Permit Expediting 101: Everything You Need to Know for Success

Construction is not a simple business. In today’s time of space planning, you can’t just start a construction project without a few permits. The day when we were just building on our own will is long gone. Today, you can’t even build a shed without gathering a bunch of necessary documents. If you’re in the construction business you already know this. But, if this is your first time building something you need a few lessons before you start. First of all, you need to know that a need for a permit expediter is real, especially if you’re having a massive project.

Secondly, even if you are going to handle the paperwork on your own there are a few vital things you need to know about permit expediting. The success of your project depends on obtaining all the necessary permits. In case you want your success guaranteed you might be wiser to visit this site to obtain professional permit expediting services. Even if you do this it is also a smart decision to read this article and find out why exactly you need these services. It’s quite simple, so keep reading.

The Intricacies of Getting a Permit


In essence, to attain a permit you need two things. First, you need to have a plan for your new building or a renovation of an old one. As you’ll probably understand from the get-go the initial step is to apply for a permit. When your plans are approved you will be issued a permit, but it needs to be paid for. Purchasing the permit is step number two if your plans are green-lighted after a review. But, that’s not all. Your building site will also be reviewed and inspected. If you have a massive building site it will take more than a few reviews and inspections. So, a permit might be valid at the start, in the middle, or by the end of your project. At the same time, you might get the initial permit while your building site might not fit the norm later on.

Why Do You Need One in The First Place?

Let’s make things clear here – you need a permit because the law states so. While respecting the laws is vital you need to have your priorities set straight. A building site that has all the necessary permits is a safe one, and the building that will rise there will be safe and secure too which is important for anyone who will be living there. To ensure that everything is in order, inspection will thoroughly review your building site and the building. There are a few requirements to be met. Without meeting these requirements or codes as they’re professionally called your home could become a liability for flooding or fire, or any other natural disaster. So, to protect yourself and your investment and to obey the law the best thing you can do is to attain all the necessary permits.

Permit Cost


This is where things can get interesting. At the bottom of it, it all comes down to the size of the project you’re conducting. The price of a permit will be determined by the market. The price of the final building, when done, based on the market where it’s done, and by the estimated market price will translate to the price of the permit. Even if you’re not having professional constructors on the spot and you’re having a DIY project the price will remain the same. If you want to know how much a permit will cost you even before you seek a permit you can hire a professional estimator who will calculate for you.

Permit Timeline

When one starts working on a project it all comes down to expected timelines and respecting deadlines. Knowing how long it will take to get a permit can influence the length of the whole project. In most cases, the time required for you to obtain a permit depends on the size of the project and the zoning. Some permits will go through fast while others will require a more detailed approach to the building site and everything in between. This is a process that can get complicated and in any case, you need to arm yourself with patience. If you’re not one to wait for too long you’d be wiser to hire a professional expediter to handle all of your permits.

Permit Validity

Once you have a permit you need to know that it’s not one to last you forever. While that would be ideal, no permit is issued to last you a lifetime. In most areas, a permit is issued for a set period of 180 days. During that time you can have your ground and building expected, and you can start and finish your project. If you go through that deadline you can extend your permit but you need to know that in some cases this requires additional reviews.

Benefits of Working With Professionals

While this is a job you can do on your own, we already suggested that hiring professional help might be a wise decision. If you remain unsure that this is the right move let us share some benefits of hiring professional permit expediting services:

* Time-Saving – this is where it all starts. While someone is doing your bidding on the other end, you can remain focused on your project as you’ll have more time to handle on-site issues instead of dealing with paperwork.

* Expertise – we can’t stress enough how vital expertise is in this domain. Working with professionals will ensure that the entire process of obtaining the right permit goes smoothly. We’re not even going to mention all of the paperwork, laws, and regulations that need to be taken into account.

* Cost-efficiency – at the end of the day, we all have limited budgets. If you want yours to cover your expenses in this domain for the start without hiccups you’ll work with professionals. Doing things by yourself can and it probably will cause additional expenses. Make saving your priority.

* Scheduling – when working on construction one of the most important things is to be right on schedule. If you lose too much time on getting valid permits your project will not be concluded in time. This will result in losing both time and money. Professional help will aid you in saving both time and money and remain on schedule.

Bottom Line

Getting the right permit is not a straightforward task, it requires a professional approach and a certain amount of knowledge in certain fields. While we told you what to do, how to do it, and why it needs to be done, we also gave you one or two pieces of advice. Make sure that you read out the article with care and heed our advice.

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