10 Tips to Getting Better Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

If you’ve decided to file a personal injury claim, you want to ensure everything runs smoothly and that you get compensated in a timely manner. Your success in this journey will depend on how smart you are in negotiating with your insurance adjuster and following all relevant legal procedures. If this is your first time in an accident in Florida, or if you’ve been seriously injured, consider seeking help from a reliable personal injury lawyer in Zephyrhills such as Kemp, Ruge & Green.

Below are four tips to help you maximize your settlement.

1. Find and present the evidence

You cannot win any case without putting concrete evidence to the table. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is protect and preserve any evidence you can about the accident until you are ready to file for personal injury.

When you preserve your evidence, you build the strength of your case. Note that the other party involved in your case will also have visibility to the evidence that you have to prove your case.

If you can, take the photos of the accident scene and all your injuries while fresh. Ask any witnesses for their contact information and document all this information in a safe place. You will need the evidence as soon as you start processing your injury case.

2. Seek medical treatment

To get a clear picture of all your damages, you must first seek medical treatment from a certified hospital. Book an appointment with accredited doctors to formulate an appropriate treatment plan and document all your injuries. With proper documentation of your injuries, the other side may be forced to settle on a higher settlement.

Whether your injuries are severe or not, you must ensure you seek treatment and follow the treatment plan that your doctor proposes. Additionally, you can consider going for physical therapy and include this in your medical expenses.

3. File your claim within the time limit

The only way to ensure you get a fair settlement for your injury case is filing a claim on time. There is a time limit for you to bring your claim forward after an injury. You must bring the case forward before the statute of limitations has expired.

When you file your case on time, you improve your chances of winning your case and getting a higher settlement.

4. Let an attorney do the talking

Once your injury case is presented to a court, all you can do is stay off of social media and keep quiet. Anything you do or say may be used against you in the court, which may force you to settle for less.

Don’t discuss, post, or comment about your injuries on social media because the other side may use the information to undervalue your settlement. Leave the talking to a lawyer.

5. Keep in mind, the future damages

The personal injury might not be just having a short-term impact on you. Therefore, you should consider the aspect of its long-term damages. What would you have to suffer in the future because of this. And how much time would it take for you to recover from it. Before settling for the compensation, make sure to check your healing time.

6. Build your impression

Not just in front of the opposite party, but also when you are facing the jury. You have to present yourself as a fine person. Behave yourself and be respectful and polite towards everyone. Do not lose your patience.

You never know which of your behavior will have a vital role in the case. After all, it is the jury that has to make the decision. Therefore, you have to show them that you are a decent person who has been suffering from the injury.

7. Do not take the accident to social media

You will be sharing the different story on social media to get attention from your followers. But do you know that everything you say or share can be used against yourself? Yes, that’s the law.

So if you want to get compensated handsomely by the other party, stick to your statement. Either do not say anything on social media. Or maintain your statement over all the platforms. Give the same statement to the SNS as you have given in the court.

8. Do not waste your time in waiting

Such things should be done on time. Any delay in the case will take away your chance of winning it. If you want to get compensated heavily, file the case as early as possible. This is not only for the compensation cost but also for the preservation of the evidence. Any delay in filing the case will affect the authenticity of the evidence. Your injuries might heal, as well.

9. Make a strong case

To make your case strong, you will need to prepare the eyewitnesses. If not, you will be examined by different medical professionals. After their reports, the attorney will determine the strength of your complaint.

Therefore, every second after the injury is crucial. The earliest you go to file the case, the better it will be as your wounds will still be there.

10. Convince the other party

It is your body and your health that has been effected. Therefore, you will have to get proper compensation for it. No one else knows how much damage has been caused to you. And if you think the offered compensation is not enough, you have to convince them.

Either convince the other party that the compensation is not enough or talk it with the jury. Let the jury say that you have been severely injured and the stated price is not enough to cover damages.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot you should do to ensure you get better personal injury compensation. For the best results, it makes sense to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you build your case. The tips we have shared here should help you improve your chances of getting better compensation.

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