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Are Personalized Number Plates Legal?

Who doesn’t want to customize their number plates? Customized number plates look great when people drive their vehicles on the road. However, while buying plates, you need to make sure that you buy them from a registered buyer, or else you will end up paying the penalty for using illegal number plates.

It would help if you did not buy from unregistered dealers. Their lack of knowledge can get you into legal problems. As per a recent study, 1 in every 20 motorists buys a base number plate. It was also noticed that the proportion of young drivers using an illicit number plate was more as compared to the experienced drivers.

Surprisingly, almost 98% of these young drivers were unsure about the difference between a legal and illicit plate. Many are of the wrong notion that customized number plates are illegal. Hence, drivers are confused about whether or not they should buy them. It can be illegitimate if you buy from unregistered dealers. If this happens, then you should go to a registered supplier to get it replaced. You can also check here to get your illegal number plate replaced with a legal one.

When it comes to using flags, images, or logos, know that the plate should either have no flag, or if you want to use a flag, it should be one of the approved options. There are high chances that it will become illegal if you ever try to misrepresent or rearrange the fonts and numbers on it. Many often use bolts that are much bigger to secure the plate to the vehicle. This also makes the used fonts appear distinct from what they are.

You also need to take care that letters’ visibility is not obstructed by anything since it is an offense as per the DVLA. Drivers can make a mistake when personalizing their number plates, and if it happens, they will end up paying the penalty and get MOT failed.

Let us know under what circumstances your number plate is forbidden.

Usage of the Wrong Font

There is a standard font that drivers must use on their number plate. For instance, in the UK, the only font allowed on the plate is “Charles Wright.” If your vendor has used some other font on the plate, it will be illegitimate.

Always opt for an experienced supplier. They will never make the mistake of picking some other font and prevent you from landing into trouble. You can always opt for the 3D version of the text. It will make your font look stylish as well.

Using Wrong Colours

There are a few colors that are allowed to be used. They make the font appear more clear, reflective, and legible even during the night. The plate on the front should only have a white background with black fonts on it.

On the contrary, the one on the back will only have black text and yellow background. This law came into force in 1973, and the ones made before 1973 had a combination of black and silver. This style was used to make a vehicle visible to other vehicles when on the road. You can easily identify vehicles registered before 1973 by looking at the font style used.

Symbols Used

No symbols are allowed to be used on the plate. However, UK flags are only allowed to be used on them. You can also use the Euro sign. Apart from this, no other logo, symbol, or images are allowed on custom plates. It merely means, if you are planning to use the symbol of a football club or any other famous logo, you cannot do that.

You may have seen a few instances in the showroom where they have used a symbol of a car’s brand. Those are only for display, and you cannot have such symbols when riding your vehicle on the road.

Incorrect Spacing

Strict rules are imposed by the DVLA as far as the font’s spacing is concerned. Just a slight error and you will fall into trouble. Registered suppliers are aware of this, and therefore, they make sure not to make such mistakes.

When placing each character, there should be a certain amount of space between the two characters, and the text should also have a certain amount of space around its borders. Although the rule is quite weird, you will have to follow it to prevent the vehicle from failing its MOT and getting into any legal trouble.

  • Using Illegal Background

One of the major priorities for using a number plate is that it should be visible effectively. If it has a textured background or it has some pattern in the background, then it will be deemed to be illegal.

The background should be as plain as possible so that the text used on it is read effectively. Also, it would help if you did not cover the letters with any stickers. To make them pass the MOT, the background color must be in order, or else it will not be accepted.

Can You Get Your Custom Number Plate Transferred?

Yes, you can get it transferred easily by contacting a registered dealer. If you are buying a new car, then you can choose to retain the custom plate that you had on your old car.

If you are selling your old vehicle, you can get it transferred by paying a minimal fee to any registered dealer. The number and the text that you have already used can be reused. Alternatively, you can buy a new plate and get it registered for your new car. The only thing is, you need to make sure that you are using a legitimate plate on your vehicle, and then you will not be penalized.


It is crucial to adhere to the standards laid down by DVLA. This is the only way you can use it legally on your vehicle. You can get one personalized but only by complying with all the rules.

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