How Online Slots Technology has Evolved

The advancements in technology in recent times have seen mass changes to the way we play at online casinos, especially video slots. People now with their more stable internet connection have the ability to play almost all online casinos titles on the move with members seamlessly switching between desktop and mobile versions at their leisure. Many new implementations have changed the way we play and access video slots at online casinos and how that technology has evolved, bringing you more video slots than ever before.

The Platform

As mentioned, the mobile online casino world is growing at a faster rate than ever before, with developers keen to make the most of newer and far more powerful hardware. However, it is not just the hardware that affects the way we now play these games, but through the very game code itself and how responsive it has become. Developers have now been able to transfer data seamlessly from desktop to mobile devices, with the scale adjusting accordingly. Platforms are far more user friendly because of this and separate downloads or additional software is not required.

Casino players as a whole have suggested that an additional download can be far more effective in the long run, however, many also claim that the performance of video slots through a browser is adequate enough. This is largely down to the improvements of HTML5 technology, a highly responsive code that can recognise all operating systems, adjust and present a casino’s site with the best results possible, creating a perfect mobile platform or the desktop version.

Find new slot sites

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The Look

Random number generators are easily as important as the aesthetics of the video slots. You could have the most beautiful graphics, but if the gameplay is flawed, then nobody will want to play the game. Developing video slot titles that essentially have a primary aim of delivering a similar experience as close to a land-based casino slot as possible. Therefore, random number generators or RNG are so important and producing a random result that gives players a sense of chance and winning against the house is key to establishing returning customers. Powerful computer programs or algorithms can produce vast sequences and large pools of numbers, and must do so instantly. This then translates to a recognisable result and outcome that the player can see and bet on, giving a comparably realistic game to that of a land-based casino.

The Winnings

Video slot titles come into their own for return to player percentages with online casino players’ primary aim to secure winnings on their initial stake. The high percentages in video slots are attractive for players with an RTP around 96%. Often this is the minimum for online video slots, which basically means that the title expects to payback 96% for every $1 wagered. However, what some players do not know is that an RTP ratio is in fact measured over a longer time frame, especially with video slots, and effectively this could mean a payback after hundreds of spins. This RTP also does not define the size of the win, so in theory, wins could be minimal.

Onwards to the Future

Online casino payment methods have improved in recent times and we often class casinos into three categories; land-based, traditional online and cryptocurrency casinos. However, only recently have they accepted cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, which use the latest blockchain technology. With the masses introduced to Bitcoin back in 2017, it was only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies reached the online casino sphere and major online casino brands adopted the virtual currencies as a tender.

BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOGE, USDT, and Dash are the most popular cryptos used, and they mainly share the same benefits. Depositing via crypto currency is fast and more discreet, often used in countries where gambling on video slots is illegal. Players can store their crypto safely in an offline wallet and the processing times are almost instant nowadays. Cryptocurrency can be highly volatile, so whilst being more discreet, the value of your winnings can fluctuate from day to day.

Casino Aggregators

Casino aggregators working business-to-business offer their service, which provides a one stop solution primarily for casino operators to select video slot games they wish to showcase on their website. With the latest improvements in technology, this process is now a breeze and connecting iGaming developers with operators of online casinos has never been easier. An impressive one time integration grants access to a variety of video slot titles, payment gateways, and manages a casino website’s technical issues, through the use of first class technical support channels which can even function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Casino aggregators are also known as a ‘game aggregation platform’ or “casino games hub”, which have vibrant, engaging and fully diverse video slots portfolios developed for online casinos. Online casino operators can basically leave the hard work to the aggregator, with their vast knowledge of what’s hot in the market and make the key selection of the most popular and innovative games requested and played by the consumer. This saves the operators time and important resources to focus on attracting new customers by designing welcome offers and keeping their current customers with existing member offers.

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