How Has Streaming Changed The Way People Watch TV?

Do you remember the time when you used to set alarms so that you never miss your favorite TV shows? Or the way you waited for a whole week to see the next episode? These waits are a thing of the past. Streaming platforms are taking over lives, and people make it a point to watch the entire series in one go. The movies and shows offered by the streaming platforms are more than just mere shows – they have become a part of daily lives.

People have become more actively tuning into OTTs, as they were when series or shoes used to stream on TV. The main reason behind this is that people have easy access to the internet, and OTTs give them the liberty to watch a show conveniently.

Netflix has existed since 1997, but recently it has gained an enormous response and gathered a base of loyal subscribers. Platforms like Amazon Prime and Hulu launched in 2016 and 2007, respectively. ExpressVPN’s report on 2024 streaming trends gives us more information on the rapid popularity growth streaming platforms managed to achieve in the last couple of years.

Liberty To Choose Likable Genre

The streaming platforms are studded with various shows, categorizing them into different genres. People tend to watch the genre that they are more inclined to.

There is something for everybody. If you are a fantasy fanatic, entertain yourself with a plethora of fantasy fiction. Action lovers can take their dig into series and movies packed with action and drama, and so on.

Furthermore, you can skip parts that are not pleasing or choose a narrative that will suit your taste buds. Households with kids can make a separate section for kids where you can include kids’ content and keep 18+ content out of their reach.

Liberty To Skip And Speed

People in the 5G era want to keep everything in their control. You can watch an episode from the start to the end or skip certain unwanted parts. Here are fanatics who love re-watching content.

There is a base of viewers who prefer speed-watching content. People who like watching podcasts are more likely to speed up the podcasts, to engross more content in less time.

The Usher Of New Streamers

There are new streaming platforms that are launching left and right. Streaming platforms like Apple TV+, Disney+, etc., are making their debuts with a bang. Several media companies like HBO and Warner Bros are also about to launch their streaming platforms. It signifies that the traditional media house is deliberately competing with age-old services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The media companies are doing is as they want o revive the lost audience and restock their libraries. Rumors have it that HBO will offer Friends, a cult series previously available on Netflix.

Introduction Of Reality Shows

Hulu airing the new version of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” as “The Kardashians” will encourage more steaming platforms to dive into reality shows. Online platforms like Discovery+ have all their esteemed shows that you were fond of. You can watch the entire season at once.

Their platforms are more about focusing on the audience’s needs. People find these online streaming platforms convenient and user-friendly.

An Escape From Unwanted Advertisements

Who can forget the cringe of sudden advertisements flashing between a suspenseful scene? The long-tailed advertisements were enough to spoil the good mood of the viewers. The streaming platforms have overcome this issue. This is another significant reason for people switching to these platforms from TV.

The Technologies Working Behind Streaming Platforms

The streaming platform offers shows that are high-definition and renders a speedy delivery. Transcoding has capabilities that allow transmitting various file formats. Some technologies are dedicated to improving connectivity and delivering videos that are at an acceptable speed. The intervention of AI is making the experience more worth it. For example, streaming platforms are using Artificial intelligence to match the algorithm of the viewers and recommending shows they will prefer watching.

Devices that are making the streaming experience exciting

Bluetooth connections help the audience to cast media from one device to another, making it convenient for a user. Smart TVs are making watching shows on streaming platforms no less than a theatrical experience.
Smartphones and tablets are evolving with each passing day so that people can enjoy video consumption conveniently. People find it easier than ever to search for content using visual assistance.

Will Streaming Industry Have A Bright Future?

Gen Z and the millennials can no longer think of entertainment outside streaming services. However, streaming platforms are user-friendly and have something for all age groups, including kids and the older generations. The advantage of mobile videos is attracting more people to tune into streaming platforms. Additionally, the ease people get when watching a show on a streaming platform is incomparable to the TV experience.

These trends imply that streaming platforms are here to stay. These platforms play a significant role in shaping the viewing habits of the future generation. The producer is issuing high budgets to invest in making the series that can be aired on these platforms. Furthermore, the producers are investing in curating content to target audiences from different genres and age groups.


In the coming years, streaming platforms will undergo more significant changes. Major networks are likely to venture into the streaming network. The business factor of this industry has just begun seeing a positive outcome, and it is expected that the outcome will improve in the coming years. It is fun to experience and be a part of evolution, in terms of technology, content, and humankind.

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