Personal Injury Claims: Tips For Making Your Claim Successful

Personal injury claims often bring stress to claimants. Injured victims have rights afforded to them under the law, including the right to pursue fair compensation. Insurance companies are notorious for denying viable claims. Thankfully, injured parties have the right to hire an attorney to help them through the process. Learning some tips to make their claims successful will help injured parties make the correct decisions for their cases. 

Helpful Tips for Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim


Personal injury claims arise from car accidents, slip and falls, assaults, and more. Injured victims should never feel forced to settle for less than they deserve. Those interested in getting legal help should visit to get started. 

Do Not Delay Getting Started

One of the most significant mistakes injured victims make is putting off pursuing a claim. There are statutes of limitations in every state. These statutes limit the time injured victims have to file a lawsuit. If they go past this date, the injured party will no longer have options to further pursue any sort of financial compensation. For most states, there is a two-year statute of limitations, but some states give more or less time. 

Starting the claim as soon as possible allows the injured party to have a fresh perspective on offering the facts of their case. Over time, memories fade, and evidence gets lost. Ideally, injured parties should start pursuing their cases within a week or two after their injuries occur. 

Gather Evidence

In any personal injury case, the burden of proof lies on the shoulder of the plaintiff. Evidence goes a long way toward proving a case. A lack of evidence often ends a victim’s chances to further pursue the matter in court. Keep photos, videos, official reports, clothing, and any other evidence that may be necessary to prove the case. Some victims work with a private investigator to get help gathering evidence. A lawyer can help victims secure evidence to prove their cases. 

It is important to note that injured victims can add new evidence as it becomes available. Medical bills, lost wage statements, and more may arise throughout the course of pursuing the personal injury claim. 

Do Not Accept the Initial Offer

In an attempt to settle the claim quickly, injured victims may be apt to accept the first offer they receive. Whether settling with the insurance company one-on-one or in court, injured victims must wait until they receive a fair offer. Ideally, injured parties should consider working with a personal injury lawyer to ensure their rights remain protected and they receive a fair outcome. 

Lawyers will let their clients know if the offer is fair or unfair. Injured parties should keep in mind the pain and suffering they have experienced, their medical bills now and in the future, and their lost wages. Do not settle for less than deserved. 

Find a Trustworthy Lawyer

No injured person should be forced to pursue their injury claim alone. Hiring a lawyer means having a legal advocate working on your side. Injured parties must research carefully to ensure they select the right lawyer for their personal injury cases. Just like with the settlement, injured people should not settle for the first lawyer they come across. 

Once the personal injury lawyer takes on the case, they will perform many steps to ensure they represent the needs of their clients. The injury lawyer will likely work with investigators to gather evidence to use against the defendant. During the process, injured parties need to remain patient. The investigation process can take time. The injured party will have very little work to accomplish. They will mainly need to answer any questions posed by the lawyer and sign the paperwork as necessary. 

Working with a lawyer is one of the best ways for injured individuals to get the fair compensation they deserve. Injured parties must work with their lawyers and follow the legal guidance given. Going outside of the advice of the lawyer can prove detrimental to the case. 

What to Expect From the Process

Knowing what to expect from the process of filing a personal injury claim is essential for injured parties. Holding the one who caused the injuries responsible is critical. Depending on the type of claim, the first step for the injured party may be to contact the defendant’s insurance company and their own. It is essential to remember that the insurance adjustor is not working on behalf of the victim. They will try to pay the lowest amount possible or deny the claim. Ideally, injured individuals should seek a lawyer before they ever contact the insurance company, especially if they have significant injuries and damages. 

If the insurance company refuses to be fair, the injured party has the right to file a lawsuit in court. The lawyer will take over all the paperwork and file it correctly. The lawsuit process takes time and may proceed slowly, depending on the court schedule. The parties in the case may be required to stand before the judge several times. The two parties may also need to meet for negotiations with their lawyers to determine if a settlement can be reached outside of court. 

Schedule a Consultation Appointment Right Away

Hospital and health care concept, Doctor and patient make an appointment for follow up plan, Physician point at a calendar.

Many personal injury lawyers offer free consultation appointments for new clients, allowing them to get the legal help they need without financial stress. These lawyers go one step further and may offer contingency arrangements. When the injured party wins their case, the fees they owe the lawyer will come out of the winnings. If the injured party loses their case, they owe no attorney’s fees. 

Now is the time to schedule a consultation appointment. Prepare for the appointment with a list of questions to ask the lawyer. Come equipped to answer questions and provide information that will help the lawyer begin to formulate the foundation of the personal injury case. Being prepared means no wasted time. Remember the statute of limitations, and do not waste too much time getting started. Prompt appointments get the process started and lead to fewer delays in settling the claim. 

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