Living in Groningen: A Comprehensive Guide to the City’s Lifestyle and Amenities

Life is art – this is one of the best thoughts that is very true. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a real artist who paints anything to be good at living, but you have to not set limits and live the way you want. For example, if you think it’s time to make a change and find a new job, a new part of the city to live in or find a new city and a new country to live in – do it. Life is designed to enjoy all the opportunities and chances that are offered to us, but also those that we create for ourselves.

There are many great cities and places where you could not only live but also work and make a decent living. One such place is Groningen in the Netherlands. A seemingly beautiful city that offers great opportunities, but in fact it is the most developed city in the north of the Netherlands. You can easily find your way around this place because it is known for the fact that a large number of tourists and foreigners who have decided to live here meet there. In addition, if it is your choice, you can easily find accommodation, which you can check if you click here. The prices are average, there are many opportunities for work, but also for entertainment.

Groningen is a great place and according to some people offers maybe better conditions than Amsterdam! It is for this reason that today we decided to devote a little more time to this beautiful city in the Netherlands. Let’s see what Groningen has to offer and what you should know in order to decide if you would spend a period of your life here. Let’s get started!

Groningen is perhaps better than the capital of the Netherlands under certain circumstances

A large number of tourists, and an even larger number of people who would like to make a change and move to the Netherlands, go to Amsterdam, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of this city. As we all know, Amsterdam is the city with the most cyclists, and as many people use this means of transport as there are pedestrians and drivers. Accordingly, Groningen may be a better option as it is more relaxed. Of course, this city also offers opportunities for cycling, walking, riding a scooter, or some other means of transportation, but in a more relaxed way. This is just one of the circumstances in which Groningen is better than Amsterdam, and we bring you more about the other advantages below.

A large number of landmarks adorn this city

As we have already said and below, a large number of people would go to Amsterdam, forgetting about other cities like Groningen. Especially if you want to move and want a city that will offer you a lot of sights, this city is perfect. You have the opportunity to get acquainted with the history and past of the city, with how it developed, and with the novelties that occurred over the years. However, that way you love the place you are moving to much more and you get the feeling of coming to your own city. That’s why we think you should know this.

Groningen is well-connected to other cities in the Netherlands

If being connected to travel and explore is important to you, then we can confirm that this northern city has excellent connectivity. You can decide to travel by car by renting a vehicle, travel by bus, train or even a local plane flight if the connection in terms of air transport is good enough. However, you have a choice, but also opportunities, so if you want to go to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, or one of the other cities, you have open opportunities that are in front of you and for which you have space to think and decide.

The job opportunities are excellent and so are the education opportunities

If you are looking for a job that you will do locally, then this city has something to offer you. In it, but also the surrounding smaller towns, you can always find a job position that would suit you. So, for example, you can find a large number of onsite or hybrid work positions that would allow you to make your own impact for a certain brand or company, and at the same time, you can show your knowledge of the profession and advance. On the other hand, Groningen can also offer excellent opportunities for education in this city. If you are not interested in Groningen, as we said above, the connection with other educational centers in the country is excellent, so you can easily make a choice.

The spread of bars, markets, restaurants, and markets in this city is great!

As for the basic needs of anyone who would come to this city, we can confirm that the spread is excellent. Here we can say that many bars can serve you their best craft beer, and you can also find excellent restaurants where you can try the traditional Dutch cheese or some other local specialty characteristic of Groningen. You can also find a market with fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and other products. Markets also have excellent offers that can satisfy the needs of every customer. Importantly, the prices in each of the above facilities are affordable which means you could afford a decent living in beautiful Groningen.


This city located in the north of the Netherlands has everything you need. All that remains is to easily find your accommodation, settle down and get used to the culture and environment, and enjoy living, or a tourist stay in the pearl of the Netherlands.

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