Best Ways to Find your Customer’s Opinion of your Brand

Customer opinion means the perception of the people regarding a product or a service. Customer satisfaction is the mission of all businesses which is known through customer response. Satisfaction is the ultimate path that may lead the organization to the destiny of progress and prosperity. In this age of an ever-growing number of brands, it is the most important thing for the companies to know customer behavior and opinion regarding a product or service. People never bother to rely upon one thing; they always try to have alternatives. In this way, a product of unparalleled quality and features can sustain the competition.

The age of science and technology has made people more conscious of the products. More awareness about the products and services makes it hard for the business to monopolize the quality and price of the merchandise. Moreover, the availability in the global market boosts the competition. Now, the competition compels the business organizations to know more about the customer opinion to maintain and enhance the quality and features of the products. This opinion is the only option that enables the business organization to update and modify the products to make it the only option for the customers. This article is going to be very informative for the students as well as professionals who want to dig out public opinion.

How to know Customer opinion?

There are many sources and methods to find out the insight of the public about the products. Market experts know how to find the truth about the performance of the product through traditional and modern methods. One of the best ways is to analyze the revenue statistics, but these statistics will never tell the truth as they might be the only available choice in the specific area or the efficiency of market experts. A traditional style used by the organizations was to create a survey. It can easily be done using a tool available at Tekpon. Other methods include the use of technology which is helpful for the companies to have a deep insight into the public and use it for plans. Some of the most suitable methods and techniques are discussed here. All these tools and methods must be used under the strict and impartial supervision of the experts to have honest ideas of the public regarding the products and services.
  1. Online survey: Online survey works like a traditional survey in which customers were given a questionnaire with many open-ended, close-ended, explanatory, and multiple choice questions. The customers had to fulfill the template and the gathered data was analyzed by the experts. The process is the same but now online surveys are the popular method that can be called the electronic version of the survey. Different websites induce the visitors to take part in this investigation where privacy and confidentiality are ensured. Sometimes consent of the participants is taken to broadcast the data taken through this process. We can watch so many organizations using public opinion for promotional purposes.
  2. Put a Feedback button on the website: It is the easiest way that can be used to know about the product. People are asked to click the button. This button mentions the opinion of the customers if they are satisfied with the performance of the business. Two buttons can also be used to know the positive and negative feedback of the clients. Multiple options in the form of tabs can be opened by clicking the first button. This process is based on the Zeigarnik Effect which tells about the psychology that people will finish the task once it is started.
  3. Social media Accounts analysis: Social Media accounts and pages created with the title of business are the places where people can give their feedback independently. The views, comments, and likes can be used to evaluate public opinion regarding business. Some organizations use filters in which only the most relevant comments are shown to the public. The data obtained through pages facilitates adequate decision-making.

Important tools for survey Management:

Besides the above-mentioned methods, some software applications can be used to collect and manage data to obtain decisive feedback from the customers. The tools help to develop and manage the questionnaire necessary for the surveys. Following are some of the essential tools that can facilitate an organization to understand brand perception.

  • SurveyMonkey: It is one survey tool utilized for creating, sending, and analyzing the questionnaire. This cloud-based survey tool is necessary for an organization to collect feedback, suggestions, and opinion of the public about the brand. It outdoes the traditional methods of a survey by providing an online solution.
  • Survey Sparrow: Survey sparrow is a chat-based survey that gets public opinion by live chat. This method is always useful as the customer gives an experience-based answer to the questions asked by the sparrow. The chat is analyzed for further statistics.
  • Google Forms: Google provides a platform for surveys. This platform provides survey forms and administration of these forms to get the required results based on public opinion.
  • Zoho Survey: Zoho provides online services to collect and manage customers’ data for the process of analysis. It has the facility to translate data into more than 30 languages.

All the above methods and tools are useful to have feedback regarding brand perception. The well-reputed organizations pay more attention to getting feedback by placing the most suitable team leaders who understand the public opinion and can take prompt actions for the improvement of brand perception even if there is some issue.


Public opinion regarding a brand plays a key role in taking important decisions for the development and improvement of the products. Now a variety of tools are available for the survey purpose. These tools are available in the form of survey forms, chats, and feedback buttons. The survey managers should take great care while selecting questions for the survey. Lengthy and confusing questions should be avoided. Direct opinion can be more helpful to understand public behavior. A mix of all these surveys can be the best method to analyze brand perception.

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