5 Online Slot Games with Highest Payouts in 2024

Online slots are the kings of internet gambling. Most websites that offer interactive gaming services feature at least a few hundred of these products. They are most players’ preferred gambling options due to their simplicity and that they feature bonus rounds where excitement levels can rise in seconds.

That said, the vast amount of titles available in this genre can confuse new players regarding which ones they should select. Well, we are here to tell you that the best online slot games to win real money on are those that feature high return-to-player percentages. We will dive deep in explaining that term and other related concepts below, as well as answering the following questions:

  • Are slot machines profitable?
  • Which slot machines pay the best in 2024?
  • Best slot winning strategies.

How to Play Online Slots

There is no philosophy whatsoever regarding enjoying online slots. All you have to do is:

  1. Pick a reel-spinning game that tickles your fancy.
  2. Have a gander at its paytable.
  3. Set your bet size.
  4. Press spin.
  5. Await the formation of your symbol combo.

Note that there is nothing you can do to affect game outcomes. All slot gameplay is 100% arbitrary, decided by computer algorithms that utilize complex math formulas to churn out results.

Return-to-player is a vital slot specification. It tells you how much a game will pay back to its players over time. For instance, if a reel-spinner has an RTP of 95%, for every $100 bet on its reels, it should return $95 and keep the rest. The higher the RTP, the better your odds are of frequently landing winning spins.

Variance determines what sized prizes a game will yield and with what regularity. A low one signifies that a slot will produce small wins regularly. High means that a product will offer vast prizes rarely.

Are Slot Machines Profitable?

For operators, yes. Slot machines are responsible for anywhere between 65% and 80% of all land-based gaming income, and their internet counterparts boast a similar percentage for gambling websites. One machine costs brick-and-mortar venues between $15,000 and $25,000, plus maintenance, application, and an investigation fee. Estimates are that, per day, one of these devices earns $226. That means, annually, a single slot machine can generate over $80,000.

Now that we got that out of the way. Are slot machines profitable for players? It depends. As is the case with all gambling games, the casino always has the advantage. Thus, picking the correct games goes a long way in attaining profits on these machines, offline and online.

Online Slots Games with Highest RTP for 2024

According to numbers released by game providers and premium online gambling info hub, the most profitable slots for this year are:

  • Book of 99 – Released in May by Relax Gaming, Book of 99 utilizes the Odysseus myth as its theme. It boasts a tremendous RTP of 99% but is a high variance game. So, remember that. It will return most of the money players bet on it but only to a few individuals in substantial chunks. Book of 99 features painterly graphics and a bonus mode where you get to choose your expanding symbol. The most you can win in this game is a reward worth x12,075 your stake.
  • Money Cart 2 – Money Cart 2 is a clone of Relax Gaming’s Money Train 2. Therefore, know that there is no Money Cart 1. It is essentially Money Train 2 without the base game. That means that it has an RTP of 98% and a re-spin feature that you can trigger frequently. The max exposure of this product is x5,000 your bet.
  • Age of the Gods: Spin a Win – Playtech’s Age of the Gods series is an industry mainstay, a massive hit with spinners from every corner of the globe. The Spin a Win variation that came out in April is a wheel of fortune-type slot game where you aim to land the highest offered multiplier. Its RTP is 97.5%, and the max bet here is $400. Therefore, this is a title suitable for high-rollers.
  • Macau – Macau is the world’s gambling capital, and Betsoft aims to bring some of its magic onto digital reels with this title that hit online casinos everywhere in June. Mr. Macau’s maximum prize is x4,338 your stake, boasting an RTP of 97.07%. The game provides a random sticky Wild, a re-spin feature, and a Wild Boost mode.
  • Jungle Stripes – Another June release from Betsoft on our list. Jungle Stripes is somewhat of a Starburst copy. It offers medium variance gameplay with an RTP of 97.03%. There are only ten paylines in this game, but they are active both ways. The max prize here is x500 your wager on a max bet of $100.

Three Tips to Win at Online Slots

No approach guarantees that you will 100% walk away as a winner from your slot gaming session. That is because all slot results are random. Nonetheless, here is what you can do to ensure that you do not land in a financial hole that you cannot exit while gambling on reel-spinning titles:

  • Pick High RTP, Low Variance Games – The best course of action is to stick to modest goals, aiming to keep pace with your operator. Low variance reel spinners provide small rewards but regularly. Therefore, they are your best bet en route to profiting from slot gameplay.
  • Implement Proper Bankroll Management – Always budget your gambling sessions wisely. Never wager more than what you can afford to lose. You should set a loss limit and stop once you get close to it.
  • Do Not Chase Losses – Previous outcomes do not predict future ones. The gambler’s fallacy is the notion that because you have been losing for a long time, that you are due for a win. That is not accurate. Each spin is its own story. Because you did not win on your previous ten reel rotations does not mean that your odds have gotten better on your next one.

To Wrap Up

Slots are super fun to play. If you are wondering what slots have the highest RTP? Know that it is hard to beat Book of 99’s return-to-player percentage of 99%. However, do not entirely rely on this game spec. Instead, look to couple it with low variance. Slots with a high RTP and a low variance are the safest betting options in this gaming category. If you are not chasing jackpots, they should always be your default pick.

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