Common Mistakes in the Diploma Thesis

One of the most responsible moments in every student’s life is the diploma thesis defense. This solemn moment is preceded by a long process of writing the work itself. It includes collecting and analyzing many different sources, gathering practical material, and studying methodical recommendations for writing a diploma. Although today the student has a vast arsenal of tools that help ensure that the thesis is done at a high academic level and the student does not suffer from headaches, mistakes are almost inevitable. One of the best ways to avoid them is to hire a professional paper writing service like WritingAPaper and have top-rated writers edit or even write the whole thesis for you. Our article will look at 10 mistakes students make when writing a thesis.

Of course, it is almost impossible to avoid mistakes, but it is better to learn from the experience of others. Otherwise, such “learning” can be costly for the graduate.

Mistake 1. Unsuccessful choice of research topic

The topic to be disclosed in the thesis must be relevant, and the research results must have practical and theoretical value. Accordingly, the topic should not only be relevant but also potentially revealing. If you choose an extensive topic that has already been disclosed in many sources, there is a risk that you will not come up with something new. If you choose a narrow topic, which, although relevant, will be too little studied, there is a risk of not achieving the goal due to the lack of primary authoritative sources.

Mistake 2. Neglecting to make a plan at the outset

The plan is a kind of summary of the thesis. Without a detailed plan, it is impossible to write a paper well because there is a risk of getting sidetracked from the research topic and being distracted by other issues in scientific research. It is impossible to keep all the information in your head; therefore, the research vector can easily get lost. That’s why making a clear work plan at the beginning of the journey is essential. To do this, it is best to consult with the supervisor or teachers of the department in which the defense will take place. The incorrect division into the structural units of the diploma (sections and subsections) can lead to the fact that the sequence of presentation in the disclosure of the topic can be forgotten.

Mistake 3. Illogical exposition

In the theoretical part of the thesis, you can not allow an incoherent, though correct, and competent thesis. Everything must be consistent, and in work, all formulated thoughts are expressed logically and consistently. Do not throw in the text of everything on the topic, thinking only about the amount of work. Most importantly, the research process was to achieve the goal stated in the introduction. Excessive attention to secondary issues, or the disclosure of the essential problems unrelated to the object of research, will only distract and hinder the achievement of the goal.

It should also be noted that the theoretical part of the work should lead to the practical part but not be isolated from it.

Mistake 4. Uniformity of goals and objectives

It is worth clearly distinguishing between the concept of “purpose of work” and “research objectives .” The goal is what we want to achieve and for which the author initially undertook this scientific study. The objectives are essentially the algorithm of action that leads to the goal. The tasks must be carried out consistently and as consistently set out in the work sections. Do not forget that the findings should correlate with the goals and objectives of the study.

Mistake 5. Overuse and misuse of citations

No research paper can do without using quotations from scientists who have already conducted research in a particular direction. Of course, the student can not base writing a paper only on their arguments on this or that issue; to form a subjective opinion requires a basis. That is what are the works of authoritative researchers. Quoting should be complete; it is forbidden to make adjustments and falsification of facts in any form. But, in addition to the fact that quotations should be used and correspond to reality and not be taken out of context, there should also not be too many of them. After all, in this case, the work’s uniqueness will be negligible. Instead of a subjective opinion of the author based on other sources, we get a compilation of th views of different scientists. In this case, talking about the work’s scientific value just does not come out.

Mistake 6. Incorrect use of sources

Sometimes students forget that you should not just write a paper and “finish” the required number of pages of text but conduct your research, which will be necessary for science. And so, they often use old sources that have already been seen a million times in other papers and analyzed in other people’s articles, monographs, etc.

Try to use sources no more than 5 years old and current. The references should be formatted in accordance with current standards.

The number of sources that should be used to write a diploma may vary depending on the department and the university.

Mistake 7. Incorrect style

A diploma thesis is a research work that implies the use of a scientific style; here, the emotional tone is not acceptable. Students very often forget about this and, in addition to explicitly criticizing any scientific positions, may use the phrases “I suppose…”, “I think…”, “In my opinion…”, etc. This is unacceptable in scientific papers.

Mistake 8. High levels of plagiarism in a paper

Students often try to make their studies easier, including writing a thesis. But if ten years ago, borrowing pieces of text of someone else’s authorship could pass, today’s students are much less lucky. All works are checked for uniqueness and plagiarism. All the borrowings must necessarily be in the footnotes. And some elements of the articles, if they were taken as the basis – were rewritten in their own words. If you do not – just return the work for revision. The same applies to a large number of quotations. They will not be considered plagiarism, but direct quoting will reduce the uniqueness, and the work will not be allowed to defend.

The use of synonymizers and other tricks is a thing of the past. Modern programs can easily recognize these tricks. The best way to handle this if you are running out of time is to find on reddit essay writing service that will be useful in such situations.

Mistake 9. Incorrect formatting

Many points are essential to consider, including the font, line spacing, adherence to the structure of the work, page numbering Arabic numerals, a sequential numbering of tables, formulas, etc. All the nuances can be learned from the guidelines, so neglecting to read them is not worth it.

Mistake 10. Self-reliance

If you do not have time to write a thesis yourself or doubt your abilities, in this case, it is better to ask for professional help in advance. They will quickly and qualitatively perform their work, observing all the requirements of the university where the defense will take place.

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