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12 Reasons to Lawyer up even after a Minor Car Accident

When you are driving in the streets, no matter how careful you drive, you may suffer from a fender-bender at any point. These happen very rarely though, but it is important to get prepared. Even though minor car accidents are often harmless, with no major injuries, you still need to take some action. It isn’t very wise to settle down soon and take no legal actions.

Minor accidents can also cause problems. If you consider getting a lawyer, then you can save enough trouble, money, and time. People have the right to call the law if a minor accident from negligence in driving caused any kind of harm. You might have to sue for the damages. In case you live in Atlanta, learn more about Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer to get help.

Remember that the time to file the case is quite limited, so get to it right away. Otherwise, you may lose your chance to sue again.

You must follow a number of rules to do so. First, file for a police report or a notice. Talk to the district attorney who handles car accidents to guide you through the process. Since this procedure is quite sensitive, it must be done carefully to avoid any jeopardy.

Another very important part of this whole thing is insurance. Not only a lawyer, but you also need to talk to the insurance company. They may either pay or reduce the cost of the damages. The attorney you hire will also help you with the insurance policy. You can be assured that the insurance you receive will suit your interests.

Sometimes the damages are bigger than they look. The accident may leave you to get medical support, lose wages, pain, and distress. So, you need a lawyer to understand the legal rights needed to recover, as suggested by

In addition, it might not be easy for you to prove the other party guilty even with a report and witness. The guilty party can easily use several elements to win the lawsuit. In such cases, a lawyer can easily refer to the law firm and support your stance.

You might be aware of the law more or less, but the law is different in every area. An attorney knows all the laws by heart, especially the crucial parts in your particular area. They explain it all and let your know about your rights. In this way, you will know about the settlement process more easily.

The attorney will help you decide whether you should accept the offer by the insurance company or take the case to court for better judgment.

But filing cases isn’t that easy either. There are complex rules and the right papers should be placed. Such a strict case composition can only be done with the help of the lawyer.

But the worst thing is proving the case. Information, evidence, and witness may not be sufficient. Some restrictions may halt your freedom to ask for data in court. You may have to do research for the case to get the jury in your favor. It is obvious that no wonder how small the thing is, only a lawyer can make the whole process smooth and easy.

Even though insurance seems more important in any car accident, a lawyer is still needed first. Regardless of how minor the accident is, you may not be aware of the injuries or other problems. Nobody can help you enough in such conditions than a lawyer. The insurance companies won’t care for the injuries or legal rights.

Besides, the other party may blame you and put you in a corner. As both of you will suffer damages, it will be hard for the law to choose sides. Even if you are innocent and the other one is guilty, things may turn around with the words said.

Lastly, think about the financial loss. As mentioned before, you need to file the case at the right time, or you won’t get any compensation. Moreover, without the right information, you may lose the option to sue again in the future. It is better to get an attorney to solve all your problems than to bet on the whole situation that may cost you a fortune.

After you go through a fender-bender, you have to do some other things before you talk to a lawyer. First, park your car in a safer place and try to gather important information about the car that has hit you. Then call 911 for police help. You also need to get medical care for any injury. Handle the whole situation with a calm mind. Don’t get aggressive with the guilty party. But if the other party accuses you, you make take a record of the event for evidence. It is important that you choose your words carefully in this situation to avoid any form of trouble during the jurisdiction. If anything goes wrong, your words may act against you. Finally, you are ready to contact an attorney.

To gather evidence for both the lawsuit and insurance, there are certain factors. Take note of the other party’s driver information like name, contact, license plate number, etc. You can also provide your information to them to avoid bias. You also need to remember the vehicle’s model, color, and so on. If possible make some photographs or videos of the scene unless the police forbid it. Then gather some witnesses from the scene for a testimony, with their contacts and statements. Now you are ready for the police report that will comprise all the gathered information. All the necessary information that you have collected will be required for the attorney as well. So it is important that you take care about getting the details which will work as evidence later.

Thus to save yourself from any consequences, get a lawyer right away. The law is quite similar in all the states, so a lawyer does the same things mentioned here. The major reasons compiled are relevant for any state lawyers.

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