Elevating Rustic: Modernizing Your Living Room with Western Accents

When you buy a new home or renovate an existing one, the most difficult part of this task comes first, which is the choice of furniture to furnish the home with. Are you, like many people, debating what type of furniture to invest in next? Are you hesitating about a modernist look or will you focus more on traditional elements? It’s not easy to decide, is it?

We have to admit that you are not the only one with this dilemma. Thousands of people face this problem every day, and they are looking for the easiest solution, which by the way is not cheap. They rely on the professionals in the field – interior designers, with whose help they will be able to turn their idea into reality. But as we mentioned, to hire a designer to furnish your home with what you like, it would cost you a fortune. All you need is guidance. And we have the role today to guide you through this journey and help you choose the best for you. We will give you some tips that will help you achieve this goal. Before we start with tips on furnishing your home with rustic western furniture, our first tip is to visit the best store for it, because at adobeinteriors.com you will find everything from decorations to comfortable sofas and armchairs.

Not everyone has the privilege of spending hard-earned money, and most have a designated budget for these purposes. Instead of looking for a professional to do the job right but leave you pretty poor, you can do the job yourself. If you follow the link, you may notice some amazing pieces that will catch your eye and maybe one day be part of the rooms in your house. But before you start spending money, it would be better to make a visualization. If you like an item, think carefully about where you would position it and how it would fit in with the rest of the furniture. Let’s start with an idea, you want to transform the living room and make it a comfortable and inviting place to stay. It is one of the most important rooms in the home, where we gather with all our family and friends and spend quality time there. Let’s say that the idea is to modernize this room but have a Western accent. It may sound crazy to you because they are two completely different and somehow do not fit together. We will convince you otherwise.

Leather is a brilliant choice

Source: thespruce.com

Don’t allow yourself to make ordinary and boring choices, but condemn yourself to do what you might never have thought of. It would be considered a boring choice to choose a sofa that you can find in almost every home, and that is the 90-degree fabric one that prevails in gray and cream tones. Break from this mold and be a little different, think western. A whiskey-colored leather sofa is what is needed for the living room so that you can mix the rustic with the modern and get perfection. By making this choice you get durability, good quality, and variety. You can always choose to be a mix of leather and wood to complement the space.

Huge rugs

Source: lovetoknow.com

The living room may be one of the most spacious rooms in the house, so in order not to get the feeling that it looks empty, the solution to this problem is rugs. If wooden floors are installed, rugs have the power to transform the space into something amazing. Wooden floors and rugs with rustic Western motifs go hand in hand, and if they are your choice, then make sure you are making the right one. But be careful not to make a mistake and put the rug under the couch. That would cover, I’m sure, seventy percent of this beauty.

Art and decorations

To pull off this combination of rustic and modern, remember that the art and decorations are what really shine. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or buy expensive original artwork to accomplish this. Yard sales and even thrift shops hide incredible decorations waiting for you to find and become part of your home. Art paintings, chandeliers, clocks, vases, and wooden wine racks are the decorations that should be your target in this search. And don’t forget to be careful not to cross the threshold and go into kitsch, too many decorations can negatively affect the final result.

Wooden coffee table

Wooden coffee table
Source: home-designing.com

Coffee tables can add character and style to any room in your home, and they are especially important in living spaces where people are present. When shopping for this type of furniture, it’s important to keep in mind that not all pieces are created equal. While some items may be more affordable than others, they may not be as durable or high quality. But we are one hundred percent sure of one thing, and that is that the wooden coffee table is of incredible quality and will fit perfectly with the rustic rug. Today, various modernist variations, mixtures of wood and metal, and even glass and other premium materials can be found. It has a rustic feel that will give your room an old-fashioned western accent. And that right there is what we are aiming for.

If you’re looking to furnish your home with something eye-catching and different, then Western accents may be the perfect option for you. This type of furniture is often associated with luxurious and modernized homes, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to afford it. In fact, many of the pieces available at discount stores cost less than some of the more popular contemporary brands. You don’t need a professional to help you decorate or design your living room. You only need a couple of pieces of advice to get started. I hope this article is going to be very helpful, and you will end up with the rustic living room of your dreams. So, if you’re considering adding this type of furniture to your home, don’t wait – go ahead and make the plans and start the purchase now!

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