7 of the Best Games to Play Online

The best online games give you the opportunity to meet new friends (or team up with existing ones), conquer difficult challenges, and progress to greater heights with greater rewards.

List of top tier games to be plated with friends or solo

Whether you’re playing on PC or console, you’ll find countless games to fill your free time with, but not all are created equal. To help you find the best games to play online, here is a handy list of top tier games designed to be played with friends and family.

Online Slots

Let’s start with an absolute classic. If you’re able to gamble responsibly, online casinos and slots are a great way to put your analytical skills to the test, teaming up with – or against – friends old and new to potentially win big rewards. It’s not all just about winning, yes of course that helps but poker and blackjack for example require a lot of skill.

Whether your game is poker, blackjack, or slots, you’ll find hundreds of online casinos ready to accept your challenge. To find the best and safest, check out Fruity slots is a comparison website for online casinos. Their listings and reviews will show you which casinos offer the best gambling experience, as well as the greatest value for money. The team behind Fruity Slots have a 40k+ subscribers on their popular Youtube Channel.

Recommended Games to check out :

Goonies Slot

our nostalgia rating 90/100

Fruity Slots rating 7.1/10

Tetris 99

What makes Tetris, one of the oldest and most sedate of video games, one of the best games to play online? The fact that someone has taken that classic formula and transformed it into one of the most frantic competitive gaming experiences around. Way back in the day 90s & 90s this classic game was available online on a handheld games console called the Gameboy.

You and 98 other players compete to be the last player remaining. The twist is that players can send you ‘garbage’ in the form of completed lines, which you must fit into your block if you hope to remain in the game. It’s bonkers, addictive, and free to play on the Switch if you have a Nintendo Online pass.

Portal 2

Playing Portal 2 online takes the single player experience and cranks it up to 11.

You and your partner will have to coordinate perfectly if you hope to overcome the fiendishly difficult puzzles set for you by the game’s eternal frenemy, GLaDOS. Leap off ledges, hit switches and – of course – create portals to progress through several themed areas.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sometimes you want to work together with friends, and sometimes you want to beat them into the dirt.

With more than 70 Nintendo characters to choose from, there’s someone for every playstyle, so you can finally settle the debate over who is the best Smash Bros character in this most polished and charming instalment of the series.

Create private rooms with your friends, or challenge strangers online to see how far you can build your Global Smash Power.

Character Tier List

●        Bayonetta
●        Bowser
●        Bowser Jr.
●        Byleth
●        Captain Falcon
●        Chrom
●        Cloud
●        Corrin
●        Daisy
●        Dark Pit
●        Dark Samus
●        Diddy Kong
●        Donkey Kong
●        Dr Mario
●        Duck Hunt Duo
●        Falco
●        Fox
●        Ganondorf
●        Greninja
●        Hero
●        Hero
●        Ice Climbers
●        Ike
●        Incineroar
●        Inkling
●        Isabelle
●        Jigglypuff
●        Joker
●        Ken
●        King Dedede
●        King K. Rool
●        Kirby
●        Link
●        Little Mac
●        Lucario
●        Lucas
●        Lucina
●        Luigi
●        Mario
●        Marth
●        Mega Man
●        Meta Knight
●        Mewtwo
●        Mii Brawler
●        Mii Gunner
●        Mii Swordfighter
●        Min Min
●        Mr Game and Watch
●        Ness
●        Olimar
●        Pac-Man
●        Palutena
●        Peach
●        Piranha Plant
●        Pichu
●        Pikachu
●        Pit
●        Pokemon Trainer
●        Pyra and Mythra
●        R.O.B
●        Richter
●        Ridley
●        Robin
●        Rosalina and Luma
●        Roy
●        Ryu
●        Samus
●        Sephiroth
●        Sheik
●        Shulk
●        Simon
●        Snake
●        Sonic
●        Steve
●        Terry
●        Toon Link
●        Villager
●        Wario
●        Wii Fit Trainer
●        Wolf
●        Yoshi
●        Young Link
●        Zelda
●        Zero Suit Samus

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s possible to play Animal Crossing solo, but you’d be missing out on what has made this game one of the most successful of recent years.

This is perhaps the least competitive, stressful game in existence. A relaxing life sim where you plant flowers, chat to neighbours, and gather materials to build up your island paradise. Playing online means you can visit your friends’ islands to fish in their streams and see how they’ve designed their wholesome neighbourhood.

Mario Kart 8

Racing against friends and strangers is so much more exciting than racing against the CPU.

Connect to the internet and prepare to tense every muscle in your body as you hurl blue shells, dodge banana skins, and try to soar across the finish line before anyone can knock you over the edge of the track.

Let’s face it Mario Kart is in within the upper echelons in terms of playability and nostalgic value. Of course you can play Mario Kart on your own but it’s 100x better when played with friends. All the classic characters remain with a few new additions or tweaks on version 8.

Mario Kart 8 Characters

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Rosalina, Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy, Lakitu, Toadette, King Boo, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Princess Peach, Baby Princess Daisy, Baby Rosalina, Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Dry Bones, Bowser Jnr, Dry Bowser, Lemmy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Wendy O.Koopa, Ludwig Von Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Morton Koopa Jnr, Inkling Girl, Inkling boy, Link, Villager Male, Villager Female, Isabelle, Mii.

Among Us

The premise of Among Us is simple: you and up to 10 people are trapped in an airship, but at least one of you is an imposter out to sabotage everyone else. If you’re to survive, you must either be a great detective or a great liar, and there’s nothing more fun than trying to convince your family and friends that you’re not going to kill them (when you definitely are).

Whether you’re playing poker or Mario, the best way to play is online.

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