Complicated White House Life – Melania Trump’s Burden

She is one of the most mysterious and elusive first ladies in the recent history of the United States. But now, an unauthorized biography clears some myths.

Her severe and impenetrable posture is only part of her Slovenian character. Still, in private, she is “close and friendly,” and when she communicates with her staff, she uses as many emojis as the rest of the mortals. However, it is still possible to break the airtight barrier that separates Melania Trump from the rest of the world. “She doesn’t care what people think of her,” writes Kate Bennet in ‘Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography,’ which has been published recently in the United States. Bennet may be the journalist who knows her best, after covering all the information related to the first lady for CNN. And that is not an easy job. Three years after her arrival, Melania Trump remains one of the first most mysterious and reticent ladies in history, and that also comes with a price. But stereotypes such as “Melania does what she wants at all times,” says Bennet in her biography are not valid.


A Psychology of Gesture

Often, your cryptic way of expressing opinions or sending messages to the world is through your choice of clothes. “I have the theory that when Trumps are not good with each other, Melania wears men’s clothes. It is known that the president likes women to wear tight, short, feminine, and ultra-sensual dresses.” Those account adjustments with her husband have turned into, according to the author, stellar fashionistas moments. One of those is when she chose a white jacket suit to attend the State of the Union speech in 2018. It was all while the Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump scandal was making headlines – there is more info on that below, so please continue reading.

While the alleged adventure and subsequent bribery agreement between Donald Trump and the porn actress was the center of media attention, the American newspaper journalist at Washington Post reveals some additional details of Melania Trump’s routine in the White House.

The Trumps sleep in separate rooms and spend very little time together. He gets up at 5.30, she, a little after that, to prepare her 12-year-old son Barron to go to school. In theory, they meet for dinner. “Political marriages tend to be more complicated than most, but it is surprising that the Trump forces so little effort to project a more united front,” writes the journalist. But, without a doubt, the most exciting contribution of the book is that it resolved the myths about it. The first one: that she never wanted her husband to be a part of the presidential campaign. “It is a lie. She pushed him to announce his candidacy, partly because he thought he would win and do a good job, but also because she was tired of hearing him talk about it,” writes Bennet. Next: Melania is invisible, politically speaking, inside the White House. Another perception error. And that is the big one. Her influence, according to the journalist, is much more significant than is believed. In fact, “she may be the one with the most power and influence over the president of the entire White House.” The third one: “Melania has never really needed anyone,” writes the journalist. Company, romanticism, love, any of it. None of these things have ever been at the top of her list of priorities,” she says.


According to several sources, that space seems to have widened under the roof of the White House. It was especially since Daniels, a porn star whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, as well as Karen McDougal, a Playboy model, spoke publicly of their alleged affairs with Trump during his marriage to Melania. Daniels received $ 130,000 during the campaign from a Trump lawyer to stop talking about the matter. However, several surveys have shown that as it becomes more visible, its popularity is increasing. Moreover, many political analysts believe that Trump will need Melania at his side if he wants to win again in 2024. In recent weeks, the first lady has been at the center of more high-profile events than during the previous year, including attending the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush alone. #Free Melania It is still a popular meme. The satires of television comedies in the afternoon portray her as being trapped inside the White House, unhappy. For months, a persistent rumor has circulated Washington that Melania lives in the White House and stays in a house with her parents and Barron near her Washington suburban school.


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