Hair Extensions VS Weave

We all know that long and well-groomed hair looks great, and almost all women aspire to have such hair. We also understand why.  Besides looking beautiful, long hair allows you to do a variety of hairstyles. Still, what to opt for: Waves or maybe a complete hair extension? We will try to help you decide.

Long Hair Makes Every Woman Beautiful

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Men say that long hair simply attracts them the most. We can say that only neatly groomed, well-cared and silky hair is enough to get their attention. Indeed, long hair is very feminine, and it gives the impression of a neat lady. Every woman should strive to be a lady, above all. On the other hand, we know how much attention long hair requires. We know how much time and effort we have to take for our long hair to be well-groomed and healthy. So, all women who are on the way to healthy and long hair, know it can be demanding.

And yet, all that effort pays off. There are many different ways to get long hair, all depending on what suits you. Of course, the natural style is the most beautiful and the best – but, on the way to hair recovery and reaching length, we usually take more than a year. In the meantime, we can use some tricks, so that our hair can look great even in that so-called idle walk. Therefore, you are free to opt for a weave or hair extension. Find out below what their advantages are.


Weaves are the ideal solution for a quick change of hairstyle. They are easy to install and simple to maintain. They can be made of natural human hair or synthetics – depending on the client’s needs. The interior of the weave should be made of quality materials – which guarantees a long life of the weave itself. Natural hair weaves are made according to the client’s wishes and measurements – so the possibilities are practically unlimited, depending on the client’s wishes. You can choose one or a combination of several different colors. You can opt for straight or curled hair, and your hairdresser will determine the required density of the weave – and within a few days make one that perfectly suits your needs.

Instant Good Look

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Yes, wearing weaves gives you THAT special feeling you want to achieve. And as you step towards the goal and nurture your hair – weaves can help you feel better along the way. You will get volume and length, so you can finally do different hairstyles – or just let it fall over your back. As we said, such a hairstyle is the most attractive. Also, according to GlamLocks -you can just pick it up in a ponytail, or perhaps, opt for braids. The braids will be lush from now on – and will fit you perfectly. Additionally, when it comes to weaves, you can have them now and take them off quickly. If you use weaves like clip-in, or on strips – then you can use them as needed. When you go to work or a meeting – attach them and fix your hair in a few minutes. When you get home, take it off and let your hair breathe and rest.


As hair weaves become popular – so is their choice. We used to have only a few basic options – while, today, we have a great choice. You may not want long hair, but medium length hair – or to make your short hair lusher. Yes, you can buy weaves in a variety of shapes and colors. However, the prices are quite different. Of course, we recommend the highest quality – but they are not necessarily the most expensive. First of all, you need to consult with your hairdresser, to determine what kind of weaves you need – according to your hair type and needs. Then you can opt for the right choice and specify the manufacturer. Another great thing when it comes to hair weaves… If you already have the right length but want changes like strands – you can buy weaves and just dye them. That way you will get strands without damaging your hair. Isn’t that great?

Hair Extension

Hair extensions are a procedure that achieves a quick change in hairstyle. It involves the use of appropriate inserts, which are attached to the hair with a certain technique, changing its length, volume, and even color. There are several types of upgrades, and the basic division is into the long-term and short-term. The types of extensions differ from each other – according to the manner and length of the installation, the method of maintenance, the impact on the hair, but also the price. The price of the upgrade does not only depend on the quantity of hair, but also the quality.

What Hair Extension To Choose?

Natural hair is of the highest quality and most expensive. It is softer and silkier, easy to maintain – just like your hair. Synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers, which makes it cheaper. Unlike natural, it is more difficult to tolerate heat treatments, and it is easier to break and crack. That is why it is suitable for making smaller parts, such as the ponytail or bangs extension. If you want your extension to last longer – you will have to spend more money in the beginning. Don’t regret it, because, with quality products, you will have shiny and soft hair for months after wearing the extension.

How To Take Care Of Hair Extension?

For the extension to look natural and radiant for as long as possible – besides the quality of the hair and the method of extension, it is also important that you maintain and nurture it properly. We recommend that you use products intended exclusively for this type of hair. Like your hair, extensions need combing. With regular combing with a brush for upgraded hair, the hair will not wrinkle and break. Extended hair needs constant hydration to be shiny and silky. Your hair is “alive” and nourished from the roots – and extension requires even more care. For that purpose, professionals have created special preparations you can use.


You can choose between two options here according to different criteria. First of all, in terms of duration and price. Hair extensions are certainly a more expensive option, but also more durable. On the other hand, weaves do not last that long, but they have the option that they can be easily removed, thus preserving your natural hair.

If you are interested in wig hairstyles, you can learn more about them at Lordhair. Women’s wigs and hair replacement systems not only change one’s face shape and even whole appearance or style, but also avoid the damage caused by perm and hair dyeing.

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