What are Play-to-Earn NFT Games

Play-to-Earn NFT games are a relatively new phenomenon that is attracting more and more traction daily. The revolutionary development of the gaming world is merging blockchain technology with the traditional concept of video games, with an interesting and profitable twist on video games as we have come to know them over the past fifty years or so.

Passionate gamers worldwide, be they professional or amateur, have taken on a new liking for the NFT side of gaming, as has the industry started tapping in. This means that we will be seeing much more similar content and opportunities spring up online. As opposed to the customary idea of playing for fun, the fresh concept will inevitably change the way you look at things, meaning not only for amusement but for financial benefit too.

The main difference between the already well established and the new Play-To-Earn games is the fact that NFT ones provide ample opportunity for pay-off on individual performance. One of the leading play-to-earn multiplayer games and NFT games in general provide actual return on playing, making gaming not solely enjoyable but more profitable than ever. Interestingly enough, the process of earning is much simpler than one may think, making this a very real possibility that is difficult to pass up and one that many have cashed in on by now.

The big difference explained


While, at first glance, joining these two concepts might seem like an unusual endeavor to some, the truth and the potential behind it are here to prove us wrong. It is a well-known fact that the gaming industry is an entertainment giant. With the exponential growth of use and representation of non-fungible tokens and their evergrowing popularization, we can state that it only seemed logical that these two things would be consolidated at one point or another.

These money-making games rely on blockchain technology, while players rely on their skills and time spent playing to be able to make a profit. This means that the more you play the more likely you are to skyrocket financially, with the possibility of selling and/or trading gaming items you obtained on marketplaces specially designed for non-fungible tokens. Think of it – everything that you do whilst playing is, whilst enjoyable, also a huge individual opportunity.

How profiting works

The often posed question about these games is – are they revolutionary? The answer is rather simple – yes, they are that revolutionary. Probably even more than you may think. The thing with this is that you can achieve rewards with real-world value attached to them, as users take on the ownership role of things they achieved and items they gathered or unlocked.

With the long-standing and long overdue ownership debate, the solution is already (and thankfully) on the horizon. NFTs, as a concept, entail clear and transparent ownership rights that are often difficult to gauge in the online sphere. Why these ownership rights come in handy in this scenario, in particular, is because it is that element precisely that gives you user advantage and sets the course for economic gains. Let us explain with an everyday example.

Any in-game items you achieve, obtain or purchase, such as land, clothing, weapons, items specific to individual games, actually belong to you – the user, and not the gaming company anymore. This means that you have yourself an NFT – or multiple of. Once you come into possession of a gaming non-fungible token means that you are ready to hit the marketplace outside of the gaming platform itself. The more you play, the more items/achievements you have, the more regular of a seller you are and the higher the profit margin that comes with it are.

Why it is being called the future of gaming

Play-to-Earn NFTs are already being labeled as the future of gaming. Although it may seem like a bold statement, chances are that this prediction stands correct. Even as many options from this field have by now hit the market, the growth is expected to further set off, making this a choice you want to be making either right now or in the very (very) near future.

Maybe you have always dreamt of becoming a professional gamer or streamer and making a full-time career out of it. Many have, and rightfully so, given a large amount of time, money, and patience players put into this. While the esports scene and sponsorships are more difficult to come to, these Play-to-Earn games provide a platform for you to achieve that objective and make an actual living off of the process – with a tailored approach, a pool of options, adaptable timeframes, and flexible responsibilities.

Why you should consider giving it a go

The Play-To-Earn business model is no small achievement and, yes, you can also get your share of the pie while still having fun with gaming. The charm of this window of opportunity lies in the development that provides enormous added value to gaming via clear ownership of in-game assets and your free will as a gamer to put those assets up for sale or trading. Consider the possibility of being awarded cryptocurrencies or tokenized resources.

Bearing in mind the huge popularity of video games altogether and a large number of established and up-and-coming players, this model is going to reward you financially for putting your time, patience, skills, and effort into this particular activity. Everything that you achieve and get in the game has a real value attached to it and you are free to do whatever you want with it. With the growth of the crypto industry only expected to evolve even more, beyond what we expect, this business format of Play-to-Earn is ranking in the appeal and rightfully so. All that is left to do is find a game you are going to enjoy and make a living off of and bookmark this article to send to your gamer friends so you can play your favorite games and benefit together.

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