UK Spouse Visa Financial Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

Many regulations regarding applying for a Visa have changed for the UK since they got out of the EU, but certain general requirements have stayed the same. That is why many people find it challenging to keep up with all new rules and policies, especially when it is about financial requirements, and this guide should help with that.

The most important requirement

Gathering proper paperwork is simply something of a must, but that’s a common thing, and luckily, it’s much easier to get all the documents you might need than ever before. Now, although there are many documents to gather and many requirements to meet, the financial requirement is the most important and the first one you should check whether you meet when applying. Namely, not providing proof of enough funds to stay and live in the UK is the main reason why many applications are instantly denied without further revising, which is why checking it twice is something every applicant should do.

There are many strict rules when it comes to finance, and the authorities check everything in detail, as it is one of their ways to avoid someone exploiting them. Understandably, these requirements are a bit different and even a bit more strict than when the UK was still part of the European Union, so make sure to double-check and go through their guide before applying, as it is the only way to know what’s needed upfront and to reduce the time you will spend waiting for a response.

£18,600 or more of incomes

The first requirement one needs to meet when applying for a spouse visa to move to the UK is to have at least £18,600 of income or more. Now, even though this might seem like a hefty sum, you will be glad to know that the average annual salary in this country is around 33.000 pounds, meaning that if you are a qualified and certified skilled worker, meeting this requirement shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, this is the minimum amount of money that proves one has enough funds to live in the UK without asking for any help, and although there are some exceptions, in most cases, it is necessary to prove you have that money.

It can be done in a few ways – by savings, incomes from self-employment or employment, and also by pension money, the one earned from renting a property, dividends, or by using money earned as a director of some limited companies located in the UK. You can choose whichever of these ways suits you best, but the most important is to provide proof that you have that amount of money. Otherwise, the application will be denied, or the entire process will be delayed. As already stated, this shouldn’t represent that big of an issue if you already got a job, but since many people find this way difficult, or plan to apply for a job position after they are granted the Visa, then having this amount of money in your account will solve all problems.


Just like with many things, there are always certain restrictions and exceptions to the rule, and here, even though £18,600 is considered the minimum amount of money one needs to own when applying for a UK spouse visa, there are some situations when this amount can be higher or lower.

This amount is enough for a spouse, but if there are children in the application, it will be higher for £3,800 for one child, plus £2,400 for every next one. There is no limit on how many kids one can include in the application (of course, only as a parent), but the total amount will increase, which is also something most people overlook.

There are also some exemptions when one does not need to have income and meet the financial requirements, for example, when applying as a parent or when receiving benefits such as Disability Living Allowance. However, although it is not necessary to have proof of income or savings, one must provide proof that they have enough money to stay in the UK without any help from the state. Understandably, all these rules exist to protect the economy of a country, regardless if it is the UK or USA, for example, as you can get Visa, but only if you are coming here to help both you and the economy of that country by working and having enough money so that you can support your family without any help from the government.

Time requirement

Another significant factor is time, as there are strict rules regarding how long you need to have a job and an income of any sort so that the application will be eligible and taken under consideration. Take cash saving as an example, and it’s not like you will just borrow money and deposit it in the bank account under your name, as that money needs to stay there for at least six months. Besides that, for self-employment, the applicant needs to provide an annual self-assessment tax return sent to HMRC, for starters. This is a delicate process in general, which is why it’s crucial to double-check everything and consult the experts.

Hire a professional help


Applying for a spouse visa can be pretty stressful and exhausting, especially for people who do not like dealing with paperwork or do not know which documents they need to provide. Because of that, the best solution for them is to hire a professional who will lead them throughout the entire process and make it much easier and shorter. They are experts with a great knowledge of the laws and regulations, and their help can sometimes be crucial in getting a visa. Having knowledge of this issue and understanding how the law and process work is a must, but remember that they also already have a ton of experience, as they have dealt with many applications in the past. If you want to learn more about the application process or/and hire a professional to help you with everything, visit

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