7 Most Common Online Betting Rookie Mistakes

Online betting is a new and widely growing trend. Every other person out there has at least one sports bet on his/her name; either for entertainment or as a source of income, it is definitely fun to place bets online.

Do I need any previous betting experience?

No, you don’t, actually, it’s pretty simple – if you want to win money from bookmakers then read this article and apply these basic tips!

But those who are looking to make huge profits should know that without proper guidance and good knowledge about the industry and its workings, your earnings would only be limited.

So if you’re looking forward to making your first sports bet without any prior experience – here we point out some errors which you may commit – and how to avoid them.

Making the same bets again and again

This is one of the most common mistakes that newbies make, they always bet on the teams which are already popular amongst other punters. Although this might give you some advantage at times but in reality it’s not very helpful. There are sports betting sites out there that follow a set of rules which enable their users to find out if both or either team has been placed multiple times by different users prior to any event. Thus this makes it difficult for inexperienced players to get ahead of bookmakers and win big. Turn your attention towards underdogs and lesser-known teams, keeping an eye on what other punters do may not be a good idea, remember: keep it different and unique!

Focusing on single sports/ events; neglecting others

This one is quite common too, especially among the youngsters. They think that playing games like football or basketball can give them a much better chance at winning money, this leads to them neglecting other sports completely. The main reason for their wrong decision is because there aren’t any local leagues of those lesser played sports in their country. And since they are not aware about the statistics associated with these tournaments, they lose all their bets and make no money whatsoever. Whenever you make your first bet, try to focus more on different sports – a few examples could be cricket, hockey or wrestling. You may not win all matches but what matters most is consistency – if you have it then you would be able to make a profit in the long run. You can start your research about different sports or games

It is all about luck!

Although luck plays an important role in betting, it doesn’t matter if you are not aware of what other factors determine your winnings. Luck might get you through for a few bets but it won’t help you out when it comes to making profits. Remember that there are no shortcuts to success, hard work always pays off eventually, believe in yourself, and place smart bets.

Betting on bookies’ favorites

This one’s again related to the first two mistakes mentioned above; newbies tend to bet on teams that already have a fair share of supporters. The chances of winning money, in this case, are very slim, not to mention that bookmakers also adjust their odds accordingly. Teams with the highest number of supporters generally have higher bets placed on them, which in turn reduces your winnings when you bet on them. Keep in mind that bookmakers set the line to ensure that they would be able to pay out all their winners and thus these lines should be avoided in order to make money betting online.

Knowing when to stop

This may look a bit odd in this list, but trust me when we say that most beginners have no idea how to calculate their winnings and losses. Because of their inexperience in this field they tend to bet more than what is required and get worried when they lose money. And if by chance they make a profit right away, instead of stopping at the right time they go ahead and place another bet – either way you can see why this would cause them more harm than good. So always remember; betting is all about controlling your bets and not about getting lucky all the time!

The internet is full of betting tips and strategies!


Yes, it is, but not all of them are reliable or useful. There are many websites out there that claim to give you free betting advice, most of these sites have some good information on the other hand the advice given by them isn’t very helpful or efficient. You can easily get addicted to betting and start losing a lot of your hard-earned money if you follow bad advice.

The first step to becoming a successful punter is knowing where to search for reliable information, if you don’t know how to find the right tips then do some research before making any decision. There are also some sites that offer tips for free but would ask you to subscribe if you want access to their premium services, this is an okay option because you can still learn a lot from them. Having said that it’s best if you take your time and read as many articles related to betting before making your first bet.

Remember: even experienced punters slip up on these five mistakes from time to time, so don’t worry if you find committing any or all of these errors on a regular basis. All you have to do is learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you win big!

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