra discounts and cheaper delivery costs, depending on the region you are ordering from. It is no surprise that Gildan makes bestseller clothing products that have only received outstanding reviews.

Customer Reviews

With a high percentage of excellent customer reviews, here is what some of their opinions reveal:

  • Excellent durability – clothing items with persistent color intensity and fabric shape.
  • Classic but a modern style that never goes out of trend – fleece linings and double-needle collar
  • Lightweight – blend fabrics that feel light on your body while keeping you warm.
  • Absorbent materials – even if a blend of fabrics is used, the high-quality cotton in the mix helps keep you dry all day.
  • Comfortable – one of the most comfortable sweatshirts on the market.
  • High-quality – despite the low price, the quality of Gildan hoodies has outgrown every expectation.
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