What to do if an Online Casino has Blocked your Account?

Have you ever been banned from a gaming platform due to a violation? We understand that gambling is currently a hot trend in Sweden and other parts of the world, and breakthroughs keep emerging to make it better. Many players also get attracted to join the sites from time to time to play their favourite games making the casinos experience a surge.

The increase in casino players in various sites makes the site owners create online casino rules that regulate their operations. If any user violates any of the policies, they get temporarily suspended from the sites.

All the players are subject to the policies. What matters is how you respond when your online casino account gets blocked. That’s what our expert Dominic Andreasson (Check his profile) will enlighten you about in this post.

Common factors leading to the closure of gambling accounts


Underage gambling

The global gambling regulators are keen on the gambling age of the gamblers. They have a specific age that everyone must meet to qualify to join an online gambling site. Strict policies are regulating the age of gamblers. Casinos allowing minors to gamble on their sites risk suspension or even permanent closure by the gambling authorities.

As a result, they have to be keen on the age of the majority of gamblers. They request personal identification documents to prove if the gamblers’ age is 18 and above. Swedish gamblers must be of age to join the gambling sites such as Comeon casino.

Failed verification process

If you use the internet frequently to access various services, you will agree that space is continually becoming unsafe for everyone. There is a rapid increase in cybercrime cases that puts the gambling sector at risk of losing their users’ data and facing other cyber threats. To shield themselves from becoming victims, the casino companies must verify whoever joins the site. Failure to do that creates leeway for the attackers.

The casino will request you to submit your essential documents for verification and to ensure that you are a real user and that happens immediately when you sign up to the site.

There are many people using bots to indulge in fraudulent activities hence the strict verification process in most casinos. If the verification process fails, you risk losing the account or getting blocked from accessing it.

Too many unsuccessful login attempts

Considering the rapid rise in cybercrime cases, some criminals always try to access the casino players’ accounts. That happens mostly when they get hold of the crucial details relating to such accounts. However, such attempts frequently turn out unsuccessful due to other commands by the account.

When the account support realizes that there are too many attempts, they will move swiftly to block it from access. That will be ideal for protecting your data and funds from unauthorized access. You will be then allowed to forward your request to have your blocked account reopened. After that, you will have to put a two-factor verification system to make your account safer.

Opening multiple accounts for the purpose of receiving bonuses

Since every new member who joins the online casino is entitled to a welcome bonus, it is a very common occurrence that one and the same person tries to open multiple accounts in the names of their members.

Here is what to do when blocked

Understand why the operators blocked your account

It’s not obvious that you will know why your account was blocked. Therefore, go through the terms and conditions again to figure out a possible reason. From that, you will know what led to the suspension and the steps to take.

Contact the customer support

Don’t stay with the problem. Speaking out is the best way to get help whenever your account gets blocked. The support team of most casino sites is ever available to offer help. They have amicable solutions to the common problems that users face.

Contacting them to enquire what led to your account blockage will be the first step. You will be surprised to find out that you may not have violated any of the terms. Contacting them will also make them consider your problem deeply and find a solution to it.

Always follow the policies put by any casino site, as doing that will protect your account from getting closed. Also, protect your essential information that relates to your account because if any third party gets to access them, they may try to log into the account, which will lead to its closure.

Listen to customer support

Customer support will explain to you what was the cause of blocking your account. Listen to them carefully. It may happen that you didn’t verify your account or some data is missing. When your account is not verified as expected, it is possible that the issues are bigger than just the wrong login credentials or verification.

My account is still blocked

If you think a casino is treating you unfairly and customer service didn’t provide you the help you expected, you may contact a Complaint Service. This applies to clients who believe they are being treated unfairly. Even if this does not make step forward, there is nothing to do but to hire a third party to represent you. Prepare to invest some money and time in this process, but if you think it is worth it, go ahead!

Final thoughts

It very often happens that players are deceived after winning a certain amount of money. Of course, licensed casinos do not deal with this, but we know that the Internet is a place where we can encounter many scams. Be careful when registering and choosing a casino, play only when you are in the mood to play, and never enter more than you are willing to bet. Avoid alcohol while playing and know that gambling can lead to addiction. Let this be your recreation, hobbies that help you relax, not your lifestyle.

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