What is the difference between Real Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic

When it comes to finding the perfect hair extensions for yourself, the wide set of varieties can certainly be quite overwhelming to choose from. There are several different types of hair extension options that you can easily buy.

From pre-styles hair extensions to beautiful colors and different lengths, there are so many choices that you can not even imagine. But the two primary categories of hair extensions that you might often find in the beauty industry are human or real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

So in order to, here is the basic difference between real and synthetic hair extensions:

Real Hair Extensions

The enchanting world of hair extensions comes with so many different choices, from which one of the most common ones are the real hair extensions. This kind of hair extension is made from natural human hair.

The real extensions are made from several different kinds of human hair, from European to Asian and Indian as well. These hair extensions have different grades and have different qualities depending on how they have been treated, sorted, and collected.

They are one of the most commonly used hair extensions as they can easily blend well with your hair without making it look fake.

  • One of the best parts about getting a real hair extension is that it can provide you with a natural look. As these hair extensions are made with human hair, they can be barely noticed when worn. This means that you would not have to worry about being exposed when wearing them.
  • Another amazing thing is that these hair extensions are quite long-lasting and can last for upto one year when kept with proper maintenance. This means it provides you with excellent value for money.
  • Not just long-lasting, but real hair extensions are heat friendly as well. If you ever buy a virgin hair extension made up of human hair, you would know that you can easily style them according to your choice whenever you would want. Furthermore, you can also color them just like your own natural hair.
  • The quality of natural or real hair extensions is the one thing that can not be ignored. Since they are made up of human hair, they mostly come in excellent quality. However, it completely depends on how you maintain them and how they are treated.


  • One of the worst things about such hair extensions is that they might get frizzy when it is a rainy or humid season. This is because they are made from human hair and have the same properties as your natural hair. So, they might get frizzy, just like natural hair when exposed to humidity or rain once they are styled.
  • Another disadvantage of real hair extensions is that it tends to be quite expensive for most people. Although they come in great quality, they can certainly be quite high in price.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions, on the other hand, are made up of several different types of artificial materials, and they do not contain any kind of human hair at all. This type of hair extension can be easily made with the help of using nylon, acrylic, or any kind of polyester.

These materials are then heated and processed through tiny microtubes in order to make them look like natural hair and feel like every strand is real.

Since synthetic hair is generally made up of artificial materials, it might never actually look exactly the same as human hair and can have a texture that is a bit stiff or more different.

It might also have an unnatural shine in it, which can make it more noticeable when worn as a hairpiece.


  • The first and foremost advantage of getting synthetic hair extensions is that they are pretty inexpensive and are affordable to buy for most people. Because they are made from synthetic materials, the prices are not too high to buy.
  • The next amazing thing about this type of hair extension is that they are quite easy to maintain. This means that, once you have styled your extensions, you would not have to worry about them getting ruined despite humidity or rain. It helps you keep your hair styled without getting into much hassle.
  • Another fun fact about synthetic hair extensions is they almost look similar to real hair. As they can resemble your natural hair, they can go unnoticeable if you choose the right and pairing piece.


  • One of the cons of synthetic hair extensions is they do not last much longer. This kind of hair extension can barely last for upto two months or more. This means that you would have to buy them every now and then to wear them.
  • Since they are made of synthetic materials, they are not natural and are noticeable when looked closely by someone.
  • Synthetic hair might be inexpensive, but it can not be styled as they are not much color or are heat-friendly. However, you can get pre-styled pieces but can not dye or style them according to your preferences.

What To Choose?

The major difference between these two main types of hair extensions is their prices as well as their quality. The feel of the strands and the look of the hairpieces are also quite different from each other.

In addition to that, the ability to style, blend, or dye these hair extensions are also distinctive, and the change in the texture of them can be easily determined by the hair type.

So, if you are still confused about which hair extensions you should go with, make your decision by considering your preferences.

Both of the hair extensions have their separate kinds of pros and cons, which help you decide whether real or synthetic ones would go best with your choice. You can easily buy them by searching online, or you can also visit your nearest beauty and hair extension store to have a better idea.

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