Twitch Casino Streaming

So what exactly is Twitch casino streaming, and how exactly does it work?

In this article I will be answering your questions and concerns surrounding Twitch casino streamers. The main purpose of this is to educate those who wish to learn more about why they do what they do, their progression in the scene, how they make money using Twitch and how you can too, and so much more within this wonderful streaming platform. You can read here to learn more about this exploding social media trend.

How did it all begin?

Twitch Casino streaming was first introduced back on December 12th 2015 by one man named [H]ardSc0pe when he streamed his first session of roulette on [R]ouletteEvolution. It quickly grew from there onwards with many people getting involved – myself included – and at the time, there were no people attempting to cash out or anything of that sort. It was purely for entertainment purposes and it flourished.

Identified as one of the pioneers within the Twitch Casino community, [H]ardSc0pe is still around today doing what he does best – entertain new and old viewers alike whilst teaching them his ‘skill’ set which involves manipulating roulette wheels through his unique methods. After roughly 8 months since its creation, Twitch casino streaming gained a lot more attention from other streamers who tried their hand at taking up this entertaining profession themselves.

What makes Twitch Casino so special?

For those of you who may or may not be aware, there are a lot of streamers on Twitch that have taken up different events within the streaming platform; some stick with one category (such as Dance Streams) whilst others venture out into other categories such as Card Games and Role-Playing, but how exactly does this apply to Twitch casino streaming?

As you may have seen on Twitch, the majority of people who stream casino are pretty much playing roulette in their respective scenes. This is due to the concept and concept alone – it’s common for these kinds of games to be found within casinos themselves so it makes sense that people would want to get involved with something they know a lot about.

What makes them unique viewers though? The answer lies within how popular some of the more well-known players are; some streamers bring in thousands upon thousands of viewers on a daily basis which means they have quite the following online and subsequently make an insane amount of money from donations alone, but that’s not even the best part!

Other than having a good following on Twitch, these dealers have several active social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook which allows them to reach out and connect with their viewers in hundreds of different ways; this brings me onto my next point – how do they make money using Twitch?

How Do I Use Twitch For Casino Streaming?

Before everyone starts getting confused over where to start or how to go about making money streaming casino, you’re probably asking yourself a lot of questions right now such as “What am I going to be doing?” and “What should I expect when starting up?”. Don’t worry, I’m here to help ease some of that pain for you. The first thing you will need to do is create an account on Twitch. Once you’ve created your username, select what kind of content you want to see within the “Stream Keywords” section which is found in your dashboard – for example, if you were going to stream roulette, enter a keyword such as [R]oulette.

Once this has been done, the next step is to make sure that everything you need is there. A popular trend among twitch casino streamers right now would have to be the use of bots; these bots help speed up the process of donations and likes on your favourite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where approximately 99%+ of all donations come from. You can find bots within your dashboard under the ‘Stream Tools’ section on Twitch.

The next thing you should be doing would be to set up your stream correctly; make sure that your streaming quality isn’t too high and that you’re not using an overlay, it’s all just a waste of time – I mean, who wants to see a black video with super blurry text anywhere? That’s probably enough for this step but there is one more thing you need to do which involves setting restrictions such as age-restrictions and whatnot so people don’t spam inappropriate content on your stream. These are pretty much the four basic steps to making money off of twitch casino streaming – if you’ve done those few things then there shouldn’t be any issues along the way.

Whilst streaming casino on Twitch, you might get a few viewers or a lot of viewers and even some donations here and there but the best kind of viewer award goes to – chatters. These guys are honestly what make Twitch so unique; they’re not only funny in their own ways but they also contribute nothing short of entertainment which is why I love my time on Twitch (hence why I’m writing this article). Don’t be afraid to interact with your chat either because it will only lead towards more awesome content for everyone watching!

What Are Some Casino Streamers Worth Watching?

There is no doubt that Twitch casino streaming has become an immensely popular trend over the past few years. New streamers are popping up all the time and popular streamers such as Roshtein, Trainwreck, VonDice, and Deuce Ace grow their follower base daily. The real question is though – which ones should you watch out for on a daily basis? It really depends on what games you like and know how to play, or enjoy watching.


I hope you’ve learned a lot about Twitch casino streaming here and are dying to try it out yourself. There’s plenty of information on this topic online but I’m confident that this article is more detailed than any other one out there so make sure you bookmark it for when you want to change the way you stream your next casino session!

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