Celebrities Love Gaming and Gambling

It’s no secret that celebrities love a good game on their consoles or at the casino tables. When they’re not stealing scenes on the silver screen or strutting down the red carpet, many stars are spinning reels, calling bluffs, or leveling up in the virtual world. In this exciting crossover between fame and fortune, gaming and gambling are taking center stage as celebrities’ not-so-guilty pleasures. So, sit back, and let’s delve into the intriguing world of celebrities who can’t resist the thrill of the game!

Ben Affleck

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The charm of casinos and the thrill of gambling are no mystery to Ben Affleck. Globetrotting across various casinos, the actor has been both a picture of triumphant victory and hard luck. Affleck had his fair share of controversy in 2014 when the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas turned him away from the blackjack tables for allegedly counting cards. A strategy frowned upon by casinos as it tilts the game’s odds in favor of the player, card counting is seen as cheating in many circles.

Affleck’s risky ventures aren’t limited to card tables either. He’s made some high-stakes bets on sports events, notably in 2015 when he reportedly lost a staggering $800,000 betting on the New England Patriots Super Bowl victory. However, despite his frequent and often costly escapades, Affleck maintains that he’s no addict.


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Drake, a household name in the rap industry and a magnet for controversy, is also an avid gamer. His influence played a significant role in propelling the popularity of Fortnite content creator Ninja.

A few years ago, the rapper joined Ninja on Twitch for a game, shattering viewership records and making headlines. Even amid his demanding recording sessions, Drake is reported to enjoy breaks playing Fortnite, reflecting his enduring love for gaming.

Paris Hilton


The allure of Las Vegas, the heartland of high-stakes fun and games, has been impossible for Paris Hilton to resist. Frequently found fluttering around the city’s vibrant casino scene, Hilton has notched up wins, including a notable $30,000 haul during one of her gaming escapades. Not just confined to the glittering halls of Vegas, she’s also found embracing the virtual world of online casinos.

So, you never know when you might find yourself sharing a digital table on Betway with one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. Hilton is a frequent player in both the physical and digital domains, reminding us all that the love for gaming knows no bounds.

50 Cent

You might think twice before challenging 50 Cent in a wager. The hip-hop mogul has a track record of high-stakes bets, with up to $2 million laid on the line against Manny Pacquiao and the San Francisco 49ers in a match-up against the New York Giants.

These daring wagers turned out in his favor, adding to his reputation as a fortunate gambler. Known as one of the most fervent players in the world, 50 Cent has a streak of luck that’s placed him in the upper echelon of betting celebrities. His love for the game and his winning record ensure he remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of high-stakes betting. If you wager on sports on Betway, you might learn something about sports betting.

Elon Musk

It’s hardly surprising that Elon Musk, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, indulges in various tech-centric pastimes – one of which is video gaming. His favorites include big-hitters like Mass Effect 2, Half-Life 2, and Fallout 3.

Musk’s passion for gaming made him go a step further, transforming his high-end Tesla cars into movable gaming consoles. By making these vehicles compatible with game streaming on the main screen, he merged his love for advanced technology and gaming in a uniquely Musk way.

Charlie Sheen

Gambling is certainly not uncharted territory for Charlie Sheen. Known for his daring penchant for placing substantial wagers on various sports events, it seems his high-stakes adventures may have eventually met their match.

Recent news reports suggest that Sheen suffered a significant loss of a cool $1 million when he bet on the Los Angeles Rams clinching the Super Bowl victory. This gamble backfired when the New England Patriots took the championship instead.

But it’s not all been a losing streak for Sheen. The actor made waves back in 2009 when he reportedly pocketed a handsome $110,000 after a successful bet on the New York Yankees winning the World Series. Thus, the tale of Sheen’s gambling exploits remains a thrilling roller coaster of victory and defeat.

Justin Bieber

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Beyond his chart-topping pop career and heartthrob status, Justin Bieber is also a dedicated gamer. His love for video games has made headlines on more than one occasion – he once arrived late to a gig due to an extended gaming session.

Not limiting his gaming interaction to off-stage moments, Bieber has also made his mark within the gaming world itself. He notably performed an in-game concert in the mobile game Garena Free Fire, showing his innovative ability to blend his professional life with his leisure activities.

Brad Pitt

The star-studded film “Ocean’s 11” offered Brad Pitt more than just a role – it sparked a newfound passion for him: gambling. While preparing for his character, Pitt fell for the exhilarating world of poker, blackjack, and, yes, even slot machines – both in physical casinos and their online counterparts.

He’s been known to express his thrill for the game, hinting that his journey in the gambling sphere is likely to continue. Intriguingly, his involvement in “Ocean’s 11” served as the gateway to Pitt’s introduction to the gambling scene – before that, he hadn’t engaged in such activities.

Pamela Anderson

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While Pamela Anderson’s stardom is largely attributed to her role in the acclaimed TV series Baywatch, her life outside the limelight is equally compelling. One lesser-known facet of her life involves her penchant for gambling.

A frequent face at the roulette wheel and other casino games, Anderson is a passionate gambler. Her love for these games is particularly evident during her visits to Las Vegas, where she’s known to partake quite frequently.

However, Anderson’s gambling hasn’t always been all fun and games. She’s accumulated significant debts due to her risky gambling habits – a cautionary tale for anyone indulging in this pastime.

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