Are New Modern Casino Slots Becoming Too Complicated

Times change; this is one inevitable truth, just like Thanos is. We would even dare to say that new and complicated slots pose even more danger than the Mad Titan, at least for old-school gamblers. We live in an interesting era where technology dominates all spheres of society. Most casinos have moved online, which is not only due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic; it’s easier that way. Unfortunately, the more players play, the games become shinier and more diversified, which brought many complications down the road. Today we have a slot machine dedicated to every pop phenomenon that popped out of nowhere. Do you want to tell us you still haven’t played the Game of Thrones version of slots? Where are you living, under a rock?

The old school, simple, slots are no more, which begs the question – are new modern casino slots becoming too complicated? You could argue that they have, and no one would oppose you. Why is this an issue? Well, for someone who hasn’t been around to spend the years on older versions of slot machines, getting to play on a new one can be too much. For most people, it is too complicated and they can’t handle the basics. When something is too complicated at the start people easily lose interest. If you are a casino owner you do not want to have this. But today’s trend dictated the appearance of louder, brighter, and more complicated slot machines without a fault.

If you didn’t know, slot machines are more than a century old, so it’s no wonder they have evolved this much. During that stretch, they have remained unchanged for decades. So, for every new player, it was easy to learn how to play, especially as there’s always someone to help when you are in a casino. But, today, the chances that a player sitting next to you plays the same version you are trying to learn are slim to none. Finding someone who grasped the knowledge of all available slots is even slimmer. This happened because, as we already mention, today there are slots inspired by Hollywood movies, Egyptian Pyramids and Mummies, fruits and vegetables, cowboys, soldiers, music, and God knows what more. The popularity of some of these things is what attracts new players. But for someone who just wants plain old devices, it could be a turn-off. Learning how to play and who is Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from Top Gun could be too much.

Another reason why things went south and became too complicated is the development of smartphones and tablets. New and devices toys require shiny toys, and they received them in the shape of the latest slot machines. Casino operators, such as, can’t attract players with plain old slots, they need to offer them lights and parades of Las Vegas on their phones at their homes. Once this became available the variety of slots only increased, and this trend is not going anywhere. Playing on your phone, anywhere you want, while feeling like you are in a big casino has its appeal, we are not going to lie. None of this came out of the blue, and casinos are only following trends. If you are interested in reasons why new slots look and act complicated you have them below so stick with us for at least a while. The first reason is of course the plain old boring reels.

Spinning Reels Is Not The Only Option Anymore

Spinning reels is what slot machines are all about. But, is that all there is to it today? No, it is not. Things even changed in this department. In essence, there will be reels, and this will probably never change. What changes are options, and you now have many of them available. The biggest one is the so-called second screen. This is where the bonus round comes into play, and the game diverts from standard slots. So, you not only receive a chance to get a bonus payout but also to try out another game within a game. Think Inception. Many players find these more interesting than the primary one they’re playing. Strange, yes, but that’s how things are now. In the future, we can even expect that the second screen is reserved for challenges of skill rather than luck, which will be another novelty in this ever-changing field.

Offer and Demand

This is a principle that applies in many fields, and this one is no different. The slots are going to change, and get more complicated until the moment the players say – no more! At the moment, the players adore these novelties, and every change is greeted with a round of applause. We can’t blame them, reels, bonus rounds, second screens, additional games, are all thrilling additions. It all aids in entertaining the players, so why stopping for a few old-schoolers who are not willing to follow trends. With each passing day, the old and classic slot machines are becoming forgotten.

People Want to be Drawn In

Entertainment is the key to success in this business. An entertained player is the one who’ll spend time and money in your casino. The time when players only sat behind one of these devices to chase the jackpot is long gone. Of course, this is still the goal, but you also have so much more. Casinos have the goal to keep the players tied to their chairs for as long as they can, and this hasn’t changed. But now, considering people play from their homes, drinks and waitresses won’t do the trick. Instead, entertaining, complex, and fun games will. The best way to create games like these is to add animations, sounds, graphics, and even storylines. There’s no better way to keep the reels spinning.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the answer is yes – today slots are becoming way too complicated. But, it is with a reason. As we elaborated in these three points it all has its purpose. If you are one of those people who can’t accept things as they are, you shouldn’t worry too much. There are plenty of games that can suit your needs and preferences, you just need to find them in the pool.

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