Common Situations When you Need a Legal Consultation

Good legal advice can be crucial at important moments. Lawyers know the pitfalls of the legal system, which are often difficult for laypeople to recognize. Legal assistance is not useful only when problems already exist. The main thing is not to fall into legal stumbling. If you call in a lawyer at the right moment, you can save yourself a lot of money, time and trouble. Read here about situations which you should never try to solve without a lawyer.

The lawyer as mediator

In ancient times, individuals, by nature, were grouped having as leader or boss a single person who determined very empirically what were the guidelines that members of those groups should obey. Little by little, with the passage of time and the intellectual evolution of human beings, mechanisms were created to establish norms that functioned as control of acts within the same social nucleus.

From there, and like any other profession that arises from the need for human talent to carry out various activities, the law as a justice system has life, and the importance of the lawyer in society becomes much stronger since the person who is in charge of carrying out this profession, it must function as a mediator between individuals and the rules previously stipulated by the legal system of any society.

The lawyer as defender

Many people do not have the financial or intellectual resources to defend themselves against any charge against them, therefore, the lawyer plays the role of interceptor and collaborator in the face of possible disadvantages that they may have before others, certain people. This function is vital, since if the lawyer’s position did not exist within the system, it would be impossible for many to defend themselves against any situation that warrants it; This is one of the things you should know if you want to study law.

The lawyer as a expert

There should be no person who is more aware of the guidelines proposed by law than the lawyer. This is a promoter of peace and social conciliation who must use the only and strongest resource available to him to achieve this: the law. If there were no people destined to enforce this, society would definitely become chaos, and consequently, the proper development of it would not be possible.

Personal injury

A personal injury lawsuit can be extremely complex. Witnesses may be called to testify about your injury or the circumstances that caused it. It may require a complicated analysis of the files or it may require expert witnesses. Personal injury cases require careful attention to detail. Resolution of injury cases may require documentation, formal procedures, and a great deal of time. Hiring an experienced personal injury law attorney, like Foyle Legal, is vital to protect your rights. If you try to recover damages from a company or other organization, you can bet that they will have legal advice on your side.

In what situations do you need a family lawyer?

There are a number of circumstances in which the intervention of a family law expert is vital. We collect the situations in which we act most frequently:

1. Deed unions and premarital agreements. An experienced family law attorney gives legal validity to a non-married couple. You can also give advice on marital capitulations, pre-marriage property distribution agreement.

2. Couple breakups, separations and divorces. Family relationships are complex, so it is best to consult a divorce attorney. They attend both if there is mutual agreement in the rupture or if it goes through the contentious way.

3. Claims for expenses and pensions. The breakdown of a marriage with children, but also without them, requires agreeing expenses and compensatory pensions. The family attorney becomes crucial in reaching a fair settlement.

4. Regulation of relations with children. Family lawyers take care of advising on child custody, paternity / maternity claims, filiation files, emancipation, orphanhood, the figure of the guardian, parental authority and adoptions, among other matters.

5. Family mediation. The family lawyer can intervene in these situations of dialogue in order to agree on conditions without going to court.

6. Inheritances and successions. The distribution of the assets of a deceased, the drafting, custody and reading of a will, as well as other similar situations, require the action of a lawyer specialized in family law.

Reasons why a company needs an attorney

Business opening: Help in all the associated bureaucracy to start a company: what type of society is the most appropriate, how to start a startup, what advantages exist, etc. The issues surrounding the first steps of the business adventure are multiple, so legal advice can help eliminate administrative obstacles and find the best formulas to start the activity.

Corporate and contractual law: drafting of pacts between partners, advice on conflicts that may exist between them, board secretary, drafting of commercial contracts, legal support for distribution and franchising, etc. We must remember a famous case in which the lack of a good partnership agreement led to the departure of one of the founders.

Real estate advice: Companies can request various services depending on the unique nature of the asset, its location and the use it is given. Lease contracts, transmission or acquisition of property and / or real rights over private and public real estate, leases, sale and lease-back, work contracts, project management, transfers of urban development, review or registry regularization -which may be cadastral- and investments or divestments, among other aspects.

Labor contracting: In this area, the lawyer can support in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts in general, agreements of non-competition and exclusivity, hiring of senior managers, and shield and non-competition clauses.

: Although they are unpleasant scenarios and that employers do not want to live, the reality is that they occur. In addition, in different versions: objective or disciplinary dismissals, as well as the termination of temporary contracts. To these must be added the planning of the labor disciplinary regime, the drafting of documents (conciliation papers, demands, etc.) and extrajudicial conciliations.

Labor and union relations: In this field, the legal expert will have to deal with remuneration and compensation systems, the role of temporary employment agencies, equality and training plans, vacations, legal guardianship or the highly controversial registry. of the working day. Likewise, the drafting, negotiation and implementation of agreements; collective agreements or strike and lockout. Collective dismissals, suspension of employment and shorter working hours, bankruptcy proceedings, substantial changes in working conditions and geographic or functional mobility complete this wide spectrum of options.


In summary, the importance of the attorney is that he fulfills basic functions as mediator, connoisseur and defender of law and justice, which are of great value to society. Definitely, without the presence of a person in charge of enforcing the laws, it would be more difficult to operate within a fair and correct system.

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