How Do Casinos Pay Out Large Sums of Money in Poland?

Gambling activities like casino gaming are among the most addictive in Poland. Addiction to casino gaming comes because there is always a probability of making massive money from minor deposits. Some of the biggest winnings in the casino’s history were won from minimal amounts. Attaining considerable winnings in a casino comes with many financial decisions. These include the selection of the best payout method as well as tax implications imposed on the winning.

You may be faced with the challenge of determining whether you want your money upfront or you can wait for a specified period. Huge winnings payments in casinos are classified under lump-sum payments and installment payments. A lump-sum payment is a one-time payment, while an installment payment is a regular payment distributed over an agreed period. The big question we seek to answer is how do casinos pay out large winnings. Our expert Klara Czerwińska had the following to say about these casinos:

Determining Lump-Sum Payments or Annuity Payments

As earlier said, the casino pays huge winnings either in a lump sum or in installments, i.e., annuity payments. Slot machines are the easiest to determine if you will receive one-time winning or annuity payments. The faces of a majority of slot machines will be indicated whether they are full pay win slot machines or annuity payment machines. There are also slot machines that give options where you can select any form of payment.

When faced with both options, it is essential to involve someone with sufficient knowledge in tax and finance, e.g., a tax lawyer, an accountant, or a financial consultant who will provide you with the pros and cons of all payout methods. Some casinos offer a 90-day consultation period where you can decide if you will choose the annuity way or the lump sum way. However, most of the casinos do not consult with you but disburse your money in a lump sum.

Checking online reviews of various platforms will help you determine if the casino pays or not. Polish gamblers can always check such reviews on

Tax Implication on Huge Casino Winnings

Before you address the question on what happens when you win big in a casino, you must know that all governments depend on taxes to continue running. One of the sectors of the economy that grants the government a lot of income in the form of taxes is the casino industry.

The majority of casino winnings from most casino games and activities are taxable. Horse races, poker tournaments, and slot machine winnings make up most huge casino winnings; hence, they are also subject to significant tax amounts. The tax rate for all gambling activities is determined by the taxing authority in your specific jurisdiction.

Therefore, it is essential to involve a tax professional who will help you understand how to file your subsequent returns if you choose Annuity or lump-sum payments. The beauty of enormous gambling winnings is that the tax rate applied is constant. It means that if one gets a winning of $600 and you get a winning of $5,000, you will be subjected to the same tax rate.

On the other hand, income taxes have classes where the higher you are paid, the higher your tax rate.

Lump-Sum Tax Implication

If you select the lump-sum method of payout, you are required to pay a one-time tax when you receive the amount. Depending on your jurisdiction, the casino may retain the tax amount and remit it to the government. In most cases, however, you are subjected to a tax return form where you file the taxes and remit to the government by yourself.

Annuity Tax Implication

Unlike the lump sum payout method, where you pay a one-time tax amount, you are subjected to regular taxation, which is spread on your agreed annuity period in the annuity payout.

Pros of Lump Sum Payout

One-time Taxation

Lump-sum casino payouts have a one-time tax obligation. Immediately you receive your payment; your casino may withhold some of your winnings for tax purposes. The withheld amount is subject to the tax rate in your jurisdiction and additional transactional costs.

Not subjected to inflation and Depreciation

A lump-sum payment is a one-time payment. The one-time payment is not subjected to economic forces like inflation and depression, which can lower the value of money over time.

Increased Financial Capability

Source:Financial Capabilityyoutube

The lump-sum payout increases your overall financial strength. If you have a project in mind, you could efficiently service it to its completion, unlike annuity payments where you receive small amounts of money for a long time which can stall your project.

Pros of Annuity Payout

Assured Payments Spread Over a Long Time

The annuity payout method involves receiving your winnings over a distributed period of time. The beauty of the method is that the casino assures you to receive money over the full discussed time until you receive your full winnings

Easy to budget

Annuity payment is an advantage because it is easy to make good financial decisions. Unlike lump-sum payments where you receive a big amount of winnings, annuity payments are done in installments. If you embark on a project using part of the money received from the installments and it does not suit you, you can easily change to another project using the remaining money from future installments.

Cons of Lump Sum Payout

Lowers Your Winnings as a Lump-Sum Discount Rate is Applied

Lump-sum payments come with a discount rate obligation. The casino subjects your winnings to a compulsory lump-sum discount rate for giving you the money in a lump sum. Most of the casinos subject the lumpsum amount to a forty or fifty percent discount rate leaving the winner with only sixty percent of the winning. Lump-sum payouts are also subjected to a compulsory one-time tax obligation on the whole winning which lowers the winning amount.

Cons of Annuity Payouts

Limited access to cash

Unlike a lump sum payout where you receive the full amount, annuity payments may limit your access to cash. Some annuity conditions involve long periods of receiving little installments. Though you are assured of getting the whole amount in the long run, the installments may be very little such that you cannot undertake or complete big projects at once.

You can now answer questions such as how much money do casinos hold and what happens when you win big in a Polish casino. It is important to choose the best payout method that suits you. It is important to consult financial professionals if you do not have any idea on managing huge winnings.

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