Lash Extensions: Procedure, Advantages and Care

Lash extensions are now the hot thing for girls. These extensions will make your eyelashes look just perfect. Furthermore, you won’t have to use mascara and it will give you a naturally perfect look. Therefore, girls who have thin lashes are having a love for them. The only thing you need to be conscious of is that you need to visit a professional.

Although it is not a tricky thing it surely needs perfection because otherwise, you might get an infection. Furthermore, if the extensions are not applied correctly, you will feel discomfort and a permanent lash loss. The most important factor is the adhesive, if the adhesive is not good enough, it can cause these problems.

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So what is the procedure of the Eyelash extension application?

The whole procedure of eyelash application takes about 2 hours. Therefore, the environment and seating should be comfortable. But if the salon is not offering comfortable seating, how can they be trusted. Therefore, do not take the risk and visit some professional.

Some good salons also provide soft music so that you don’t get bored during the procedure. If not, you can simply put in your earbuds.

These are the steps involved in the procedure;

  1. The lash stylist will gently cleanse both of your eyes
  2. He/ she will tape the lower lashes with surgical tape. So that they won’t come in contact with the glue and upper lashes
  3. Afterward, he/ she will isolate the natural eyelashes with the use of tweezers or any other tool
  4. Now he/ she will use a tiny glue drop on the tip of each of the artificial lash and adhere it to the natural lash
  5. Let the glue dry. To do so, you have to provide at least 10 minutes after all the lashes are applied successfully.
  6. Now all the things are done. So the stylist will remove the tape or gel from the lower lashes.

Your eyes must be closed during the whole procedure and afterward, you will get your beautiful lashes. So you don’t have to wear mascara every day while going to college or a job. Leave it for parties and special occasions. These extensions will make your eyes look beautiful. To know more visit Alfa Kapos.

Who can apply them?

Although they are fake eyelashes but they are extensions and need to be applied with proper care. It’s not like our fake lashes that you will put on your lash line. Therefore, you need a certified lash technician to do it. The best choice is to go to a salon that has a lash stylist, cosmetologist, aesthetician or medical professional.

You can select the salon by doing some online research. Furthermore, you can also ask them to show their certification. Therefore, when you are making your appointment, make sure to ask the questions. To do so, you will have to do your homework and know about the details.

In addition to the medical practitioner, you will also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the place. For instance, does the salon prefer hygiene or not and if the environment is comfortable enough. Furthermore, your comfort is the main point because it is not easy to sit for two hours straight. Therefore, ensure your physical and mental comfort.

After all, it is not just about beauty. Any wrong step will directly impact your eyes and you cannot afford to lose them.

Care with lash extensions

After you are done with your treatment, you have to take care of your eyes. So here are some after tips that you should use;

  1. Be careful around water. Your lashes should not come in contact with water or steam for the next 48 hours.
  2. While you are using extensions, avoid using oil-based cleansers as they can easily dissolve the glue. Furthermore, you should also avoid oil-based serums, facial oils and makeup removers.
  3. Water is heavier. Therefore, if you stand for too long under the showerhead, your lashes might fall off. Furthermore, you should also use a spoolie brush to remove excess water.
  4. Avoid using an eyelash curler. Mechanical eyelash curlers might be the cause of premature falling. Therefore, avoid using them. But you can use a heated curler to gently lift them up.
  5. Avoid rubbing your eyes. It is common sense that if you rub harshly over your lashes, the glue won’t be effective. Thus, your lashes will eventually fall off.
  6. Do not sleep face down. Your sleeping position matters a lot. Therefore, you should sleep on your side. If you keep your face down on the pillow, the lashes will be pressed.

Advantages of using Eyelash extensions

The most important benefit of getting eyelash extensions is your daily time-saving. Wearing fake lashes takes perfection and time. Moreover, handling them is also a hectic thing. Imagine you are enjoying a bike ride with your friends and one of your lashes fall off. How embarrassing that would be. On the other hand, with eyelash extension, all of these problems will be gone for good. Visit Paris Eyelash Academy for more information about fake lashes.

So here are some of the other advantages of using them;

  1. You won’t have to wear mascara and worry about preventing getting in touch with water
  2. Removing makeup will also become super easy
  3. Goodbye to the false lashes and glue
  4. You won’t have to curl them daily
  5. Your eyes will look naturally beautiful
  6. A completely pain-free beautifying treatment
  7. These lashes are virtually waterproof
  8. You have full authority to choose the type of lash

With eyelash extensions, you have the option of selecting the thickness, type of curl and length of the lashes. Thus, you can choose your everyday style.

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