5 Ways to Jazz up Your Marketing Efforts – 2024 Guide

No matter how good your product or service is, standing out from the crowd these days isn’t easy. It’s a competitive world, and when it comes to marketing, the best business isn’t always the one that’s noticed first.

So, how can you make sure that your customers find you in a digital sea of pop up ads, flashing images and fast-moving marketing trends? All it takes is a little change to your marketing and a lot of imagination!

Whether it’s finding the perfect collaborator, solving a recurring problem in your industry, or making your brand stand out with some branded notepads like, here are 5 ways to jazz up your marketing efforts.

1. Keep Your Social Media Sharp


In the modern world, social media and marketing are inseparable. But that doesn’t mean you have to post ten times a day, or that your marketing efforts will need a complete overhaul!

When it comes to social media, a sound strategy lies in where you choose to post online, as well as when. Keep a sharp eye on trending topics. Interact with posts and links to blogs within your respective industry.

While your posts cast a large net to captivate your audience, these little tricks will ensure that you’re also hooking smaller groups of people who could become dedicated customers!

2. Consider a Collaboration


Entering into a short-term partnership with another company or service can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

Consider working with a partner company for some collaborative blogs, or a podcast where you delve deeper into the most exciting things happening in your industry. Host a one-off event and make the world aware of both brands!

With a collaboration, you’ll both end up with more brand awareness, more customers, and a stronger reputation!

3. Create Content That Solves Problems!


Sometimes jazzing up your marketing efforts is less about broadcasting how wonderful your business is, and more about solving a common problem.

Do you see the same complaints in the comments section of blogs, or the same unanswered questions on Google?

Shape some content posts, blogs and emails that not only answer these questions, but reassure people that your business is the easy solution to these problems!

4. Keep an Eye on Competitors

A good marketing strategy means staying up to date with your competitors, but not obsessing over them!

Instead of looking to mimic their content, think of ways to distance yourself from them. Can you be the quiet, professional alternative to their bright and loud campaigns? Or maybe you’re better suited as the lively and passionate brand that’s more exciting than their bland output.

Study and learn from competitors, and you’ll soon find new ways to separate yourself from the pack!

5. Branded Notepads


Many feel that the personal touch has been lost in marketing, so why not bring it back with branded notepads?

Branded notepads make your business memorable, and every office needs them!

Your brand will always be within reach of every desk, and firmly in the minds of future customers.

No more ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ ad campaigns. Personalised notepads make a little marketing imagination last a long time!

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